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Impact Wrestling: Genesis
January 9, 2021

by Samoa Rowe

Impact Genesis 2021

From Skyway Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. Our hosts are Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne.

Excellent profile video package fleshing out who Ace Austin and Suicide are. I especially chuckle when Chris Sabin speculates that Suicide might still be Christopher Daniels in disguise.

Super X Cup - Opening Round:
Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Suicide

My Google detective work leads me to believe Suicide is currently played by Kaleb with a K, but probably a half dozen guys have worn the mask at one time or another. Suicide gets the better of Austin early, hitting a boot to the face for 2. Suicide applies a nifty surfboard stretch before flinging Austin's forehead into the mat. Fulton steps in to prevent Suicide's dive, but he improvises with a somersault senton off the apron. Ace bounces off the bottom rope and sends Suicide into the steps with a drop toe hold. Suicide answers with a flurry of palm strikes. Shotgun dropkick by Suicide gets 2. Springboard roundhouse kick by Ace gets a nearfall, but Suicide responds with a reverse electric chair slam and double stomp. Fulton's distraction lets Ace hit an enziguri, but Suicide then hits a crossbody. Ace rolls through, but Suicide counters with a suplex for 2. Another Fulton distraction lets ace knee the head and finish with a somersault neckbreaker at 10:07. This was lots of fun, with Ace on defense for most of the match and needing help to survive, ***¼.
Winner: Ace Austin

Profile packages for Blake Christian and KC Navarro, who are both newcomers to Impact. Blake is humble and fighting for his survival, while Navarro is arrogant and self-assured.

Super X Cup - Opening Round:
Blake Christian vs. KC Navarro

Christian advanced to the second round of New Japan's Super J Cup, so he shouldn't be taken lightly. They lock up and KC mockingly pats the chest on a clean break. Blake cartwheels into a wristlock reversal, but KC goes for the head and continually mocks Blake's earnest demeanor. KC hits an uppercut but Blake sweeps his leg for flurry of offense that clears the ring. KC hits a shove into the apron, followed by a slick tope suicida. Blake comes back with a mule kick and dropkicks KC onto the apron for a low 619. Blake hits a somersault senton off the second buckle to the floor. KC answers with a swinging neckbreaker, but Blake rolls into a DVD, superkick, and standing SSP for only 2. Blake hits a sunset powerbomb off the buckles and corkscrew plancha for the win at 9:04. Nice showcase for both guys, **¾.
Winner: Blake Christian

Video package to remind us that Daivari is a cagey veteran and Cousin Jake is trying to find himself in the business.

Super X Cup - Opening Round:
Daivari vs. Cousin Jake

Jake might be the biggest guy in the tournament, but Daivari isn't scared and pummels him with chops. Jake comes right back with a body block. Daivari walks away from a potential dive, but Jake knocks him around ringside. Jake seats him on the apron for a running splash but misses everything for a scary face bump into the ropes. Daivari goes on offense by focusing on the neck. About ten years later, Jake nails a desperation clothesline to buy some time. Jake rallies with more clotheslines and a sitout scoop slam for 2. Jake follows with a proper sitout powerbomb for a good nearfall. DDT by Daivari and then a Figure Four. Jake survives, but seems to have suffered serious knee damage. He still hits a wild sidewalk slam for the win at 10:37. Decent match, though the heat segment was a drag, **¼.
Winner: Cousin Jake

Video package introducing Impact viewers to Tre Lamar and reminding us all that Crazzy Steve is a weirdo.

Super X Cup - Opening Round:
Tre Lamar vs. Crazzy Steve

Lamar isn't sure what to make of Steve, who laughs maniacally as they feel each other out. Lamar clears the ring with a spin kick and hunts Steve down at ringside. Lamar controls the action by attacking the back. Steve blocks a top rope Spanish Fly and hits a Russian legsweep off of the buckles. Lamar sells a back injury as he brawls with Steve. Legsweep by Steve sets up a tight chinlock. Lamar escapes with a jawbreaker, blocks a sunset flip, and maneuvers into a springboard crossbody that misses everything. Steve's diving DDT finishes at 9:19. Perfectly acceptable wrestling in a nutshell, **½.
Winner: Crazzy Steve

Backstage interview with "TNA World Champion" Moose, who is set to face Willie Mack in an "I Quit" match. Moose calls Mack stupid for requesting the match. Moose doesn't get stupid when angry, and he plans on sending Rich Swann a message by sending Mack to the hospital.

Super X Cup - Semifinals:
Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton) vs. Cousin Jake

Ace gets overpowered early and has to talk strategy with Fulton. Jake smashes the chest and then rams Ace into the buckles. Jake tosses Austin over the ropes into the arms of Fulton, and nails a dive. Jake and Fulton have a staredown, and Ace is able to regroup. Jake clocks Fulton in the face, and Ace capitalizes with a baseball slide dropkick and then a dive. Jake takes some punishment but fires off a body block. Ace blocks a suplex and boots the head for 2. Jake rolls through a crucifix and nails a Falcon Arrow for 2. Sunset flip by Ace and some spinning kicks sets up a springboard rana, but Jake reverses into a buckle bomb! Sidewalk slam by Jake but Ace kicks out! Ace blocks a gutwrench suplex and nails a flying blockbuster for the win at 10:34! Good match with a lively pace and plenty of drama, ***.
Winner: Ace Austin

Impact World Champion Rich Swann visits Willie Mack in the dressing room. Swann knows how dangerous Moose is, but he knows that Mack has the heart and fight to handle him. Mack declares that he won't be a stepping stone for Moose, and Swann likes what he's hearing.

Super X Cup - Semifinals:
Blake Christian vs. Crazzy Steve

Steve is awkwardly friendly with a big hug that momentarily sets Christian off his game. Steve gets advice from his toy monkey, but Christian repeatedly kips up to break an armlock and kicks the monkey out of the ring. Steve goes into a rage and aggressively unloads on the rookie. Steve hits some punishing hard Irish whips before checking on his monkey. Christian takes advantage and hits a running dropkick and then a split legged moonsault for 2. Steve takes some punishment but blocks a second split legged moonsault, and knees the gut to set up a back senton for 2. Steve locks the arm and claws the gut. Head scissors takedown by Steve clears the ring, but they wipe out with stereo clotheslines at ringside. Steve goes off with a flurry of offense, including a cannonball into the buckles for 2. Blake rolls into a standing frog splash but Steve kicks out! Steve hits a wild clothesline and then the Upside Down over the ropes. Blake answers with a draping 450 splash and wins at 12:15! Blake pinning an official member of the Impact roster has got to be considered an upset! Strong back and forth match, elevated by both guys knowing exactly who they are, ***½.
Winner: Blake Christian

Backstage interview with Jazz, who is holding off on retirement so he she can lock up with Jordynne Grace. Jazz is going to show the world one more time that she's the female fighting phenom and the b!tch is back.

Jazz vs. Jordynne Grace

They bump elbows in respect and then aggressively lock up. Jazz gets mean with a shove and some stomping, but Grace returns fire. Grace hits an electric chair slam onto the ring frame. Grace delivers rolling fisherman suplexes for a nearfall. Jazz throws Grace onto the top rope to regain control. Grace absorbs a double underhook suplex and hits a desperation back drop. They trade forearms and then Grace nails a spinebuster for 2. Grace hits running knees to the back, a running elbow, and then a Vader Bomb for a good nearfall. Jazz slams Grace onto her face and locks on an STF. Grace gets the ropes, but Jazz catapults her into the buckles. A brawl leads to a tornado DDT by Jazz. They trade pinning combinations until Grace scores a 3 count at 12:08. They hug it out. This was a bit rough around the edges, but they put on a hard-hitting and physical battle, all in the spirit of competition, ***¼.
Winner: Jordynne Grace

Backstage interview with Blake Christian, who is attempting to keep his emotions in check as he heads into the Super X Cup finals.

Super X Cup Finals:
Blake Christian vs. Ace Austin (with Madman Fulton)

Ace has the advantage and knows it, but he still tries to use his sharp playing card early. Christian avoids getting cut and quickens the pace to dropkick Austin to ringside. Austin gets dumped again, but Christian misses a moonsault and stumbles on the landing. Austin capitalizes by throwing Blake into the barricade, but then his drop toe hold into the steps is blocked. Blake blocks an Irish whip into steps and improvises with a somersault senton. Austin cartwheels on the apron to avoid getting sweeped and takes control with a well-timed dropkick. Blake sells a rib injury that prevents him from making a quick comeback. Blake takes a beating but manages to hit a snapmare and dropkick to the back of the head. Blake head scissors Austin into his pop-up Frog Splash, and follows with a standing SSP for 2. Blake continues to hobble through a comeback, and nails a sunset flip powerbomb for 2. Austin rolls to ringside for a breather but Blake moonsaults off the second buckle. Springboard 450 splash by Blake, but Austin kicks out! Blake follows with a tree of woe double stomp for another great nearfall. Blake misses the draping 450, and Ace hits a swinging neckbreaker for only 2. Austin can't finish with a somersault senton and is getting frustrated. They match up move for move, hitting stereo roundhouse kicks, and Blake busts out a standing Spanish Fly! Austin hits another dive and holds on for a DDT onto the ramp! Blake misses a corkscrew senton, and they trade rapid pinning combinations. They trade forearms, and Blake avoids the playing card, but Austin floats over for his patented DDT at 19:50. Tremendous tournament climax and major statements from the competitors, ****.
Winner and Super X Cup Champion: Ace Austin

"I Quit" Match:
"TNA World Champion" Moose vs. Willie Mack

Bell rings and they go straight into a brawl. Moose needs a quick timeout, but Mack boots him into the rails. Moose shifts the momentum into his favor and wears Mack down with deliberate offense. Mack begins selling an arm injury after Moose snaps it into the ropes. Mack looks as though he can't continue after Moose tosses him over the rail. Moose sets up a table but Mack avoids a collision with chair shots. Moose flips the double bird so Mack cracks the chair over his skull. Mack then sends Moose crashing through a propped chair in the buckles. Mack hits a Frog Splash and it looks like Moose is considering quitting. Mack tries something on the top rope, but Moose reverses into a SITOUT POWERBOMB THROUGH THE RINGSIDE TABLE! HOLY SH!!!!!T! They slowly crawl into the ring, Moose thinks this is all pretty funny, and they brawl back to their feet. They trade devastating blows and Moose nails a vicious Uranage. Second Uranage by Moose, but Mack won't quit. Moose brings in a collection of chairs, but Mack throws one into his face. Mack hits a superplex into a pile of chairs, but I think Mack got the worst of the landing. They slowly get up, and Moose blocks a chair shot by smashing the TNA title into Mack's face. Moose prepares to Pillmanize Mack's neck when Rich Swann arrives to reason with him. Moose doesn't care, so Swann promises him a title shot if he spares Mack. This entices Moose to voluntarily quit even though he was ahead at 26:31. That was a novel finish, for sure. While this was far too long and suffered from the standard dead spots of the "I Quit" formula, they did a nice job conveying hatred and that bump through the table was totally awesome, ***.
Winner: Moose

Final Thoughts: The Super X Cup made for a fun tournament, there were no bad matches, and Impact continues to build up goodwill. Seeing Blake Christian thrive in his opportunity tonight was a real treat. Easy, breezy, thumbs up.

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