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Impact Wrestling: Bash at the Brewery 2
January 10, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

Impact Bash at the Brewery 2

From Freetail Brewing Co. in San Antonio, Texas. Our hosts are Josh Mathews and D'Lo Brown! The were is a standing room only crowd of about 150 people squished into an actual working brewery.

Wentz vs. X Division Champion Ace Austin

Austin is aggressive at the opening bell, throwing wild punches and dropkicking the knee. Single leg atomic drop by Austin aggravates Wentz' bad knee. Wentz hobbles as he rolls Austin into position for a kick to the chest. Austin surprises with a drop toe hold and applies a half crab. Wentz survives so Austin kicks his leg out from under his leg and briefly applies a calf killer. Wentz is in survival mode as he hits a big boot, but Austin kicks him off the buckles with a kick to the bad knee. German suplex by Wentz! Wentz is good enough to sell his knee as he unleashes a flurry of offense, including a leaping double stomp to the back for 2. Austin is rattled and hits a series of slam before controlling the ankle to kick the leg and apply a modified Figure Four. Wentz survives and counters into a spike DDT but Ace kicks out!. Wentz blocks a superplex but misses a dive and buckles his knee, allowing Austin to hit a somersault neckbreaker for the win at 10:34. This was a good extended squash that told an appealing story with Wentz swimming over his head and surviving despite a knee injury, ***.
Winner: Ace Austin

Impact Wrestling Champion Sami Callihan cuts a promo amongst his oVe cohorts. He's gloating over the opportunity to take Tessa Blanchard out ahead of Hard to Kill, and make b!tches out of her partners. The audio doesn't match the picture... not sure if that's intentional or not... but i kind of like it.

River City Wrestling Women's Championship:
Kiera Hogan © vs. Christi Jaynes

Bell rings and they maintain a lively pace early. Jaynes gets a sunset flip slam for a quick 2 count and a roundhouse kick from her knees to the face. Step up enziguri by Jaynes on the top rope sends Hogan to ringside. Hogan blocks a dive with a hard forearm and lands a guillotine leg drop on the shoulders. Hogan slows things down while hitting knife edge chops. Hogan's tornado DDT gets 2. Jaynes comes back with a running knee to the face. Second rope moonsault by Jaynes gets a nearfall, as does an improvised power slam. Hogan counters with a sunset flip slam for 2. Superkick by HOgan and a swinging neckbreaker finishes at 7:09. Good intensity on display in this exhibition, **½.
Winner and still RCW Women's Championship: Kiera Hogan

Jimmy Jacobs interviews Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie about her match against Jordynn Grace. Jacobs isn't sure that Taya can hear him under his earmuffs, so she chews him out for earmuff shaming her in 2020! Get woke, man! Taya is happy to fight Grace tonight because she's really good at street fights.

River City Wrestling Championship:
Fallah Bahh © vs. Kongo Kong (with Brandon Oliver)

Kong clotheslines the back of the head before the bell. Bahh shakes it off and chopes Kong in the buckles. Bahh teases a Samoan Drop but settles for a fallaway slam to “holy sh!t” chants. Bahh signals a dive but gets tripped by Kong's manager. Kong's lady valet slaps Bahh as well, and he chases them into a trap, as Kong was waiting to ambush. Kong hits a running cannonball in the corner for 2. Bahh goes for the Samoan Drop again but collapses under Kong's weight, for a good 2 count. Bahh blocks a slap from Mandy, but the distraction allows Kong to ambush, and Mandy hits a scissors kick to knock Bahh off the apron. Bahh absorbs many shots to the face and counters with a belly to belly suplex for an extremely close 2 count. Kong's crucifix pin gets 2, and Bahh blocks a sunset flip and splashes the chest. Bahh can't hit the Samoan drop when Oliver interferes, so he piles him and Kong in the corner, and finally connects with the Samoan Drop for the win at 8:07! Entertaining hoss match with a good story of Bahh overcoming the odds, **½.
Winner and still RCW Champion: Fallah Bahh

Michael Elgin vs. Joey Ryan

Ryan is extra gross these days, putting his lollipop into a fan's mouth and pulling his tights to pour baby oil. These stunts effectively take Elgin out of his comfort zone early on. Ryan's atomic drop really messes with Elgin, who doesn't want to touch Ryan whatsoever. Ryan drops Elgin's head onto the ring frame and tries to shove a lollipop from his trunks into his mouth. Crucifix bomb by Ryan gets 2. Enziguri by Elgin and a DDT gets 2. Elgin considers stomping the groin, but goes for the gut instead. Desperation spinebuster by Ryan leaves both guys down. Ryan strings together some offense, wiping Elgin out with a tope suicida. Flying crossbody by Ryan gets 2. Elgin inadvertently collapses into a headbutt on Ryan's groin. Elgin's Falcon Arrow gets 2, obviously. Elgin seems to get his hand glued to Ryan's groin, and he makes a show out of breaking it away, as the fans chant "You touched it!" Elgin is furious and palms Ryan with his tainted hand and then hits a superplex. Ryan responds with a superkick and pulls a third lollipop from his tights. He sticks the pop into Elgin's throat and nails a superkick for a botched 3 count. Fans are irate and chant "That was 3!" Elgin forces the ref's hand onto Joey's groin and sneaks around for a German suplex. Elgin's lariat gets 2. Buckle Bomb by Elgin and then the sitout powerbomb finishes at 14:04. Decent action, but the joke wore pretty thin, **¼.
Winner: Michael Elgin

Ryan puts the referee down with the Penis-plex. That's gonna cost him.

Jimmy Jacobs is standing by with Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Brian Cage. They are united tonight against oVe in the main event.

Rhino vs. Mahabali Shera

They lock up to "USA" chants. They get a break and the crowd continuously chants for Rhino. Shera ducks a clothesline to force Rhino to hit the ring post. Shera takes over with standard green heel offense. Shera misses a splash in the corner and Rhino comes roaring back. Belly to belly suplex by Rhino and he signals the GORE. Moose pulls Rhino to ringside and beats him into the guard rail for the blatant DQ at 6:33. This was a whole lot of nothing, *.
Winner via DQ: Rhino

Rob Van Dam (with Katie Forbes) vs. Eddie Edwards

If my wife were to walk in during Forbes' dancing, I'd be in big trouble. RVD has been recast as a sleazy scumbag heel, but the fans still love him. He grabs Eddie's kendo stick “Kenny” and makes out with it. Yes, I meant to type that. Eddie gets the better of RVD during a slow start. Forbes gets into Eddie's face, allowing RVD to throw him into the ring post. RVD crotches Edwards on the guard rail and fakes a dive, opting to make out with Forbes instead. The lovefest lasts too long as Eddie ambushes with a baseball slide dropkick. Eddie blocks a monkey flip, but Forbes grabs the ankle to allow RVD's spin kick. Twisting leg drop by RVD and Rolling Thunder. RVD and Forbes disappear under the ring to... do stuff? RVD returns with a chair and wipes his face off for... reasons. Eddie clocks RVD and enjoys a Freetail beer. Eddie sprays a beer mist into RVD's face and breaks the can over his skull. Eddie's Blue Thunder Bomb gets 2. Northern Lights suplex by RVD gets 2. Small package by Eddie, but RVD hits a rolling back heel kick. Eddie knees RVD off the top rope. Alisha Edwards runs in to neutralize Forbes, but the ref is only distracted, which allows RVD to hit a Van Daminator for the win at 11:45. Take away the grossness of RVD and Forbes' romance, and you've got a basic house show match, **½.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

Impact Wrestling Tag Team Champions The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander) vs. The Rascalz (Trey and Dez)

Crowd chants “Let's go, Rascalz” as Trey locks up with Alexander. The pace quickens and Trey leap frogs into position for a dropkick. Dez tags and leap frogs repeatedly and snapmares Alexander into place for a dropkick to the head. Page prevents a Dez dive, and Alexander ambushes to hit a power slam. Dez ferociously fights out of the North's corner, but they push him into the ref to prevent a tag, and hit a clever tandem superkick to isolate the Rascal. Trey gets the hot tag and Alexander gets swarmed by the Rascalz. Page gets wiped out with a dive, leaving Trey to back flip into a dropkick to the back of Alexander's head for 2. Alexander comes back with a front face buster on Dez, and follows with a tandem power bomb for 2. Dez gets swarmed by strikes from the North and falls into a tag to Trey, who hits a neckbreaker on Alexander, and then assists in a backstabber/double knees combo on Page! Alexander breaks the cover and pulls Page into their corner for a tag. Alexander carries Trey to the top rope, but Trey counters with a REVERSE RANA! Alexander eats a double 619 on the buckles and Trey hits a flying splash, but Page breaks the cover! The North catch Dez with their tandem spinebuster for the win at 10:49! Really strong showing here, both teams making a case for themselves, ***½.
Winners: The North

Brewery Brawl:
Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie (with John E. Bravo) vs. Jordynne Grace

The referee won't start the match until Bravo leaves the ringside area, which strikes fear in Taya and causes Bravo to tantrum before leaving. Hot start for Grace, who puts the boots to the champ. Grace fills the ring with plunder. One friendly fan hands her several chairs. Grace clocks Taya to ringside, and Taya uses her toy dog's leash to trip Grace on the ring frame. Taya hits a trash can shot and is now in firm control. Taya misses a head of steam and goes flying into a pile of empty chairs. Grace seats the champion by a fan's target sign and then crotches her on the rail for a clothesline. Taya throws some Freetail beer into Grace's eyes, but Grace responds with an electric chair facebuster onto the apron! OUCH! Taya responds with a drop toe hold onto a chair. Curb stomp by Taya gets 2. Taya leaves Grace in a chair and fetches some more Freetail beers. They sit face to face for a DRINKING CONTEST and they BOTH SMASH THE CANS INTO EACH OTHER'S FACE! That's worth an extra half star. Taya sidesteps to send Grace into a chair in the buckles. Taya puts a chair between Grace's legs, and a trash can, and hits a dropkick! Grace kicks out! Grace Driver, but Taya kicks out! Bravo returns and Grace knocks him off the apron. Taya's school girl gets 2, and Grace pops up for a clothesline. Grace chokes the champion with an extension cord and hits a chair assisted Vader Bomb, but Bravo pulls the referee out! Bravo and Grace fight over a chair, resulting in a chair shot on Taya. The Grace Driver ends it at 12:37! This was tons of fun, with many clever spots thrown in, and a feelgood finish, ***¾.
Winner: Jordynne Grace

Elimination Match:
oVe (Impact Wrestling World Champion Sami Callihan, Dave Crist, Jake Crist, and Madman Fulton) vs. Tessa Blanchard, Rich Swann, Willie Mack, and Brian Cage

I started this recap on Friday, Twitter exploded on Saturday when Blanchard was accused of being a racist bully, and I'm finishing this on Monday (after Blanchard won the title on Sunday). Looks like Blanchard's career is going to survive the scandal, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't lost a ton of enthusiasm for her push. Racism is not acceptable. Anyhoo, Fulton starts against Swann in an even exchange. Dave tags and grabs the wrist, but Swann embarrasses him with rapid kip ups and a hurricanrana. Blanchard enters the match with a double ax handle on Dave's wrist. Jake tags and Tessa reverses his headlock and nails a shoulder tackle. Head scissors takedown by Tessa. Cage tags, but Jake rakes the eyes to serve him up for Fulton. A hoss battle results in Cage hitting a delayed vertical suplex. Mack tags and hits a rana on Fulton. Mack flies into Fulton's arms, and Callihan tags. Crowd wants Tessa, so Mack obliges with a tag. oVe swarms Tessa and the match breaks down into a 4 on 4 brawl. Team Tessa clears the ring. Match restarts with Callihan exchanging holds with Swann. Sami rakes the eyes hard and serves Swann up for Jake's crossbody. Swann (legitimately) injures his knee and is taken out of the match. Sami and Tessa square off, and Callihan trips her up to isolate her in oVe territory. Sami gets bit heat for bicycle kicking Tessa and spitting onto his own face. Blanchard's DDT counter allows a hot tag to Mack! Callihan eats a standing moonsault. Mack runs wild through oVe and nails a somersault plancha! Cue the diving sequence, and Cage suplexes Jake onto the field. Everyone takes turns hitting their spots in the ring until Sami low blows Mack and hits a Piledriver. He turns around to find Tessa waiting for him. He flicks her forehead so she throws a series of punches. Tessa hits a dive and they brawl at ringside, where Sami spits on her. Sami goes for the eyes and they brawl behind the curtain and are counted out at 22:36. That totally bums the fans out. In the ring, Cage hits Dave with the Drill Claw and pins him at 23:30. Jake and Fulton double team Cage, and Fulton pins him after a diving headbutt at 24:25. Mack is all by himself now and gets double teamed by Jake and Fulton. Mack escapes Jake's chinlock, but Jake rakes the eyes. Mack survives Fulton's chinlock and slugs away at both oVe members. Stunner on Jake eliminates him at 28:11. Fulton hits End of Days (ugh) on Mack to win the whole thing at 28:28. This had it's moments in the early stages, but this just died after the Sami/Tessa double countout. I didn't care for the rapid fire eliminations or the flat finish, **¼.
Survivor: Madman Fulton

Final Thoughts: Bash at the Brewery 2 was kind of a novel event due to the location and (drunk) crowd. There were some highlights provided by the Rascalz, the North, Valkyrie, Grace, and Ace Austin, but most of this was filler and house show performances. You can easily skip this and sleep well at night.

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