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TNA Impact! - Apr 10, 2008



IMPACT is broadcast from Universal Studios, Orlando, FL on the Spike TV Network.

Ringside announcers: Mike Tenay and Don West

Ring announcer: David Penzer

Ringside valet: SoCal Val

Backstage interviews: Jeremy Borash and Crystal Loutham.

Mike Tenay informs the audience that tonight will be the contract signing between Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe for their match at the Lockdown pay per view. Samoa Joe has sworn that if he does not win the title, he will leave the wrestling ring forever. Don West tells the audience that they will see a preview of Lockdown when Team 3D meets Kevin Nash and Sting for the first time.

Team Tomko enters the arena on their way to the ring: Tomko, AJ Styles, James Storm accompanied by Miss Jackie Moore, Brother Ray and Brother Devon of Team 3D. (I have to say it. This show is supposed to be weekly as far as the television viewing audience is concerned. If you didn’t know it before, you must know it now; the shows are taped a day apart and shown on different weeks. Tomko’s black eye looks worse this week than it looked last week.) Team Tomko is met with lively boos from the live audience. Ray convinces Tomko that he understands Tomko doesn’t want to talk to the audience since they are beneath him. We all know better than that Ray. You just don’t like to share mic time. Ray addresses Christian Cage and tells him that he did not get over on Team Tomko last week. All he did was piss Team Tomko off. Ray tells Matt Morgan not to show up in Boston at Lockdown. Ray accuses Kevin Nash and Sting of being the reason WCW went out of business. Ray tells them that for the first time tonight, Kevin Nash and Sting, will set foot in the ring with the greatest tag team of all time, Team 3D. Ray and Tomko have a tugging match as Ray goes after Tomko’s tag team belt to hold it high in the air.

Team Cage enters the arena: Christian Cage, Rhino, Matt Morgan, Kevin Nash and Sting. Christian tells Ray that they heard him running down Team Cage. Christian tells Ray to stop whining and stop complaining. Christian says Ray is like Hillary Clinton on a fat suit.

Ray starts up the entrance ramp and when no one from Team Tomko follows him, he changes his mind. Christian says he is sorry and that was a bad analogy. Christian then says that Hillary has bigger balls than Ray. Christian says that are really mad because last week Team Cage made Team Tomko all look like jackasses. Christian tells Tomko this is exactly why Christian told Tomko never to think. Christian says he is always one step ahead and that one step ahead is Matt Morgan and at Lockdown, Team Cage leaves Team Tomko for dead – if you don’t know, now you know.

AJ has the mic and he says don’t bring it, sing it? Team Cage figures it out and comes down the entrance ramp. AJ stands in the middle of the ring as his brave Team Tomko bails out of the ring, AJ turns around and sees he is the proverbial Lone Ranger and follows his team out to the floor.

Tenay tells the audience that Samoa Joe is backstage with Crystal Loutham and is going to tell everyone what he thinks about Angle’s challenge last week on iMPACT. Joe addresses Angle and tells Angle that Joe will sign the contract with his own blood because if Joe doesn’t win the match at Lockdown and walk away as TNA Heavyweight Champion, Joe will walk away from not just TNA, but wrestling, forever.

As of this point in time, there has been more action in the commercial break than there has been in the iMPACT Zone. I would time this show to see how long it takes to get to the first wrestling match, but it would only depress me.

Jeremy Borash is in the back with Angle to get his reaction to what Samoa Joe had to say earlier. JB tells Angle that Joe has said he will sign the contract, no problem. Angle laughs and says that Joe won’t do it because he doesn’t have a chance of winning. JB asks Angle if he has seen the videos of Joe training with the best fighters in the world. Angle says that Joe couldn’t be training with the best fighters in the world because Angle is the best fighter in the world. Angle throws JB out of his dressing room.

The audience sees a video preview of Consequences Creed.

X-Scape Qualifying Match:
Jimmy Rave
Representing Rock ‘n Rave Infection
Accompanied to the ring by Lance Hoyt & Christy Hemme
Consequences Creed

Referee: Rudy Charles
Rave begins the match with a boot to Creed’s midsection. It could be the clothes but it looks like Rave has put on a little weight since he came to work for TNA. There are a few wrestling moves and counter moves but not enough to put down play by play. Creed knows how to put on a show and the audience seems to be enjoying his antics in the ring. He’s cocky but he has the ability to get over on his opponent. Hemme does her up on the ring apron to distract the referee maneuver but the outfit she was wearing will never be on any wrestling best dressed list. Hoyt did interfere once in the match and pays for it with a fist to the jaw. I know that Creed has been working the Indy circuit although he did make an appearance on a previous TNA pay per view. Creed was to have teamed with Ron “The Truth” Killings who has found his way into the competition’s ring I find that rather disappointing since some of Creed’s boxing, dance and split moves could have made Truth and Consequences something to see. Creed has the style that will fit well into the X-Division category if TNA allows the X- Division to continue as one of the main parts of iMPACT. Creed showed speed, agility and wrestling knowledge even though it was in a short match. And I know everyone gets tired of hearing me say it but I’m saying it again - Rave has that same knowledge. He just never gets a chance to use it in the TNA ring.

Time: 3 minutes
Winner: Consequences Creed with a hammerlock DDT combination Qualifies for the Lockdown X-Scape Match

Crystal is backstage with Black Machismo Jay Lethal and SoCal Val. Val is holding Lethal’s title belt and Lethal is talking about the X-Scape match at Lockdown. Sonjay appears with his tambourine and he begins to talk about the match but he decides instead to go shopping with Val, leaving Lethal behind one more time.

I’m not sure who decided that hairdo looked good on Crystal, but, it doesn’t.

Jim Cornette has joined Tenay and West at the announcer’s table. They go over the matches for Lockdown this Sunday on pay per view.

Cornette tells Tenay that he doesn’t mind that Morgan made a deal with Christian but Morgan can’t be a wrestler and a member of management so effective today, Matt Morgan has been relieved of his duties as Cornette’s administrative assistant.

Matt Morgan is in the back with Crystal who tells him that he is no longer a part of TNA management. Morgan tells Crystal that it’s hard to sit at the back of the bus and know that you can take out one hundred percent of the TNA roster. Morgan then tells everyone that after Lockdown everyone will know why Matt Morgan is called the most genetically jacked, athletically stacked, giant going today. I didn’t say that, Morgan did.

The audience sees a video of the initiation of Petey Williams by Scott Steiner. I don’t get it.

Tag Team Match
Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner from Detroit, MI
Maple Leaf Muscle Petey Williams from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelley
Motor City Machineguns from Detroit, MI

Referee: Slick Johnson
Rhaka Khan did not enter the arena with Steiner and Williams.

The bell rings and Williams faces Sabin in the center of the ring. As much as I enjoy watching Sabin and Shelley in the ring, Williams does the same thing for me. The plus is the teamwork of Sabin and Shelley even against Steiner. Sabin tags in Shelley, Shelley tags in Sabin and another double team keeps Williams down on the mat. Williams makes it back to his feet and with a little outside help from Steiner, manages to send Sabin down to the canvas. Williams tags in Steiner and looks at the entrance ramp. Rhaka Khan is heading down the ramp with a black bag in her hand and Tenay is asking everyone what is in the bag and (this is why I hate to try to time matches on iMPACT) we go to


Steiner and Sabin are still in the ring. Steiner has the brawn but Sabin has the speed. Williams is asking for a tag but Steiner delivers a belly-to-belly overhead suplex before tagging in Williams. By the way, the same screamer that was in the audience last week on iMPACT is in the audience again. Sabin comes back with a knee to abdomen as Williams comes off the ropes, sends Williams back down to the mat with a face plant, rolls across the ring and tags in Shelley. Shelley comes off the top turnbuckle with a cross body block to take down Petey again and goes after Steiner but Sabin charges into the ring, uses Shelley’s back to springboard into Steiner with a dropkick that sends Steiner off the ring apron. All four of these wrestlers keep the rhythm of this match fast and fluid. Steiner has the unfortunate roll of being larger and slower but he works well with the other three men in the ring. Shelley goes for a pin, Steiner interferes, Shelley takes Steiner out with a dropkick and Sabin and Shelley go to work with a double team on Williams again. Shelley goes for the pin but Williams gets a shoulder up. Steiner is sent off the ring with a dropkick, Sabin goes over the top to keep Steiner out of the action, Steiner sidesteps Sabin and Sabin goes down to the floor. Steiner trips Shelley as Shelley comes across the ring, Williams sets him up for the Canadian Destroy, nails it, goes for the cover and gets the win.

Time: 3 minutes before commercial break, 3 minutes after commercial break; 6 minutes total
Winners: Petey Williams with a Canadian destroyer & Scott Steiner

After the match, Khan enters the ring with Steiner and Williams and Steiner has the mic. Steiner tells Williams that if any one else had been through his initiation, they would have quit. Steiner tells Williams that tonight is his final initiation and Williams argues, but Steiner tells Williams that if he wants to be a part of Steiner’s freak club and be a genetic freak, he has to pass the final test. Khan hands Steiner the black bag and Steiner has a pair of scissors and points at Williams’ hair. Williams doesn’t want a hair cut, but he gives in and lets Steiner butcher that long hair. NO, DON’T CUT HIS HAIR! Steiner cuts off Williams’ ponytail and Khan hands him a pair of shears and Steiner proceeds to shaves Williams’ head. I thought some of the girls in the audience were going to cry – right along with me. Steiner gives Williams a high five after he is finished and then puts a silver headdress on Williams.

The audience sees a video of the feud between Angle and Joe. I don’t know about the rest of the TNA fan base, but I would like to see Samoa Joe with that Heavyweight title at Sunday’s Lockdown. I will not be ordering the pay per view but will have the results of Lockdown on next week’s iMPACT report.

TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle comes to the ring wearing his suit and tie. Angle has a mic but it is difficult to hear what he says because the audience is very actively booing him.

Samoa Joe enters the ring wearing his suit and tie to face Angle. The audience is just as loud with pro Joe chants. Angle apologizes for interrupting Joe’s training session because he knows that Joe needs it. Angle has a document for Joe to sign that says if Joe does not win the championship at Lockdown, Joe will quit professional wrestling forever. Joe tells Angle that when he makes a promise, he means every word of it. Joe has promised that if doesn’t walk out of Lockdown with the TNA Heavyweight Championship that he will never set foot in a professional wrestling ring again and Joe has promised that on April 13, Joe will win the TNA championship. Joe signs the document, without reading it I might add, and hands it to Angle. The two men shake hands and stare each other down.

Crystal is backstage with Gail Kim and O.D.B. Crystal wants to know if Kim and ODB are going to be on the same page going into their match at Lockdown against Awesome Kong and Raisha Saeed. I’m still trying to figure out how Raisha Saeed is going to wrestle in that outfit she always wears to ringside. Kim says they are on the same page and will figure out after their tag team match at Lockdown who is going to take the Women’s championship away from Kong. ODB says that she is going to rip the blanket off Saeed’s head so they can have an ugly contest and ODB is not just another pretty face.

Angelina Love from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
With Velvet Sky
Roxxi Laveaux from New Orleans, LA

Referee: Rudy Charles
Laveaux is my favorite of the two women in the ring, but she turns her back on Love after being distracted by Sky. This gives Love an opportunity to nail Laveaux in the back. Laveaux has good balance and good wrestling moves when she is allowed to use them. I think she may be more of a high-risk taker than we have seen to date. It’s difficult to tell what Love has because she is more interested in beating down Laveaux than wrestling her. Laveaux shows that she can fight as well as wrestle and has love pinned, but Sky is on the ring apron, distracting the ref before Laveaux can get a three count. Love gouges Laveaux’s eyes but Laveaux sends Love into Sky who is still on the ring apron. Sky goes down to the floor and Laveaux delivers the Voodoo drop, goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Time: 3 minutes
Winner: Roxxi Laveaux with a Voodoo drop

JB is backstage with “Super” Eric Young. Super Eric says he has come to TNA for one reason and that is to rid TNA of all of its villains. Super Eric points at the camera and tells Black Reign that tonight he starts with him. Super Eric calls JB “microphone man”.

The audience sees the continuing saga of the BG and Kip James feud. They will face each other in one on one competition at Lockdown. To Be Concluded at Lockdown

Black Reign
With Misty the Artic fox
Super Eric from Metropolis

Referee: Slick Johnson
Before the match begins, Black Reign grabs Eric by the leg and pulls him out of the ring and onto the floor. When Black Reign is in a match, I don’t expect wrestling. The two battle outside the ring and Eric meets the steel steps before Black Reign rolls him back into the ring. The audience is chanting for Super Eric as Black Reign goes for a cover. Eric kicks out. Black Reign sets Eric up for a face plant, goes for the cover and gets a two count before Eric kicks out. Eric manages to come out of the corner and take Black Reign down with a clothesline, body slams Black Reign to the mat, comes off of the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick and then picks Black Reign up and power slams him to the mat. Eric goes for the cover and gets the win.

Time: 2 minutes (and yes, I counted the time outside the ring on the floor)
Winner: Super Eric

After the match, Rellik enters the ring and goes after Eric. Rellik comes off the ropes and delivers a boot to Eric’s face. Black Reign is getting back to his feet and Rellik has handcuffs to cuff Eric to the second rope. Black Reign and Rellik beat down Eric until Kaz enters the ring. Kaz goes after Black Reign and Rellik but Hoyt and Rave enter the ring and go after Kaz. Kaz is down on the mat and is being attacked by the four men in the ring. Eric snaps the handcuffs and clears the ring, then helps Kaz back to his feet. I didn’t time the after the match match, but I think was longer than the actual match.

The audience sees a video of the feud between Booker T and Sharmell and Robert Roode and Payton Banks. The four will face each other at Lockdown.

The audience sees a video promoting the Queen of the Cage match at Lockdown and then a preview of the double main event scheduled for Lockdown.

Crystal is backstage with Sting and Big Sexy Kevin Nash. She wants to know if Brother Ray made things just a little bit personal. Sting says he came back to TNA because it’s his family. Sting tells Ray that he has paved no roads and yet he questions Sting’s intentions. Nash says Sting’s intentions are honorable but Nash is there for the money and always has been, it’s his job. Nash says that going through Ray and his tag team partner tonight will keep him in the spotlight.

Main Event:
Tag Team Match:
Brother Ray
Brother Devon
Team 3D from New York City, NY
Big Sexy Kevin Nash from Detroit, MI
Sting from Venice Beach, CA

Referee: Earl Hebner
Sting does not bring his trusty baseball bat to the ring. Against Team 3D? That bat might come in handy before the match is over.

Devon and Nash begin the match. Nash may be taller but Devon is a big boy. Nash immediately backs Devon up in the corner and pounds on him until he goes down to the mat. Nash continues to squash Devon then tags in Sting. Sting applies a side headlock but Devon backs Sting up into the ropes. Sting breaks clean but Devon takes advantage. Sting goes into the ropes and comes off with a block that drops Devon. Devon gets to his corner and tags in Ray who isn't thrilled about being in the ring with Sting. Ray shoves Sting and Sting beats on Ray and then bites Ray on the head. Ray sends Sting into the corner and delivers a splash but Sting appears to not be affected by the hit. Sting sends Ray to the mat with a back body drop and stomps on Ray’s hand. Sting goes for a stinger splash but Ray gets out of the way, Sting meets the top turnbuckle and we go to



Sting and Ray are still in the ring and Ray has Sting down on the mat with a chin lock. During the commercial break it appears Ray had Sting outside the ring and sent Sting into the steel steps. Ray tags in Devon and they try for a double team but Sting drops them with a double clothesline. Nash is begging for a tag and Sting makes it to Nash. Nash enters the ring throwing punches. He sends Ray into the ropes and delivers a boot to the face, then he delivers a side slam to Devon. Nash goes for the cover but Ray breaks it up. Sting is in the ring and all four men are brawl. Sting has Devon in the Scorpion death lock, Nash takes down Ray and goes for the cover as well but members of Team Tomko hit the ring and the ref calls for the bell.

Time: 3 minutes before the commercial break, 3 minutes after the commercial break; 6 minutes total
Winners: Big Sexy Kevin Nash & Sting Via DQ

Team Tomko continues the beat down on Sting and Nash after the bell has sounded. The bell continues to ring as Christian and Rhino hit the ring, Storm charges down the ramp to enter the ring, the bell rings again but no one in the ring seems to hear it. Jackie is up on the ring apron and Matt Morgan charges down the ramp and he goes after everyone in the ring. Morgan sends Tomko over the top rope with a clothesline and Morgan is the only man left standing. Jackie jumps on his back and Morgan drops her to the mat. Morgan picks Jackie up and sends her over the top rope and into Devon and Storm. Everyone is battling out on the floor as Rhino sends AJ over the guardrail into the audience. Christian and Storm are battling in the audience area. Rhino nails AJ with a gore in the middle of the ring as Morgan and Tomko exchange punches and Christian sends Storm to the floor on the entrance ramp with a hip toss.

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