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Ring of Honor on HDNet- April 26, 2010
by SamoaRowe

-Ring of Honor Champion Tyler Black is interviewed about his upcoming title defense against Roderick Strong. Black says that once he beats Strong in the Manhattan Center, he's going to have to quit his whining.

-James E. Cornette shows off the new ROH Television Championship belt. The first champion will be crowned tonight, when Davey Richards meets Eddie Edwards in the tournament finals.

-Our hosts are Mike Hogewood and Dave Prazak.

Rhett Titus vs. Tyler Black This is a non-title match. This is also the first time I've watched ROH since Black won the belt, so I'm curious to see how the crowd reacts to him. Black refuses a handshake and they start off with some basic chain wrestling. Titus is unable to connect some shots and takes a chinlock. Atomic drop and body slam by Black, who is wrestling very confidently. Black is in control, but can't put Titus away. Titus counters a lion sault and clotheslines Black to ringside. Titus takes control with methodical midcard heel offense '. Black eventually counters with a head scissors and finds his second wind. Flying elbow drop by Black isn't enough for the win. Sheesh, a standing SSP isn't enough either. Kenny King runs in to distract the ref while Austin Aries holds Black still for a drop-kick. Roderick Strong runs in for the save. Black rebounds with a super-kick and God's Last Gift to put Titus away at 8:38. This was a pretty average match, so the screwiness at the end actually helped it.
Winner: Tyler Black

-Roderick Strong takes the microphone and claims that he and Black are best friends from here on out. Strong is going to keep Black safer than President Obama. No one will get their hands on Black until Strong does. Black yanks the mic and asks him why he's such a whiner. He orders Strong to stop being a little bitch, which prompts a slap and brawl. Whoa, Roderick Strong just upstaged someone else on the mic for the first time in his life!

-Hype video featuring the history of the Black/Strong rivalry. Kudos to ROH for making a perennial title challenger like Strong seem relevant in 2010.

Skullcrusher Rasche Brown vs. Dave Snow
Snow is smoking a cigarette, which is pretty funny. It doesn't take Brown long to start tearing into Snow. Snow finds an opening for a moonsault, but it misses and he eats a spear. Brown nails the Burning Hammer for the easy win at 1:13. This served it's purpose.
Winner: Rasche Brown

-Hype video highlighting the success of the American Wolves. Their future is in question now that they will be facing each other for the TV title tonight.

-We are joined in the ring by Shawn Daivari. He cuts a promo resembling the early Muhammad Hassan promos in WWE (you know, before he became a cartoonish terrorist who unleashed masked thugs on the Undertaker). He accuses the modern day American fans in the building of being racists. He even lashes out at the tradition in wrestling for fat, pandering American heroes to embarrass clownish foreigners. This was different and well-delivered.

ROH TV Championship:
Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards

They shake hands and it's on! Both men display good sportsmanship in the early going. They both attempt drop-kicks, just to show how well they know each other. Cue the chain wrestling! Richards takes control with some quick offense and tries to wear Edwards down with a head scissors submission. Edwards drop-kicks Richards in mid-springboard! Edwards establishes his control with a backbreaker. Davey rebounds and suplexes Edwards (and himself) to the floor. They battle on the apron with Davey nail a stiff kick to the chest of Edwards. Big-time suicide dive by Richards, who lands in the audience. Stiff kicks by Richards, but he's unable to pick up the win. Eddie reverses with a belly to belly suplex and nails a missile drop-kick. Suicide dive by Edwards, though not as cool as Davey's. Eddie delivers some big shots but can't put Davey away. They exchange head butts on the top rope, Eddie blocks a power bomb. Davey tries again and nails a German superplex! Another German by Davey but still no 3 count! Cross arm breaker by Richards is reversed into a triangle choke by Edwards. Eddie sets Davey on the ropes and nails a hurricanrana! Achilles Lock by Edwards, but no submission. They start no-selling each other's stiff offense until a clothesline leaves them both down. Davey misses a kick and hits the post. Davey targets the arm while Eddie goes after the leg. Double stomp by Edwards gets 2 and he applies the Achilles Lock. Missile drop-kick to the arm by Richards! Shooting Star Press by Davey gets 2 so he applies the armlock! Edwards reverses into the Achilles Lock and Davey taps at 19:59! The crowd seems surprised by that finish. This was terrific, as they emphasized sportsmanship and competition while still making it personal. ****.
Winner and first ever ROH TV Champion: Eddie Edwards

-Davey grabs the TV belt just so he can be the one to wrap it around Eddie's waist.

Final Thoughts: The main event alone is worth seeing. Personally, it's rewarding to see Eddie Edwards get such a huge rub and be the first title holder. I remember when he was first breaking into the company and wrestling lower card matches at the Boston shows. This episode also managed to progress the storyline between Tyler Black and Roderick Strong, and introduced us to an edgier version of Shawn Daivari.

Thumbs up!

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