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ROH -Champions vs. All-Stars - Jan 14, 2011

by SamoaRowe

-From Richmond, VA. Our hosts are Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak.

-Christopher Daniels is bemused that he is being forced to team up with numerous rivals and challengers to his Television title in tonight’s main event. However, he plans on stepping up and delivering anyhow.

-ROH World Champion Roderick Strong comes to the ring to put himself over on the mic. He’s looking forward to teaming up with The Kings of Wrestling later, but he feels that Christopher Daniels is the weak link in their team. This brings out Daniels to defend his honor. Daniels challenges Strong to address him like a man. Strong threatens violence and Daniels accuses him of behaving like a child. They call in referee Todd Sinclair and we have an impromptu match.

ROH World Champion Roderick Strong vs. ROH TV Champion Christopher Daniels

Strong cheap shots before the opening bell and is aggressive. Daniels meets aggression with aggression. Daniels scores with a dive to the floor. Strong gains the advantage in a ringside brawl and delivers a suplex in the ring. Cue the chinlock! Strong puts a hurting on Daniels for a bit. Daniels jabs his way into a comeback. They run the ropes and both go down after a collision. A slugfest breaks out, but the Kings of Wrestling run in to talk sense into their teammates. Daniels tosses Hero, shoves Strong into Castagnoli, and bridges Roderick for the win at 8:05. The champions are at an obvious disadvantage going into the main event. This was a pretty basic outing that mainly served to set up bigger things later, **.
Winner: Christopher Daniels

Lancelot and Harlem Bravado vs. Grizzly Redwood and Andy Ridge

Ah crap, any way I can skip this one? Redwood is all about sportsmanship and trades wrist holds. The Bravados are pretty hapless against a game Redwood. Ridge gets a tag and dishes out some of his trademark stiff kicks. Ridge can only fight off a double team attempt for so long before eating a neck breaker after a sloppy exchange. Cue the chinlock! The Bravados have Ridge isolated and dish out some punishment for a bit. Redwood gets a lukewarm tag and connects with a flurry of offense. The Bravados double team Redwood to cut off his momentum. A top rope Thesz press gets 2 for Grizzly. The Bravados each charge into a back body drop. Ridge gets knocked down, but Redwood hit’s a swinging DDT. Power bomb on Redwood, but Ridge nails a super kick for the win at 8:41. This was dark match worthy stuff, *½.
Winners: Andy Ridge and Grizzly Redwood

-Mike Bennett says everyone is wondering where Brutal Bob is. Bennett said he’d only sign with ROH if Brutal Bob came with him, but tonight Bob is in Boston torturing some greenhorns. Bennett feels that he’s the newcomer with the most hype and plans to make an example out of Adam Cole. 2011 will be his year.

Mike Bennett vs. Adam Cole

Bennett has a size advantage and knows it. Bennett contends with “overrated” chants as he knocks Cole off his feet. Cole responds to Bennett’s arrogance with a face slap and dishes out a flurry of offense. Cole drop-kicks Bennett to the floor, where he spends an overly long time recovering. Cole outmaneuvers Bennett in a fun exchange but soon gets knocked off the apron. Bennett is in the driver’s seat and cuts off a Cole comeback with a backbreaker. Bennett catches Cole for another backbreaker counter. Pair of hard Irish whips by Bennett, but Cole answers with a super kick. Cole builds some momentum, hitting a neck breaker for 2. Cole is caught in a cross body attempt but counters with a DDT. Cole dumps Bennett and delivers a suicide dive! Flying cross body by Cole gets 2. Cole’s back is too injured to hit a suplex so he goes for a sleeper. Bennett counters and nails a spinebuster. Bennett counters with a Buckle Bomb and the sit-out side slam finishes it at 11:30. Cole showed a lot of promise here and made Bennett look good too, **¾.
Winner: Mike Bennett

-Cole hangs back in the ring and gets a nice ovation from the live crowd.

-ROH Tag Team Champions Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli, collectively known as the Kings of Wrestling, come to the ring. They’re accompanied by Sara Del Rey and Shane Hagadorn. Hero is upset that their main event partners, Strong and Daniels, will be entering the match at less than 100%, and feels that Davey Richards and El Generico of the All-Stars team should wrestle to make things fair. Richards and Generico join them in the ring. Richards scoffs at Hero’s suggestion and promises victory for the All-Stars team. Hagadorn and Del Rey grab the legs of Richards and Generico, allowing a beat down by the KOW. The Briscoes run in for the save. Davey declares that tonight’s main event has gotten personal.

Rhett Titus vs. Homicide

Titus scratches his balls before palming Homicide’s face. That’s pretty gross. Titus repeats by scratching his ass, prompting Homicide to angrily dish out a beat down. Titus rolls to the floor and eats a flying axe handle off the apron. ‘Cide bats Titus around ringside. Homicide tries to use the ring bell, but the referee takes it away, giving Titus an opening. Homicide rebounds with a cannonball tope through the ropes. Titus gains control by targeting the upper body. Titus steals the Three Amigos, prompting Homicide to reverse the spot. Superplex by Homicide but a frog splash is countered. Gut buster by Titus gets 2. Homicide builds some momentum and signals the end, but Titus blocks with some high kicks. They counter finishers and Rhett nails the fame-asser for 2. Ace Crusher by Homicide and the lariat only gets 2. Titus blocks a superplex and delivers a flying knee smash. They exchange hard face slaps and Homicide busts Rhett open with a head butt. Brainbuster by Homicide ends it at 12:11. This was much better than I was expecting, Homicide was motivated and Titus kept up, ***.
Winner: Homicide

-A bloody Rhett Titus is interviewed backstage. Titus rejects help from referee Paul Turner. He says being bloodied up only unleashes his killer instinct and puts Homicide on notice that he’s coming for him.

-Steve Corino cuts a promo before his match. Corino basically confesses to acting like a career his entire career. He feels responsible for Kevin Steen losing his ROH career. He also notices that the other veterans in the company are treated with more respect by the younger guys. He vows to make things right. “My name is Steve Corino. I am an evil person.” He chose his opponent for tonight, Caleb Konley, because he wants to show him the light.

Steve Corino vs. Caleb Konley

They reach a stalemate in the early going. Konley disrespects with a slap, but Corino resists returning the favor. Corino is tempted to utilize the thumb in the bum, but his hesitance gives Konley an opening. Corino hesitates yet again and Konley attacks the eyes. Corino throws some chops and an STO. Neck breaker by Konley and a DDT only gets 2. Pair of lariats by Corino gains a near fall. Blind low blow by Konley and Corino has to try extra hard to avoid getting dirty. Corino rolls Konley up instead and gains the victory at 6:31. This was a basic match that succeeded in establishing Corino’s new direction, **.
Winner: Steve Corino

-Caprice Coleman can barely contain his glee at being back in Ring of Honor and just has to sing. He’s facing Colt Cabana tonight and is eager to show that he belongs in an ROH ring.

Caprice Coleman vs. Colt Cabana

They trade holds early on and Cabana has a field day playing mind games. Coleman sends Cabana to ringside where he asks some kids for advice. Cabana gets on all fours and requests some amateur wrestling, but Coleman outmaneuvers him. Cabana demands that security remove the kids for their bad advice. They trade holds and Coleman scores with a fireman’s carry. Cabana responds with some fancy mat wrestling, but gets tossed yet again. Cabana shoves Coleman off the apron but runs into a head kick. Slingshot senton by Coleman and a high leg drop. Colt drops Coleman neck-first on his knee. Leg sweep by Cabana gets 2. Leaping hurricanrana by Coleman! Colt counters the frog splash and scores a roll-up victory at 10:13. Good exhibition match here that showcased the talent nicely, **½.
Winner: Colt Cabana

Kenny King vs. Kyle O’Reilly

They start with some quick action leading to a stalemate. They trade hammerlocks and O’Reilly connects with some stiff kicks. King takes a time out but gets distracted by a fan, allowing O’Reilly to go after his arm. King rebounds with a spinebuster. King wears O’Reilly down but misses a springboard leg drop. Kyle throws some kick and a leg sweep. O’Reilly boots King to the floor and connects with a missile drop-kick off the apron. Double stomp to the arm by O’Reilly and a tornado DDT. King comes back with an atomic drop. Double knees to the back by King. They both go down after taking hard shots. They exchange shots until Kyle nails a suplex. King nails a suplex with a bridge for a near fall. King counters into a Half Crab. O’Reilly counters into a triangle choke, but King counters with the Royal Flush for the win at 12:16. Decent outing here, with a good finish, but a bit lackluster for a semi-main event, **¾.
Winner: Kenny King

-Steve Corino approaches Kyle O’Reilly and offers some encouraging words. O’Reilly doesn’t seem to really care.

Jay Briscoe, Mark Briscoe, El Generico, and Davey Richards vs. ROH Tag Team Champions Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli (with Shane Hagadorn), ROH TV Champion Christopher Daniels, and ROH World Champion Roderick Strong

Daniels is the lone baby face on the champions team and is forced to start things against Richards. They come to a stalemate so Castagnoli tags himself in to face Mark Briscoe. Mark gets the best of Claudio, prompting a tag to Hero. Generico is eager to mix it up with Hero. Generico overwhelms Hero, but Claudio prevents a dive. Strong and Jay Briscoe enter the match and trade stiff shots to preview their upcoming title match. Richards climbs on the referee’s back to Claudio for a test of strength. Davey counters the knuckle lock but eats a hard uppercut. Spinning arm bar by Richards, but Strong breaks it up. Hero collides with Mark. The Briscoes floor Hero with a double shoulder tackle. Jay trades shots with Claudio but catches a big boot from Hero. Jay becomes the first to get isolated in the champions’ corner. You know, just once I’d like to see the isolated wrestler fail to make a hot tag and get beaten. Jay counters Daniels with an STO on the turnbuckles. Hot tag to Generico, who is a HOUSE EN FUEGO!!~ Claudio lifts Generico off of a cover on Hero for a gut-wrench suplex. Daniels continues to roll with an STO and springboard moonsault on Generico. Mark Briscoe scores with Red Neck Kung Fu on Daniels. The Briscoes double team Daniels but get jumped by the KOW. Richards finally collides with Strong and gets the best of him with rapid fire offense. Strong retaliates with some head attacks. The match breaks down as all eight men take turns knocking one another down. You know the formula. Generico and Jay score with stereo dives onto the champs. Davey dispatches Roderick to nail a shooting star press off the turnbuckles to the floor. Mark runs into Angels Wings from Daniels for a near fall. The Best Moonsault Ever misses, but Mark blocks a superplex. The frog elbow drop ends Daniels at 32:49. This was a good showcase for the current crop of top players in the company, just a bit long-winded and technically counts as filler, ***½.
Winners: The Briscoes, El Generico, and Davey Richards

-Davey Richards puts over their greatness on the microphone.

Final Thoughts: This show was complete and utter filler. Sure, there were some good matches along the way, but nothing was must-see or all that important. Thumbs in the middle.

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