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Ring of Honor - October 15, 2011

by SamoaRowe

-Video recap of last week’s Strong/Richards main event. It was a big deal, yo. Seriously, these SBC packages are awesome.

-From Chicago, IL. Our hosts are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness.

-The show opens with Kelly and McGuinness in the ring to hype our double main events for the evening. Eddie Edwards battles Michael Elgin, and The All Night Express face the Briscoes for a shot at the ROH Tag Team Championship.

-The Briscoes reminisce about the days when the ANX would be hanging out in the locker room begging for the opportunity to carry their bags. The Briscoes boast about all the chickens they would slaughter in a day while working on their farm as boys. If they didn’t work fast enough in the 100 degree heat, Papa Briscoe would whoop their asses. Nowadays, nobody whoops their ass. I love this.

-The ANX talk about how their feud with the Briscoes have changed them. It allowed them to show just how tough they are to the ROH fan base.

The Briscoe Brothers vs. The All Night Express

King starts against Jay. The Briscoes double team King and try to isolate him in the early going. Titus assists in helping King leap frog off the apron to save himself. King and Titus go to work on Mark. The Briscoes manage to overwhelm Titus with a series of double team combinations. Titus is a glutton for punishment as the Briscoes continue to make quick tags. Titus counters by dropping Jay face first onto the turnbuckles. King gets a hot tag and cleans house on the Briscoes. King drops Titus over the ropes onto the Briscoes! Jay somehow kicks out after taking King’s spinebuster and Rhett’s frog splash. King is overwhelmed and Mark flies over the ropes to dispatch Titus. King kicks out after taking a flying elbow drop! The referee misses Jay kicking King in the groin. Jay pins King at 8:10! A cheap finish in ROH? Those damn Briscoes! Solid television match here and nice advancement in the Briscoes’ angle.
Winners: Jay and Mark Briscoe

-Titus figures out what happened and attacks the Briscoes. The ring fills with security to break up the resulting brawl.

-Kelly and McGuinness study the replay of the finish to the Briscoes/ANX match.

-Welcome to Focus on Ring of Honor! This week we’re looking at the ROH Tag Team Champions, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. They boast that they can beat any two men put in front of them. They run down their long list of amateur accomplishments, complete with newspaper clippings showcasing their success. Haas addresses the vicious chair beat down they suffered from the Briscoes. He says they were the best 10 years ago, and they’re the best now. The Briscoes lit a fire under their asses and no one is going to put it out. Perhaps they should consult a doctor. Anyhow, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: these video packages are doing an incredible job of putting over the ROH talent.

-Jim Cornette has an announcement. Jay Briscoe told him the low blow was an accident. Cornette thinks Jay is full of crap, but the referee’s decision is going to stand. The Briscoes are the #1 contenders for the ROH Tag Team Championship.

-Welcome to Inside Ring of Honor! This week we’re looking at “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin. Jim Cornette thinks Elgin’s manager, Truth Martini, is a con man. Martini claims he is an honest man who changes lives. Davey Richards adds that Martini is full of shit but acknowledges that he’s smart guy. Cornette points out that Roderick Strong was in ROH for years but didn’t become World Champion until joining forces with Martini. Michael Elgin claims there is no man who can break him, hence the nickname. Eddie Edwards has a lot at stake in his match against Elgin, as right now he’s 1-1 against him. Richards adds that he and Edwards will always hunt together, but when the time comes when they must battle each other again, they’ll do what they need to do.

“Unbreakable” Michael Elgin (with Truth Martini) vs. “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards

Edwards offers a handshake but Elgin turns his back to him. They tie up and trade chops. They have a smashing contest which turns into a slap-fest. Elgin delivers a hard shoulder block to gain the advantage. Delayed vertical suplex by Elgin only gets 1. They trade hard chops with Elgin coming out on top again. Elgin powerfully counters an arm drag but Edwards blocks on the turnbuckles. Edwards rolls into a half crab but it’s countered! Eddie overwhelms with his quick offense but can’t get the pin. Elgin blocks the double knees and drives Edwards into opposite corners! Overhead throw by Elgin gets 2. They’ve packed a lot of action into just 5 minutes and we head to commercial. Post-break, Elgin is wearing down the back of Eddie Edwards. Elgin runs through some chops but is thrown off by a pair of super kicks. Edwards slams Elgin but they’re both down! Edwards confuses by leaping over the ropes and nails a missile drop-kick! Edwards beautifully sets Elgin up for a suicide dive that shatters the barricade! Back to the ring, Edwards outsmarts Elgin and nails a hard chest kick for a near fall. Elgin shakes off a Codebreaker and delivers a nasty lariat! They battle on the apron and Edwards super kicks through the ropes. Leaping double stomp on the apron! Edwards lands another double stomp on the back of the neck but Elgin responds with a turnbuckle power bomb! Edwards counters another power bomb! Edwards hits the Die Hard for the win at 12:14 (shown). These two have an excellent chemistry together and Edwards pulled out all the stops in this one, ****.
Winner: Eddie Edwards

-Roderick Strong rolls into the ring and gets into the face of Eddie Edwards. Nigel realizes that Edwards is surrounded by the House of Truth and gets in to back up Edwards. The crowd roars as Nigel gets ready for a fight. The music plays and the show ends as the stand-off continues.

Final Thoughts: What’s there to complain about? This show has some serious momentum going and I’m almost scared that it’s going to come crashing down before I know it. This week provided more great character development, feud advancement, and great wrestling. Check it out. Thumbs up.

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