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Ring of Honor - Oct 9, 2013

by Kieren Lucas

From Chicago Ridge

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Jessie Sorensen

This marks the official debut of Sorensen in Ring Of Honor and I'm glad to see him healthy and back in a wrestling ring. The Code of Honor is respected and the match starts off with a quick roll up by Jessie, who starts going to work on Ciampa’s previously injured leg. Ciampa retaliates by slapping him in his face. Jessie then hits a catapult Rocker Dropper and then hits three neck breakers (ironic, considering Sorensen broke his neck). Ciampa pulls his knee pad down and hits two knees straight to the head. Then, in what was simply painful to watch, Sorensen did a sunset flip powerbomb off the top and Ciampa landed straight on Jessie’s leg! Ciampa applies the Sicilian Stretch to get the win. Good stuff, would have liked it to have gone a bit longer as the finish seemed rushed but that might have been because of the botch minutes before.
Winner: Tommaso Ciampa
Rating: 2.5/5

Adrenaline Rush (ACH and Tadarius Thomas) vs. Outlaw Inc (Homicide and Eddie Kingston)

Adrenaline Rush are currently my favorite team in the thriving Ring of Honor tag team division. ACH starts things off with a drop-kick and an elbow off the top. Back from the commercial break and Outlaw Inc are in control and are slowing the pace down, working ACH’s leg with moves like a Figure Four leg lock. Thomas gets a hot tag and hits a unique kick followed by a suicide dive and a superplex off the top. The finish came when Kingston has Thomas on his shoulders and Homicide hits a bulldog. Average at best, I would have liked to have seen more of Thomas before the match just suddenly ended.
Winner: Outlaw Inc
Rating: 1.25/5

Paul London vs. Roderick Strong

The match starts off with the Code of Honor and a drop-kick by London. Backbreaker off the second rope by Strong. Then they both attempt a crossbody and collide in mid-air. They start exchanging punches. London then goes high risk and flips over the top rope and hits a springboard drop-kick for two. Strong hits another backbreaker for two and a superplex off the top earns the “This is awesome.” Strong applies the Stronghold but London gets out of it. Strong attempts a Death Valley Driver but London counters it in mid-air into a foot stomp! They then both exchange punches until London ,out of nowhere, hits a super-kick for two. Back on the floor and Strong hits a backbreaker on the apron straight on London’s head. Strong hits the Sick Kick for a two count. Great near fall! Roderick then applies the Stronghold but London gets to the ropes. London hits a Tombstone on the floor and a 450 splash to get the win. Incredible match, one of the best ROH matches I have seen this year.
Winner: Paul London Rating: 4.25/5

Overall: 5.25/10

For a one hour show this was perfect. We had a great fast paced opener and a little bit of a letdown in the tag team match and a phenomenal main event. To be honest, in my opinion, this show needs to go two hours in length.

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