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Ring of Honor - Feburary 17, 2012

by SamoaRowe

-We open with a video recap of last week’s Eddie Edwards/Kyle O’Reilly bout. This includes the post-match happenings, where Edwards formed a new team with Adam Cole.

-From Baltimore, MD. Our hosts are Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuinness. They officially announce Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole as the main event for the 10th Anniversary Show iPPV. Sadly, they are lacking a main event, due to Shelton Benjamin’s suspension.

-Charlie Haas comes to the ring, cutting off McGuinness and Kelly in the process. Haas says that it’s Jim Cornette’s fault for there not being a main event tonight, because it’s not Shelton’s fault that Mark Briscoe was stupid enough to run head-first into a chair. Haas issues an open challenge to either one of the Briscoes. This draws out Jay and Mark. They exchange insults until Jim Cornette arrives to diffuse the situation. Jay agrees to be handcuffed during the match, and Cornette lets it happen, since Shelton Benjamin is supposedly in Houston, and thus would be unable to sneak attack. Mark Briscoe vs. Charlie Haas will main event later tonight.

-Steve Corino joins the commentary desk for Kevin Steen’s television in-ring debut. They take a look back at Steen interrupting Mike Mondo vs. Matt Taven last week and laying both men to waste.

Andy “Right Leg” Ridge vs. Kevin Steen

Steen offers a handshake but clotheslines instead. Steen tosses Ridge to ringside and throws him into the guard rail. Back to the ring, Steen pounds away on poor Ridge. Steen absorbs some shots and responds with a head butt. Ridge ties Steen up in the ropes and nails some kicks. This only angers Steen, who delivers a power bomb onto the apron! The F-5 finishes it at 3:30. Excellent squash match, as it showed how ruthless Steen can be, with or without the package Piledriver.
Winner: Kevin Steen

-Steen isn’t finished and teases a package Piledriver on Ridge. Steve Corino can’t stand it anymore and storms the ring to make the save. Jimmy Jacobs runs in and attacks Steen from behind. Security prevents them from brawling, much to the crowd’s dismay. Jacobs takes a microphone and challenges Steen to a match.

-Vayda Scott interviews ROH World Champion Davey Richards and Kyle O’Reilly. They discuss their upcoming match at the 10th Anniversary Show. Richards says he’s over the friendship crap and when he looks at Cole and Edwards, he sees four ankles to snap. O’Reilly warns Cole that you can’t expect loyalty from Eddie Edwards. Davey adds that they shouldn’t expect mercy from “Team Ambition.”

Matt Taven and Mike Mondo vs. Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

I guess getting their collective asses kicked by Kevin Steen has brought Taven and Mondo together. Cole and Taven start the match in a back and forth contest. Mondo tags himself in and thumbs the eye of Adam Cole. Mondo knocks Eddie off the apron but Cole sets him up on the turnbuckle for a revenge blow. Edwards gets a tag and lights up Mondo’s chest. Taven tags and suffers a similar fate as Mondo. Taven rebounds with a sunset flip, but Eddie rolls through and nails another hard chop. Mondo tags and takes control of Edwards. Eddie comes back with the flying Codebreaker, but Taven gets a needed tag. Cole is in and cleans house on Taven. Enziguri and neck breaker by Cole isn’t enough for the win. Taven and Mondo have a miscommunication, leading to Cole nailing an overhead suplex for the victory at 5:16. I liked everything about this match. It put over Edwards and Cole as a team, and developed Taven and Mondo’s personalities in the process. **½.
Winners: Eddie Edwards and Adam Cole

-Mike Mondo scowls afterwards and picks an argument with Taven. They exchange slaps and Mondo plants Taven with a DDT. Mondo blows his nose on poor Taven. And just like that, I’m interested in another match between these two.

-Kevin Kelly hosts Inside Ring of Honor! Last week, the Briscoes took the $10,000 check that belonged to the House of Truth, but Truth Martini stopped the payment. Martini, along with Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong, defend their claim to the money. Strong tells the Briscoes to contact a collections agency or stop their bitching.

-The Young Bucks put themselves over heading into their ROH Tag Team Championship match at the 10th Anniversary Show. They are the hottest tag team in wrestling today, just ask them!

-ROH Television Champion Jay Lethal is ready to make history, as next week he challenges Davey Richards for the World title. Also on the horizon, Lethal has to defend his Television title against Tommaso Ciampa. The stakes are high, as Ciampa will also be defending his undefeated streak.

-The Embassy Ltd (Prince Nana, Tommaso Ciampa, and R.D. Evans) respond to Lethal. The investors have put a lot of stock into Ciampa. Ciampa tells Lethal that he will strip him of his confidence and will take his title.

-Lance Storm is coming out of retirement to face Mike Bennett at Showdown in the Sun! Bennett mocks Storm, saying the show is late enough in the day so Storm can make it to the early bird special at the local eatery. Maria accuses Storm of being a pervert for always staring at her. This has my interest.

Mark Briscoe (with Jay Briscoe) vs. Charlie Haas

Jay Briscoe is handcuffed at ringside, at the request of Haas. The match kicks off with a wild slug-fest. Mark scores with a dive to the floor. Mark climbs the turnbuckle but Haas shoves him to the floor. German suplex by Haas! Double arm suplex by Haas, but he’s unable to gain the pinfall. Mark escapes a waist lock but his slingshot flip is countered with a backbreaker! Haas delivers a back suplex onto the guard rail! Jay lands on his feet on a backdrop attempt. Redneck kung fu is on display as Mark makes a comeback. Mark’s frog splash only gets 2. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Haas, but the Olympic Slam is blocked. Mark rolls up Haas for the win at 5:45. Short match, but a good chapter in this feud **½.
Winner: Mark Briscoe

-Charlie Haas is fuming and nails the Olympic Slam on Mark after the match. Haas steals the key to Jay’s handcuff and continues to attack Mark. Haas takes a chair and Mark takes a protected shot to the head. Haas is wearing the handcuff key like a gold medal and retreats. Haas throws a handful of money down to cover his and Shelton’s fines. Haas says this was the plan all along.

Final Thoughts: This is my favorite current wrestling show, bar none. Stop making excuses that you don’t like the production values or the lack of big name stars and give this show a chance. Thumbs up!

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