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Wrestling Society X- Episode 1
by Mad Dog

I guess a brief history of Wrestling Society X. It was an MTV show. I call it a show because it was more of a show than an actual wrestling promotion. The big idea was to mix wrestling with musical acts and just bring the general MTV feeling to wrestling. It debuted to a pretty decent number but then the ratings quickly dropped to nothing. There's a lot of reasons for the utter failure of this project. We'll get into those reasons and see them first hand as we explore the Wrestling Society X DVD set. So let's head to the show.

Hosts are Bret Ernst and Kris Kloss

Matt Sydal w/ Lizzy Valentine vs. Jack Evans
Shoving match to start. Sydal blocks a head scissor and tosses Evans to the outside. Suicide dive to the outside. Sydal pounds on Evans and tosses him back into the ring. Hand spring elbow that sees Evans pop to the outside. Evans hits a springboard but Sydal catches him with a heel kick. Sydal covers for a two count. Submission but Evans pops out. Evans hits a series of kicks. Hand spring to the outside. They cut to the announcers and we come back to Evans tripping Sydal. Evans misses a corkscrew splash. Sydal hits a pumphandle powerbomb for two. Standing moonsault for two. Evans hits a big kick and gets tripped up by Lizzy. She gets drug into the ring as Sydal throws Evans. Evans hits a tornado DDT. Evans heads up top and hits the 630 splash to get the pin. 1/2*. Nothing but a bunch of meaningless spots and several were poorly executed. I rarely say good things about the WWE but they were the best thing to ever happen to Matt Sydal. Watching him on ECW shows just how much more complete he is as a wrestler now. They've also done a good job of showing him how to keep it in his pants so to speak during matches. Also the camera angles blew. There were at least four points in the match where you missed something because they did a pointless cutaway to Lizzy or the announcers. Not a good start for WSX.

The participants all cut short little promos for tonight's 10 Man Rumble.

10 Man Rumble
A bunch of stupid fake and pointless plunder is shown around the ring. #1 is Justin Credible. Oh joy. #2 is Teddy Hart. They throw a water bottle at each other to start. Hart ducks a clothesline and botches some move right off the bat. Hart pounds on Credible and hits a standing dropkick. Hart shows off a moonsault from the top rope and then gets a super kick from Credible. Back and forth until Hart hits a sloppy looking moonsault. #3 is Kaos. Credible and Hart double team Kaos to start. Hart no sells a double clothesline spot and hits a DDT on Kaos. Credible holds Kaos until Hart hits a shooting star press off the top rope. #4 is Vampiro. Vampiro takes down Credible, Kaos and Hart with clotheslines. Hart pounds away at Vampiro but then misses a charge into the corner. Vampiro hits a big boot on Credible and then a spinning heel kick on Kaos. Vampiro hits a choke slam on Hart as it heads to commercials. We're back as they show #5 Puma come in and instantly get eliminated by Vampiro. #6 Alkatrazz catches Vampiro with a headbutt and we're back to the actual match. Vampiro ducks a clothesline and hits Alkatrazz with a flying forearm. #7 is 6-Pac. He ducks a shot from Credible and hits a heel kick. Vampiro gets the X-Factor. Credible gets an X-Factor and Hart gets the Bronco Buster. #8 is Chris Hamrick. #9 New Jack decides to get a jump start on things. New Jack goes to work on Hamrick. Hamrick lands on the apron after an elimination attempt and proceeds to brag about his smarts before getting knocked to the floor. New Jack jumps to the flood eliminating himself. New Jack attacks the ref who informed him of his elimination and smashes a guitar over his head. Back in the ring and Vampiro hits a powerslam on Kaos. Alkatrazz drops a big elbow on Kaos. Hart hits a moonsault on Koas as New Jack and Hamrick continue to fight on the outside. Kaos and Alkatrazz fight over an elimination drawing out Luke to help Alkatrazz. Kaos gets tossed on the high voltage thing creating a lot of sparks and really stupid special effects. New Jack hits a balconey dive onto Hamrick. I know this sounds really disjointed and confusing but the match itself is disjointed and confusing. Vampiro kicks Alkatrazz off the apron and through a table. Hart hits a tornado DDT and out comes #10 Youth Suicide. Credible eliminates Hart. Youth Suicide brings out the thumb tacs and immediately gets attacked by Credible. Low blow to Credible. Suicide hits Pac with a clothesline and tries to go for the contracts but gets powerbombed by Vampire onto the thumb tacs. 6-Pac gets one of the contracts and one half of the title match is fixed. Youth Suicide goes for the contract and Credible pushes the ladder over. Suicide lands on one of the boxes and all this pyro goes off like something incredible happened. But it's all special effects so who gives a crap? Credible hits an awful belly to back suplex on Vampiro after setting up the other ladder. Vampiro no sells and hits a big boot. Vampiro gets the contract and next week it'll be 6-Pac vs. Vampiro for the title. Wow, this was terrible. The special effect boxes of doom were really over the top and stupid. No one believed they did a thing to the person that landed on them. It's just dumb and not needed.

Final Thoughts:
So there you have it. Episode 1 of Wrestling Society X. This project was doomed from the start. You just can't do a weekly wrestling show with only 30 minutes. And who did this show appeal to? MTV kids are too cool for wrestling and the wrestling and talent wasn't there to draw or keep wrestling fans long term. So the show just appealed to no one.

The product had a lot of flaws. The announcer and ring announcer are all terrible. The announcers freak out and start screaming about basic moves you've seen constantly. The ring announcer was an attention whore. His announcing the wrestlers was about drawing attention to himself. Not about the actual wrestlers or match. The info cards were nice but that's about the only thing I have to say on the positive side. The wrestling was beyond terrible on this show. Nothing entertaining about it.

The packaging for this set is third rate. Not surprising coming from a third rate wrestling show. But the packaging just looks like it was slapped together to sell some DVDs. The DVDs are just piled on top of each other. You have to push these side things in and then pull the DVD up. It's annoying and of course. Once I want something that's not DVD 1 I'll have to dig the other DVDs out and hope I don't scratch them in the process. So whatever. I'll slowly be reviewing the other 9 WSX episodes and the bonus web shows. So stay tuned for more awful WSX goodness.

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