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Wrestling Revolver - Another Friday: May 17, 2024

by DocAllen

Jon Moxley

Live from Montgomery County Fairgrounds in Dayton, Ohio. Bork Torkelson and Veda Scott are calling the action. Commentary welcomes "wrestling fans and internet weirdos" to the broadcast.

Show starts with a Jon Moxley in-ring appearance. There's nowhere else he'd rather be on a Friday night than at a pro wrestling show. There's mic trouble, so the promo is kept short, but basically Moxley is scared of how crazy things could get tonight.

Mike Bailey vs. Myron Reed

They start by flipping and running around. They exchange dropkicks and reach a stalemate. They restart with another fast exchange, Reed sends Bailey packing with double knees to the face. Bailey avoids a dive, but Reed answers with a guillotine leg drop. Superkick by Reed gets 2. Bailey knocks Reed into the rails and hangs him on the ropes for flying double knees to the neck. Reed desperately escapes an armbreaker with a rope break. Reed notices that Bailey isn't wearing his typical mouthguard and goes for the teeth. Hanging Flatliner by Reed gets 2. Fans chant "this is awesome!" Bailey responds with a missile dropkick and sequence of stiff blows. Standing SSP by Bailey gets 2. They both try KO shots and hit the canvas. Crowd misses the cue for an ovation. They try stereo running boots and go down again. Bailey blocks a springboard move and unleashes those jumping kicks I always complain about. Reed counters with a stunner, followed by a soaring crossbody outside. Bailey answers with a moonsault from the apron. Legsweep by Bailey, then a moonsault knee drop on the ring frame. Reed reverses a SSP into a cutter!. Reed nails a tope, and NOW the fans stand for an ovation. Reed runs into Bailey's standing Spanish Fly. Moonsault double knee drop and superkick by Bailey, but Reed dodges the tornado kick. Cutter and springboard 450 by Reed finishes it at 13:41. Hot opener, the fans were hungry for high spots and they got those in droves, ***¼.
Winner: Myron Reed

Blackheart Lio Rush appears on the big screen to laugh maniacally at Reed.

REVOLVER World Champion Alex Shelley (with Rich Swann) comes to the ring for some words. Swann cuts a passionate promo on the fuzzy mic about how awesome Shelley is. The audio equipment must be working better in the venue, because the fans boo everything Shelley has to say. Shelley's challenger, Trent Seven, comes out for a rebuttal and I can't understand a word he says. The fans think he's funny, so that's a plus.

REVOLVER World Championship:
Alex Shelley (with Rich Swann) vs. Trent Seven

Oh, we're having this match now, okay. I suppose this means it's ending in shenanigans. We at least start with shenanigans, Shelley attacks from behind. Seven answers with brutal knife edge chops. Shelley tries an ineffective atomic drop and gets chopped down. Swann trips Seven, allowing Shelley to hit a dropkick to the face. The ref tosses Swann, he must fly away. Seven resumes chopping the champ around, briefly knocking the broadcast off the air. Seven hits the ring post by accident, but recovers with a tope while Shelley was busy flipping off the fans. Shelley saves himself with a dragon screw between the ropes. Shelley slows things down and works over Seven's bad knee. Seven makes a brave comeback with more chopping (and a cheap shot to Shelley's man parts). Seven hits a wild blow to the ear and a vicious lariat for 2. Shelley comes back by attacking the knee but misses a belt shot. Seven hits a desperation spike piledriver for a nearfall. Seven inadvertently knocks out the ref while hitting a Burning Hammer. Shelley delivers a low blow and gets a good nearfall. The ref won't allow a belt shot, so Shelley knocks him out. Swann returns but accidentally blasts a superkick at Shelley. Seven contorts Swann's fingers and nails a power slam. Shelley finally hits a belt shot and finishes with Shell Shocked at 13:22. I was expecting shenanigans and we got shenanigans. If this is what they had in mind, good call putting it in the undercard, **½.
Winner and still REVOLVER World Champion: Alex Shelley

Alex Shelley

Mike Bailey runs in to save Seven from a 2 on 1 beatdown. Shelley and Swann run away as if the ring were on fire. Speedball Mountain stands tall, and Bailey looks like the next challenger, despite just getting pinned in the opener.

Scramble Match:
Fulton vs. Jeffrey John vs. Brett Ryan Gosling vs. Landon Hale vs. Rickey Shane Page vs. Brayden Lee vs. Ace Austin (with Gia Miller)

Fulton's heavy metal Spice Girls entrance music is pretty awesome. Hale is a chiropractor by day, pro wrestler by night. Breaking backs in the ring probably helps his day job. Maybe he should open shop next door to Britt Baker. Bell rings, does it really matter what I type in this PBP? I could probably just list a series of wacky move names and not a single person reading this would know the difference. Luckily, I'm a professional, and I won't do that to you good folks at home. Anyways, RSP notices that Fulton is a rather large gentleman and brings in a door. They throw BRG through one door, and RSP gives Fulton a DVD into another. John gets his shine with a somersault senton outside. Hale almost slips but hits Austin with a backstabber. Hale swings around the ring post to dive onto the others at ringside. BRG showboats and Fulton chokeslams him onto the rest. Everyone gathers around Fulton for a Tower of Doom! Everyone is down, so RBG tries to pin them all. RSP throws BRG away like garbage, but John catches him with a flying stunner. Lots of cool highspots happen at rapid speed, I mean that in a good way. Fulton attacks former teammate, Ace, and puts him in a Boston crab. Fulton only lets go when Lee kicks his face. Lee hits a corkscrew senton onto the crowd of fools at ringside. Fulton reverses Lee's high flying attack with a chokeslam, but Austin ambushes him with a neckbreaker to win at 8:50! Tons of fun, as per usual, ***.
Winner: Ace Austin

Damian Chambers (with Kayla Kassidy and John E. Bravo) vs. Ethan Page

Fans chant "F*ck him up, Ethan" at the bell. That's not nice, Damian is someone's son. Page hits a suplex and a nice back body drop. Chambers fights back with an enziguri, but Ethan flies over Kayla to hit him with a flying shoulder block. Bravo argues with the ref, allowing Kayla to hit a Satellite DDT on poor Ethan. Chambers capitalizes with a neckbreaker for 2. Page knocks Chambers into the buckles to escape a chinlock. Chambers attacks the eyes and hits a DDT for 2. Ethan fights out of another chinlock and makes a plucky babyface comeback. Bravo's distraction allows Chambers to hit a backbreaker for 2. Ethan reverses a superplex into an avalanche body slam. Slingshot cutter by Ethan gets a nice nearfall.Ego's Edge seals the deal at 8:07. Decent exhibition match to reintroduce Ethan to WR, **¼.
Winner: Ethan Page

Jake Crist vs. Rich Swann (with REVOLVER World Champion Alex Shelley)

Swann stalls for time at the bell. Shelley gives him a kiss on the cheek for courage, but Swann runs into Crist's armbar. Swann bites the fingers to escape, but Crist puts him into a head scissors. Swann kips up, but Crist grabs a side headlock. They reach a stalemate, and Crist fires off a series of quick attacks. Swann gains the upper hand and runs a lap around the ring to hit a big boot. Swann takes another lap with the same result. Swann cuts Crist down with assorted kicks, puts on goggles, and hits a somersault senton from the apron. Crist comes back with jabs and a lariat. Flying forearm, baseball slide dropkick, and Asai moonsault by Crist earns a chant. Leaping DDT by Crist gets 2. Swann answers with a tornado kick, Crist kicks out and hits a springboard cutter. Swann blocks a suplex and nails a nifty poison rana! Frog splash by Swann only gets 2. Crist counters with a superkick and Tiger suplex for 2. Shelley's distraction allows Swann to hit a low blow and hand spring cutter to win at 12:01. This ended on a cheap note just when it really started cooking. Otherwise, this was a good, straightforward indie match, **¾.
Winner: Rich Swann

Shelley and Swann continue attacking Crist after the bell. They repeatedly drive a chair into the knee. Jake's wife, Nevaeh, chases them off with a kendo stick. And they say chivalry is dead. Just when you think it's over, Swann jumps Nevaeh and forces Jake to watch Shelley stomp a chair around her knee. That's cold, dawg. Quality sports entertainment.


Brent Oakley (with The Pledge) vs. Steve Maclin (with Killer Kelly)

Oakley has been in college for like 7 years but still has the audacity to insult the city of Dayton. Or something, I still can't understand anything on the mic. Cut to backstage, Steve Maclin is beating up a fellow A.S.S. boy. Maclin charges in for a hot start, but Oakley returns fire in the crowd. Maclin suplexes Oakley onto some standing chairs. The fans chant mean things at Maclin for not living in Ohio, and Oakley takes control. Maclin hits a backbreaker while fans chant "Maclin sucks!" Steve leans into the hostile crowd and roughs up hometown guy, Oakley. Maclin grabs a paddle, but just smacks Oakley in the buttocks instead. The fans will Oakley back to his feet, but Maclin clobbers him down. Maclin puts on some shades but a fellow A.S.S. boy takes the spear for Oakley. Spinebuster by Oakley signals a scrappy comeback. Kelly begs Oakley for mercy, shoves the pledge, and grabs Oakley by the throat. Low blow by Maclin, but the Pledge pulls the referee away. Maclin misses a chair shot and it ricochets back into his skull, Oakley steals the pinfall at 11:08! Didn't see that finish coming. I think the heel/face dynamics were thrown off, because it's hard to believe that the preppy college boy would be the babyface against an army vet, but either way this worked, ***.
Winner: Brent Oakley

The Unit (JT Dunn, Jake Something, and Jessica Havok) vs. Zachary Wentz, Masha Slamovich, and Crash Jaxon

Jaxon is a surprise participant, making a long awaited return from a serious injury. I don't know who he is, but the Dayton crowd gives him a heartfelt welcome. The Unit are offended and threaten to boycott the match. Masha starts against Dunn and seems to hold a mental edge. Dunn hits a shoulder block, they run the ropes until Masha scores a flurry of quick attacks. Dunn punches Masha in the face and tags in Havok to continue the assault. Masha answers with a tight kick, but Something slams her down by the hair. Masha lures Dunn into another flurry, and Wentz gets the hot tag. Wentz drops Dunn on his head, but Something punches him in the face. Wentz gets beat up for a polite while and gets the very hot tag to Jaxon. Dunn stops Jaxon with a cutter, but Wentz crossblocks him outside. Masha and Havok exchange words and blows. Masha wins the exchange and hits a twisting tope. Meanwhile, The Unit seem to have Jaxon right where they want him. Wentz stops a combo attack. Jaxon hits Dunn with a popup powerbomb and Jake with a Crash Landing to win at 11:52! Routine tag outing but Jaxon's return really connected with the fans, **½.
Winners: Crash Jaxon, Zachary Wentz, and Masha Slamovich

The Unit are sore losers and deliver a revenge attack. Sami Callihan tries to restore order but gets knocked down by a chair. The Unit prepare to kill Masha, but Jon Moxley strolls in. Havok and Something are smart enough to flee, Dunn doesn't seem to know he's alone with Mox. Crowd chants "you f*cked up" and Mox serves Dunn a Death Rider, just as nature intended. This leads to a bunch of mic work that sounds like gibberish, but Sami and friends clearly fire JT Dunn from WR and he's hauled away by security.

Mance Warner vs. 1 Called Manders vs. Matthew Justice

Warner takes a chair to Manders before Justice can even enter the building. Justice and Manders might be on bad terms, but they hate Warner the most and gang up on him. They brutalize Warner with weapons to the point where I almost feel sorry for him. Manders tries to use Justice as a lawn dart, but Mance dodges, and Justice goes through a door! Mance capitalizes with numerous weapon shots on his former friends. Manders hulks up through chair shots, but Justice knocks him and Warner down with a flying shoulder block. Justice brings in extra guard rails for some quality clobbering time. Warner throws a chair through Justice's face. Mance escapes Manders' Razors Edge, but can't escape a powerbomb onto a rail! Justice spears Mance through a door, Manders breaks the cover. Justice delivers door shots, but Manders tackles him through the door! Spear by Justice gets 2! Manders slams Warner though a door bridge, but Justice suplexes them with a guard rail! Frog splash by Justice would have finished Manders, but Warner breaks it up with multiple door shots. Mance takes a screwdriver to the referee and the match is thrown out at 16:58! Boooooo! Talk about a toxic work environment. Warner feels like he won and gloats on his way out. Wild brawl and stunt show, missing a satisfying finish to be truly great, ***½.
No Contest

Justice perches on the top rope and dares Mance to restart the match. He ends up diving onto some security (off-camera) and chases Warner away.

Alex Colon (with R.E.D.) vs. Atticus Cogar

Colon is armed with a stapler, Cogar with skewers. There's also skewer pool noodles hanging in the ropes. They block each other's weapon shots, Cogar misses a standing moonsault but drives skewers into Colon's leg. German suplex by Cogar, but Colon pops up and shoves Cogar into the skewer noodles. Colon goes after Cogar's skull with a door and staple gun. Cogar gets dollar bills stapled to his arms but backdrops Colon into the front row. Cogar flies into what was supposed to be a sitout powerbomb counter. Cogar is up first anyway and scrapes skewers all over Colon's arm. Cogar hits a suplex into the noodles for 2. Cogar uses Colon's staple gun for his own sick purposes and curb stomps a skewer into Colon's throat. Colon sells for like 30 seconds before making a comeback and hitting a brainbuster for 2. Fans chant "one more time" as Colon uses Cogar's own skewers against him. I find myself wondering who I'm supposed to be rooting for as they continue exchanging ugly weapon attacks. German suplex by Cogar gets 2. Cogar misses a second rope moonsault, Colon bites open another pack of skewers and drives them into the forehead for a DVD on the ring frame! That was gross. Cogar kicks out, lol. Fans chant "this is awesome!" Colon dumps staple strips all over the place, staples Cogar in the groin, blocks a sunset flip bomb, and slams Cogar onto the staple pile. Brainbuster on the staples only gets 1. Colon misses a Frog splash onto the staple mess. They throw handfuls of staples at each other, which is more amusing than barbaric. They keep doing violent stuff, but I just want it to end. Cogar hits a DDT through a bridged door outside. Rickey Shane Page returns as backup. Cogar knocks Colon into RSP, and hits a superplex onto the staple debris. Headlock Driver by Cogar gets 2 when RSP pulls the ref away. RSP drops Cogar into the staples, and Colon hits a running boot for 2. The live stream starts lagging, it's tired too. Colon fetches a skewer board and builds a bridge. A.S.S. run in and create an opening for Cogar to put Colon through the skewer bridge with an Air Raid Crash. Colon kicks out, lol. Cogar hits another headlock driver, Colon kicks out again. Colon won't submit to a Camel Clutch, so Cogar relentlessly stabs him with skewers until the ref stops the match at 24:49. This felt pointlessly violent and silly, and dragged on far too long. It wasn't until more than midway through the match before it became clear that Cogar was the alleged babyface. I always feel bad for giving low ratings to physically taxing matches, but this was a ** mess.
Winner: Atticus Cogar

Final Thoughts: Decent show with some average to good matches. The main event kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth. It's fun to see guys like Moxley showing up on random indie events and making the industry feel alive, but you can probably skip this one.

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