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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

Episode 10: April 9th 2008

Nicho The Millionaire vs. TJ Perkins
As you tell by the match title, Nichoís name has been Americanized. The commentatorís havenít gotten the memo, as heís still ďNicho El Millionario.Ē Whatever. The video quality is much lower than usual this week, I guess the HD cameras got lost somewhere. Nicho and Perkins go through the typical early chain wrestling sequence. Perkins gains some momentum with a spinning head scissors takedown, but Nicho gets a boot to the face. Perkins rebounds with another head scissors, sending Nicho to ringside. Nicho takes a lengthy breather, even breaking the count-out, but then leaving again to argue with a fan. Nicho returns and they shake hands. Nicho is supposed to be a heel, by the way. They reverse pinning combinations until Perkins lands a nasty kick to the head. Springboard senton by Perkins and a spinning DDT. Nicho plants Perkins upstairs, and hitís the STO. Cover by Nicho gets 2. Nicho turns things nasty, grinding his boot into Perkinís face. Boot to the head by Nicho gets a cover for 2. The action spills to ringside, where Nicho smashes Perkins into the barricade. Back to the ring, Nicho attempts a cover. Modified chinlock by Nicho. Perkins escapes, but Nicho retains control. Nicho goes high risk, but Perkins counters with his boots. Spin heel kick by Perkins, who finds a second wind. Neckbreaker by Perkins gets a cover for 2. A slug fest erupts. Perkins is caught in the ropes, but dodges a drop-kick, which sends Nicho to ringside. Nicho grabs a chair and cracks Perkins over the head, earning the disqualification. Solid match, **Ĺ.
Winner by DQ @ 8:16: TJ Perkins

-David Marquez is standing by with Brent Albright. Albright accuses Adam Pearce of ducking him, and calls him out for not defending the NWA title against him. Albright is going to ďmakeĒ Pearceís title reign, and will end it. Marquez asks Albright about Alkatraz. Well, if Alkatraz wants to play mind games, thatís fine, because Albright can play mind games with the best of them! This was probably the best Albright promo Iíve ever seen.

Candice LeRae vs. Jade Chung (with Shane Andrews)
Thatís right, Shane Andrews is a male manager for a female wrestler. You donít see that everyday. Chung gets a headlock takedown, but Candice reverses into a head scissors. The match restarts. Headlock takedown by Candice, and Chung reverses into the head scissors. Candice reverses into a pinning predicament. Candice returns to the headlock. They exchange hammerlocks. Candice sends Jade tumbling to the floor. Jade consults with her manager, and they both fall victim to a suicide dive by Candice! AWESOME! Candice is fired up, but Jade knocks her into the ring post. Back in the ring, Jade is in firm control, hitting a drop toe hold onto the ropes. Andrews gets a cheap shot on Candice. Candice finds second life, but Jade rebounds with the STO. Jade looks for a suplex, but Candice reverses with an inside cradle. Swinging neck breaker by Candice allows her to pick up the win. Not a bad little match. *Ĺ.
Winner @ 4:44: Candice LeRae

-David Marquez is standing by with C. Edward Vanderpyle, who is still upset that he wasnít able to keep the tag titles on Karl Anderson and Joey Ryan. They are joined by Nick Bockwinkle, who Vanderpyle puts over as the man who made him fall in love with wrestling. Vanderpyle is insecure that he wonít be able to keep the World title on Adam Pearce, so he asks Bockwinkle for his advice and support. Bockwinkle will take this under consideration.

-Mark Thompson is standing by with the Young Bucks. Matt Jackson rants about how Joey Ryan cheated to beat him. Nick Jackson announces that they will be taking on Ryan and Adam Pearce, and theyĎre out for REVENGE.

Bino Gambino vs. Brent Albright
Another random opponent for Albright. Gambino actually gets the upper hand, working the arm. Albright hitís a firemanís carry and works the arm. Gambino reverses into a hammerlock. Iíll note that there is music playing in the building again. Albright hitís a take down and works the head. Shoulder block by Albright leads to a running sequence. Albright hits some arm drags and both men attempt drop-kicks. The match restarts with a handshake. Gambino attempts shoulder tackles, which Albright shoves off. Scoop slam by Albright and an inverted atomic drop. Big drop-kick by Albright, which sends Gambino to ringside to regroup. Albright forces Gambino in ďthe hard wayĒ but Gambino sneakily hitís a kick to the back of the knee and attempts the upset cover. Gambino smells blood and works on the injured leg. Drop-kick by Gambino gets a cover for 2. Gambino ties up Albrightís leg in the ropes and gets some convenient shots. Bulldog by Gambino gets a cover for 2. Snapmare by Gambino and a drop-kick to the face. Gambino locks on the figure four, and Albright could be screwed. Albright reverses, but Gambino gets a rope break. Frog splash by Gambino gets a near fall! Springboard moonsault by Gambino is countered. Side Russian legsweep by Albright leads to the Gun Rack for the submission win! Another solid match. Gambino borrowed a lot of signature moves, but he looked good. Iíd be willing to see more of his work. **Ĺ.
Winner @ 8:29: Brent Albright

-David Marquez is standing by with Bob Trobich, the executive director of the NWA. He talks about how within the last year they were talking about bringing the NWA back to television and heís proud of what theyíve accomplished. They talk about Pearceís (insincere?) claim that he wants better competition, and Trobich doesnít think Pearce will have to look long or hard. Trobich puts over the fans. If the fans give them a chance, it will pay off.

Chris Escobar vs. Willie Mack Mack challenges a test of strength, but keeps switching hands. Escobar attempts a spin heel kick, but Mack shrugs him off. Escobar turns up the speed, but gets grounded with a standing clothesline. Escobar takes a walk. Rear naked choke by Escobar! Mack removes Escobar, but gets nailed with a super kick. Chops by Escobar and a hard Irish whip. Mack sidesteps Escobar, who hits nothing but metal. Corner drop-kick by Mack gets a near fall. Big leg drop by Mack gets another near fall. Mack elevates Escobar into the air and gets a third near fall in the process. The crowd gives Mack some shit, and Escobar gets second life with a modified head scissors takedown. Mack kicks out and drives Escobar to the canvas. Escobar attempts the escalator, but itís blocked, so he settles for the rope assisted Unprettier. The match didnít really go anywhere, but there was a lot of nasty action in the middle, *ľ.
Winner @ 5:09: Chris Escobar

The Young Bucks vs. Joey Ryan and Adam Pearce (with C. Edward Vanderpyle)
Pearce and Ryan jump the Bucks from behind. Pearce isolates Nick Jackson in the ring, looks for a piledriver, but Matt Jackson dives off the top for the save. The Bucks double team Joey Ryan, and follow up with stereo dives to the floor. Matt appears to have hurt his back, but is willing to stay in the ring as the legal man. Adam Pearce is reluctant to be the legal man, but becomes more enthusiastic after Joey Ryan jumps Matt from behind. The commentators are too busy making fat jokes about Vanderpyle though. Pearce knocks Nick off the apron, and makes a phantom tag to Joey Ryan. Ryan grounds and pounds Matt, and also takes a break to knock Nick off the apron. With the referee distracted by Nick, Ryan illegally tosses Matt over the top rope to the floor. Pearce tosses Matt back to the ring, where Ryan gets a near fall. Pearce tags and continues to dish out the punishment to Matt. Ryan tags and locks Matt into a chinlock. Meanwhile, Pearce tries to get into the ring, but slips and falls to the floor (to which the announcers openly laugh at him). Way to keep your World Champion looking strong, fellas. Pearce returns (with more success) and takes his frustrations out on poor Matt. Pearce spits on Nick, the ref is distracted by Nick trying to attack, Matt rolls up Pearce, but Ryan sneaks in and reverses the roll-up. The ref turns around and Pearce gets the near fall. Bear hug by Pearce! Pearce shoves the referee, who then knocks him off his feet (again, way to keep your World champion looking strong, the ref is apparently stronger than he is). Ryan tags and ties up Matt in the ropes. Matt reverses a body scissors attempt and finally tags in Nick. Nick is a house on fire, reversing a double team attempt. The Young Bucks hits stereo drop-kicks. They attempt More Bang for Your Buck, but Mattís back gives out. Pearce locks on the camel clutch on Matt. Nick hitís a high cross body on Pearce for a near fall. Ryan and Matt slug it, and Nick saves Matt from the power slam. Ryan inadvertently back drops Pearce to the floor, and the Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck on Ryan! It should be over, but Vanderpyle provides the distraction. Pearce attacks but suffers stereo drop-kicks to the head from the Bucks. Ryan nails Matt with the super kick, but Nick blocks with a stunner and bull dog. Pearce catches Nick with the piledriver and gets the win. The Young Bucks have been screwed again! Damn good tag team match, ***Ĺ.
Winners @ 12:27: Adam Pearce and Joey Ryan

-Brent Albright runs in and saves the Bucks from further incident.

Final Thoughts: We got another good main event, which always leaves a pleasant last impression in my mind. Otherwise, there wasnít a bad match to be found this week, with lots of solid ring work. The booking is still very straightforward, and itís refreshing to an extent. Itís good to see some dirty, no good bad guys taking on the heroic underdogs who they have wronged and are now out for revenge. Solid week all around.

Thumbs up.

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