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NWA Wrestling Showcase
by SamoaRowe

February 14th 2008

-David Marquez welcomes us to the show. He boasts that so many fans have watched the Showcase episodes online that it crashed the Colours website. There is a big line-up tonight, featuring Mike Quackenbush, The Young Bucks, Amazing Kong, The Real American Heroes, and Los Luchas.

-The official rules of the NWA are posted.

NWA Junior Heavyweight Championship:
Mike Quackenbush vs. Cassandro the Exotic

Dammit, it's Cassandro again, and this time he's heavily drenched in make up. Quackenbush fights out of a head lock and hits an arm drag. Quack goes to work on the leg, but Cassandro cleverly reverses into a roll-up. The match restarts with a tie up. Fireman's carry by Cassandro and a cover. Cassandro goes to work on the leg. Quack tries to roll out to safety, but Cassandro hangs on. Quack gets an arm drag and is free at last. Another arm drag by Quack, but Cassandro shoves him to the corner. Cassandro tries a running spear, but misses and he collides into the ring post and falls to the floor! Cassandro takes a breather, but breaks the 10 count. Takedown by Quack, who leap frogs and flips around Cassandro, springboards off the ropes, but Cassandro regains control. Quack reverses the Irish whip, but Cassandro goes high risk and hit's a top rope arm drag. Cassandro walks the ropes and hits another arm drag. Quack gets a kiss planted on his lips by his exotic challenger, and he's not pleased. Quack takes a breather at ringside. Cassandro wants a handshake, but Quack becomes aggressive, hitting a tirt-a-whirl backbreaker for a cover. Quack bends Cassandro in half. Quack works the legs, gets Cassandro's shoulders down, and almost wins. Another backbreaker by Quack and a cover. Quack gains more momentum, but almost runs into Cassandro's ass. The mind games work, and Cassandro takes control with a Gory Special. Roll-up by Cassandro gets 2, but it woke Quackenbush up. Deep arm drag by Cassandro, but he gets dumped on the apron. Cassandro goes high risk with a missile drop kick and then a suicide dive to the outside! Quack and Cassandro are down too long and the match ends with a double count-out at 10:29. Cassandro wrestled a serious match and the results were enjoyable, **.

The Young Bucks vs. Alkatraz and Derrick Jannetty
Alkatraz is dressed in an orange prison outfit, which amuses me. Alkatraz is a powerhouse and shoves off the smaller Buck. Alkatraz shoves again and hit's a mighty clothesline. He slingshots Matt into the turnbuckle, but he lands on his feet and hit's a flurry of offense on the big man. Jannetty tags in, but gets instantly overwhelmed by the faster Young Bucks, who are now making tags. Jannetty suffers some inventive double team moves along the way. The Young Bucks take turns holding Jannetty still, while the other hits top rope moves directed towards the arm. The Bucks rip off the Rock'n Roll Express mannerisms and hit stereo top rope bombs onto their foes on the floor. Matt gets a cover on Jannetty, who really needs a tag. The Bucks make another tag, but Alkatraz makes a distraction and Jannetty is in control for the first time. Jannetty is still in control of Nick when he tags in Alkatraz, and the Young Bucks are in serious trouble. Big elbow drop by Alkatraz, who then knocks Matt off the apron. The distraction lets Alkatraz and Jannetty double team Nick. Jannetty keeps making lazy cover attempts on Nick. Alkatraz tags and slingshots Nick throat-first into the bottom rope. Nick fights off both heels in the corner. Alkatraz scoops Nick, who escapes and makes a tag. The Young Bucks clean house on Jannetty, and hit their "More Bang for the Buck" finisher sequence for the win at 9:07. The Bucks are improving, they showed stronger fundamentals here than in their past Showcase outings. **.
Winners: The Young Bucks

NWA World Women's Championship:
The Amazing Kong vs. Candice LeRae

I'm surprised that TNA isn't fussing about Kong appearing on this show. Either they don't know about it or they just don't care (or both). I saw LeRae get squashed by Sara Del Rey in the dark match at an ROH show, so I'd like to see what she can do here. LeRae is quick with some early offense, but Kong knocks her down chest-first. Kong swings LeRae by the hair and chokes with her foot. Kong clubs away at her tiny challenger. Hard chops by Kong and a hard Irish whip and corner splash. Cocky pin by Kong isn't enough to win. Kong applies the sleeper, gets bored, and transitions into a giant swing. Kong hit's a delayed double choke slam and repeats the corner splash, but LeRae dodges. LeRae goes for the flying cross body, but Kong catches her and hit's a power slam. LeRae attempts a sunset flip, and a splash by Kong. Drop-kick by LeRae earns her a near fall on Kong. Kong recovers with a spinning back fist. This knocks out LeRae, and Kong is declared the victor at 4:01. Spirited squash, *.
Winner and still NWA Women's Champion: The Amazing Kong

-After the match, Kong continues to beat down LeRae, which prompts an army of referees to the ring to break it up. LeRae is helped to the back as some fans chant "TNA."

-Peter Goodman welcomes us to the NWA Update Desk. Breaking news: Paul Atlas and Bryan Anthony are the NWA North American Tag Team Champions. Also, the first ever NWA Continental Champion has been crowned, and it's Damien Wayne! This brings us to an upcoming Adam Pearce/Damien Wayne NWA title match, though there's no telling if it will be featured on this show or not. Goodman hypes some talent exchanges with Europe and promises to do this segment again next week. Not a bad touch.

-A couple of minutes are devoted to listing upcoming NWA events. Cue the fast-forward.

-The Real American Heroes cut a promo. They are tired of facing Los Luchas, aren't there two other Mexican guys they can beat up? Ryan points out that America is above Mexico on the map, so the U.S. is always on top! Anderson promises to finish the feud tonight.

NWA World Tag Team Championship:
The Real American Heroes (with C. Edward Vanderpyle) vs. Los Luchas (with Nicho El Millionaro)

The Heroes jump Los Luchas as the bell rings. Los Luchas fire back and dump the Heroes from the ring. Ryan and Anderson try to walk out, but Los Luchas make the chase and they brawl through the ringside area. The action returns to the ring, as Ryan and Phoenix Star do battle. Ryan is dumped to ringside and Phoenix Star comes splashing onto him. Anderson and Zokre are in the ring, with Zokre getting slammed into the ring post. Los Luchas are down, with Nicho checking on Phoenix Star. In the ring, Anderson snap mares Zokre and taunts the crowd. Ryan tags and hit's a second turnbuckle club. Scoop slam by Ryan, who then knocks Phoenix Star off the apron. The Heroes are making quick tags and isolating Zokre. Anderson decides to target Zokre's arm. Ryan tags and is backed into Phoenix Star, but no tag seems to be made. Anderson locks the arm. Zokre escapes and hit's a drop-kick. Ryan locks up Zokre's arm in the ropes while Anderson dumps Phoenix Star from the apron again. Northern Lights suplex by Joey Ryan, and more stomps to the injured arm of Zokre. The frequent tags by the Heroes continues, as Zokre's arm is still the focus of their attacks. Zokre hit's a desperate head scissors takedown on Ryan, and makes the tag to Phoenix Star. The Heroes are taken off their feet repeatedly by Phoenix Star, who cleans house. Phoenix Star positions Ryan for a double team, but Anderson blocks Zokre. Anderson goes high risk, but Phoenix Star catches him in a slingshot into a blockbuster from Zokre! Zokre fights off both Heroes until getting caught with an Anderson spine buster by Anderson! Phoenix Star eats some more offense from the Heroes, but Zokre hit's a springboard clothesline on Anderson. Ryan clotheslines Phoenix Star! All four men are down! All four men get to their feet and have a slug-fest (which the referee allows). All hell breaks loose. Vanderpyle provides a distraction. Phoenix Star is positioned on the top for the win, but Nicho turns on the Heroes! Anderson hit's a superplex for the win at 13:24! Los Luchas have been robbed again! This heel continues to be a top notch old school rivalry, though his match was hindered by a few minor awkward moments. I really want to see Los Luchas get their revenge, ***.
Winners and still NWA Tag Team Champions: The Real American Heroes

-NWA World Champion Adam Pearce joins the victorious Karl Anderson, Joey Ryan, and Psicosis in the ring. Pearce takes a mic and puts themselves over as champions. He shakes hands with Nicho and gives him a wad full of money. Pearce and the Heroes pose with their title belts.

-David Marquez wraps up the shows. He hypes next week, where we will see Pepper Parks, Rob Conway, TJ Perkins, and more! Who knows what will happen?

Final Thoughts: At last, the show has a sense of continuity. All four matches were taped in the same venue and there are angles and characters in development. The first four episodes were mere count-down shows in anticipation of this. If you want a more old-school wrestling show, this could be your alterative, so head on over to NWA Wrestling and give this a shot! My only complaints this week are the lack of Rob Conway and the return of Cassandro, but those are very minor.

Thumbs up!

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