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NWA Powerrr
December 3, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Power

Episode 9: One More Time

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Jim Cornette (in his allegedly final taped episode) and Joe Galli are our hosts for the festivities. This is the "Season Finale" of Powerrr as their Into the Fire pay-per-view is this weekend, and it’s unclear what the future holds for this series (according to various dirt sheets, NWA has been losing money). Joe Galli thanks the fans for watching and does tease a season 2.

National Champion Colt Cabana vs. Ricky Starks

Aron Stevens and The Question Mark interrupt before the opening bell. Stevens, fingers in ears, complains that other people can just demand title shots but he doesn’t get any opportunities. Cabana scolds Stevens for being an actor and not a wrestler, and challenges him to face Starks in his place, with a shot at his National title on the line. Stevens sends Question Mark away (to massive crowd disappointment) and takes Colt up on his offer.

Aron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens is wrestling in flesh colored tights and a blue scarf, and Cornette states the obvious in that he "looks nude." Starks hits a sling blade and spear for a nearfall. Stevens fakes a knee injury to buy some time and The Question Mark returns to attack Starks with martial arts strikes. Stevens pops up to pin Starks at 2:27 and celebrates with a cartwheel. This was barely a match, but it makes me hate Stevens for the right reasons.
Winner: Aron Stevens

Joe Galli hosts a hard sell segment for Into the Fire. The main event will be Nick Aldis vs. James Storm in a 2 / 3 falls match, with each competitor choosing the guest referee for the first two falls. They cut to James Storm in his kitchen ranting about Billy Corgan and the NWA running a conspiracy against him. Storm speculates that the NWA intentionally hid the triple threat match he won to become #1 contender. Storm chooses Brian Hebner as his chosen referee because he trusts him and can be easily thrown into the fire if he screws him. This was quality work from Storm, who comes across as paranoid and tad bit unhinged.

The Question Mark wanders around a wrestling convention, making nice with people like Teddy Long and Kamille. He gets involved in the most random battle royal of all time, with guys like Blue Meanie and Hornswoggle. This was cute.

Joe Galli introduces footage from a recent live event in which Nick Aldis confronted The Great Muta. Aldis drew a line in the sand with his title belt, but there was no further incident.

David Marquez interviews Melina by the ring. Melina says it’s a pleasure to be on Powerrr. She claims to bring out the best in people. Allysin Kay will have to fight hard for the first time since she became champion. Kay interrupts and vows to smack the smug look off Melina’s face, and accuses her of being too scared to fight her own fights. Kay wants a match right here and now. Melina stalls, allowing her henchwomen of Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle to ambush the champion. Rosa’s drum music hits as they leave Kay down and out.

Kyle Davis interviews the Rock N Roll Express. They’re bringing back old school wrestling whether you like it or not.

Nick Aldis responds to James Storm in his hotel room. Aldis claims that Storms’ unaired triple threat victory didn’t air because he wasn’t supposed to be in the match and had inserted himself. Aldis takes James to task for throwing a big hissy fit to force NWA to give him his way. This isn’t TNA, and in the NWA, Storm is in the middle of the pack. Aldis claims that he demanded that Storm be named #1 contender so he could drown the squeaky wheel in grease. Aldis vows to make Storm regret ever thinking he should be champion. Aldis chooses Tim Storm to be his chosen referee for the second fall. The off camera host dares to ask about Kamille not being allowed to speak again. Aldis is sick of the topic and announces that he’s giving her the night off at Into the Fire, to ensure there’s no excuses.

NWA Powerrr Season 2 begins December 17th! Now, that’s a relief!

NWA Tag Team Championship:
The Wild Cards © (Tom Lattimer and Royce Isaacs) vs. The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson)

Lattimer shoves off Morton and rests on the buckles. Lattimer hits a shoulder tackle and offers Morton a chance to walk away. Instead, the RnR Express hit a double team shoulder tackle. Gibson puts Isaacs in a Full Nelson, who flexes out. Gibson misses a head of steam and collides with the ring post. The Wild Cards isolate Gibson while working the arm. Morton gets a hot tag and puts Isaacs in a sleeper. Lattimer breaks it up, but the RnR Express surprise with double dropkicks. Morton bumps Isaacs into Lattimer and rolls him up for the feel good victory at 5:04! Crowd loves this result! Jim Cornette joins them in the ring to celebrate. This was a short, simple match that got over big time.
Winners and new NWA Tag Team Champions: The Rock N Roll Express

Joe Galli thanks Jim Cornette for everything he did for the NWA.

Nick Aldis, back in his living room, has some "bad news" and reveals that Stu Bennett will be replacing Jim Cornette on commentary at Into the Fire.

Final Thoughts: This was a fine "go home" show for an interesting Into the Fire pay-per-view. There’s a lot of good storyline threads up and down the card, so I’m more than sold on the event.

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