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NWA Powerrr
October 29, 2019

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Power

Episode 3 - "Dealer Calls Again"

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Jim Cornette and Joe Galli.

NWA National Champion James Storm crashes commentary to complain about always having to prove himself. Colt Cabana interrupts and he's seriously upset by what Storm is saying. Cabana feels that the National title is rightfully his and everyone knows it. Eli Drake interrupts and eggs Storm on, saying he should have gotten a shot at Nick Aldis a long time ago. Nick Aldis shows up right on cue and says they should all settle this like men and challenges Storm to to find some partners for a six man tag. If Aldis' team wins, Cabana gets a National title shot, and if Storm's team wins he gets a World title shot. Aldis stipulates that Storm must vacate the National title before getting a World championship match. Storm isn't happy, but it looks like he'll accept it. Sooo, Aldis is a babyface who looks out for friends like Cabana, but also a heel who won't let Kamille speak.

Dave Marquez interviews Trevor Murdoch at the desk. Trevor asked the NWA not to suspend Jocephus for 45 days for the power attack on Colt Cabana and wants a fight. Wow, everyone is looking out for Cabana, how nice. Jocephus answers and is ready to unleash violence.

Trevor Murdoch vs. Jocephus

Jocephus cheap shots at ringside but the match begins anyway. Trevor quickly gets back into it with punching, but Jocephus drops him onto the buckles. Jocephus has more magic powder, but Murdoch kicks it into his face. Trevor finishes with a top rope bulldog at 1:09. Jocephus is a total loser, but it's fun to watch him lose.
Winner: Trevor Murdoch

Thunder Rosa is still coming soon!

Aaron Stevens joins Joe Galli at the desk, and Galli immediately adverts his gaze. Galli wants to know when Stevens will return to the ring. Ricky Starks quickly interrupts, looks Stevens square in the eyes, and holds his hand out for a kiss. Stevens calls him ridiculous, so Starks slaps him across the face. Stevens retreats like a wounded dog. Nice exchange here, Stevens' current schtick is highly entertaining.

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Hype video for the Rock N Roll Express, who are still going strong in 2019.

No Disqualifications Match:
The Dawsons (Zane and Dave) vs. Homicide and Eddie Kingston

The Dawsons are ambushed during their entrance and they brawl around the studio. Kingston misses a blow and punches the ring post. This allows the Dawsons to double team Homicide with an ax handle off the apron. Dave goes after Kingston's hand while Homicide chokes out Zane with a cable. The Wild Cards show up to scout the competition. Zane brings in a chair but Homicide bull dogs him onto it. Homicide's cutter gets 2. The Dawsons bridge some chairs together and slam Kingston onto them! Homicide returns but the Dawsons pummel him with chairs. They bury Homicide under chairs, but the Wild Cards decide to interfere, first helping Homicide and then helping Dave pin Kingston at 6:00. Terrible finish, but I was enjoying this more than I would like to admit.
Winners: The Dawsons

Marti Belle is out to prove she's championship material, even if she has to go through some friends in the process.

Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox

Women's Champion Allysin Kay says she loves both women but neither of them are ready for her. Vox is fired up and gets a hot start, hitting dropkicks and snapmares. Belle backs Vox into the corner and hits a running hip to the face. Rolling vertical suplexes by Belle only gets 2. Vox fires back with a back senton for 2. The match completely falls apart as neither one of them looks like they know what's going on. Vox fishhooks the face for a modified chicken wing and counters into a jackknife cover at 3:30. This was total amateur hour stuff.
Winner: Ashley Vox

Thunder Rosa arrives on the scene and offers Belle a handshake to dramatic tribal music. Belle shuns Rosa and backs away. She's going to regret that!

Aaron Stevens vs. Ricky Starks

Stevens enters in Sandow robes and the graphic reveals I've been spelling his name wrong. I'm going to dig in my heels and not change it to "Aron" until next week. Starks actually has some decent size to him and holds his own against Stevens in the early going. Stevens escapes an armbar by pushing Starks into the ropes and then kicking the bottom rope into his groin! That gives Stevens the opening to dish out a crisp methodical heel beatdown, complete with an Elbow of Disdain. Starks mounts a fiery comeback, hitting sling blade for 2. Starks spits in his hand and fakes Stevens out with a slap and rolls him up instead at 3:21. Highly entertaining short match, with Stevens doing a remarkable job "showing ass" and putting Starks over.
Winner: Ricky Starks

Stevens childishly argues with the fans and he's my new favorite performer.

NWA National Champion James Storm and NWA Tag Team Champions The Wild Cards (Tom Lattimer and Royce Isaacs) vs. NWA World Champion Nick Aldis, Colt Cabana, and Mr. Anderson

Aldis outwrestles Lattimer early on. Anderson tags and uses punchy/kicky offense. Cabana sunset flips his way into the match and avoids the Wild Card's double team with spinning jabs. The numbers game catches up to Cabana and Storm kicks him in the head to take over the match. Cabana survives a triple teaming beatdown and Mr. Anderson gets the hot tag. Anderson hits Lattimer with the Steam Roller for 2. Anderson hits the Mic Check, but Isaacs makes the save. Storm and Aldis rush the ring and Storm hits the Codebreaker and everyone is down. The fans give them a standing ovation. Storm misses the Last Call on Colt and hits Isaacs by accident. Aldis slams Lattimer for Colt's Superman pin to finish at 6:57. This was a refreshingly efficient main event that got over big with the live crowd.
Winners: Colt Cabana, Mr. Anderson, and Nick Aldis

Final Thoughts: Some rough spots this week, but it ended on a hot note and set up a Cabana/Storm match that I really want to see. Check this out.

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