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NWA Powerrr
May 12, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Powerrr

Episode 21: Super Powerrr.

NWA President William Patrick Corgan welcomes us to "Super Powerrr." This was supposed to be the "go-home" show heading into the postponed Crockett Cup, but he hopes we'll stick around for a special announcement at the end.

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, taped before a live crowd right before the apocalypse hit. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Stu Bennett.

David Marquez welcomes Marty Scurll and Brodie King to the podium. When you mess with the Villain, you mess with all of Villain Enterprises. King puts over his resume and states his mission of helping Scurll become the next NWA Champion. Nick Aldis' time is up.

Madi Maxx vs. Kamille

Madi naively wants a friendly handshake but Kamille drives her into the buckles and puts the boots to her. Kamille launches Madi across the canvas and paces around the ring for a delayed power slam. Madi gets a quick hope spot, but runs into Kamille's mighty leg lariat. Kamille blocks a crossbody and hits the steam roller and spear for the win at 2:31. Kamille looked downright menacing in this squash.
Winner: Kamille

Galli insists that we hear from Kamille as promised. Instead, she punks him out and leaves without saying a word.

This leads to a Kamille video package, and she finally speaks in a voice over! She was a gifted athlete growing up, but it made her hated, especially with parents of the other girls. She had to switch to boys leagues, and she's always felt more comfortable amongst men. We are treated to home video footage of Kamille excelling at just about every sport you could think of. Nick Aldis recruited her because he knows she can take a hit and give it right back. She does not speak because she lets her actions do the talking. Kamille looks right at the camera and promises to end everyone in the women's division. I daresay the NWA has a budding star on their hands.

Sean Mooney hosts the Rock N Roll Express at the podium. Ricky Morton tells a story about the RNR Express surpassing expectations time and time again, and they have more surprises in store for us.

The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson) vs. Aron Stevens and The Question Mark

Morton locks up with Question Mark but gets palm thrusted off his feet. Stevens misses an opportunistic elbow drop and hides in the ropes. Question Mark retakes control with Mongrovian Karate, but Stevens once again gives up the lead and gets knocked around by the vets. Trevor Murdoch appears at ringside, which infuriates Stevens, who calls for a timeout. He complains that Murdoch was supposed to be injured, so he must have "flunked honesty." Stevens unveils the Question Mark Jr. and a big man (maybe Brian Milonas?) in a mask struts out. Question Mark Jr. interferes, and runs away from Murdoch, but he blows up immediately and needs to rest. Meanwhile, Morton wins via roll-up at 5:15. Match was a total afterthought once Murdoch arrived, *.
Winners: The Rock N Roll Express

NWA Television Champion Zicky Dice gloats about his victory.

Kyle Davis hosts Melina at the podium. Melina makes her case for being Thunder Rosa's next opponent, especially since Allysin Kay has lost twice. This brings out Kay, who admits that she lost fair and square at Hard Times, but her rematch was tarnished by interference, and she wants to get her hands on Melina. Women's Champion Thunder Rosa arrives to an ovation to offer her opinion. She wants to be an honorable champion and wants both Melina and Kay in a triple threat match.

No Disqualifications:
Jax Dane (with Danny Deals) vs. Tim Storm

Dane waits for Storm at the curtain and control the brawl into the ring. Overhead belly to belly suplex by Dane sends Storm crawling to the floor. Storm reverses an Irish whip into the steps. Dane pokes the eyes and they head into the crowd. Dane gains the upper hand and forces Storm to tumble down the stairs. Storm desperately smashes Dane into the Crockett Cup trophy. They trade extra stiff open hand slaps. Dane hits a belly to belly suplex on the floor and Storm takes a nasty landing on his head. Deals passes Dane a chair and he bridges it in the buckles. Storm avoids an Irish whip and comes back with a big boot. Dane pops right up for a Samoan Drop. Storm stumbles to his feet but dodges a charge and Dane hits the chair hard. Storm's Black Hole Slam ends it at 8:35. This was kind of meandering, but Storm's come-from-behind win made for an appealing story, **½.
Winner: Tim Storm

Crowd chants "Danny's turn" as Deals tries to slip away, but the referee orders him to the ring for 5 minutes alone with Storm. Deals reluctantly enters the ring, but then morphs into Mama Storm. He wags his finger at Storm while the fans chant "He's not Mama." Storm gently removes the wig and glasses and accepts an awkward hug before putting Deals down with a Black Hole Slam. Crowd chants "One more time" and Storm obliges. This gets over HUGE. Storm is satisfied and waves to the fans on his way out.

May Valentine's Diary: she's upset because her boyfriend, Royce Isaacs, got jealous of BFF, Sal Rinauro, and tried to break his good arm. Sal is her best friend and there is no reason for Royce to get so crazy. This whole incident has cost her 100 FOLLOWERS and she weeps.

Marti Belle vs. Ashley Vox vs. Tasha Steelz

Belle won't shake hands and hangs out on the apron, forcing Vox and Steelz to lock up. Belle returns to interrupt a Vox cover and drives her into the post. Belle stomps a mudhole on Steelz. Belle dominates with running hip checks and rolling suplexes on Vox. Steelz and Vox make comebacks with drive by offense. Belle plants Vox, but turns around into Steelz' cutter to win at 4:53. This was lively and efficient, **¼.
Winner: Tasha Steelz

David Marquez hosts Eddie Kingston and NWA Tag Team Champions Eli Drake and James Storm at the podium. Eddie has a hard time gathering his thoughts, as he's concerned about the injured Homicide, and he's putting his trust into Drake and Storm because they're two guys who just want to fight. Storm says they like to make the fans laugh and kick asses. Drake gloats about bouncing the Bouncers back to Ring of Honor. Drake challenges any tag team from any company to come face them at the Crockett Cup. Storm and Drake steal each other's catchphrases and it's all good fun.

Strictly Business (NWA World Champion Nick Aldis and Thom Latimer) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll and Brodie King)

Scurll and Aldis are set to start, but Aldis backs out at the last second. Scurll repays the favor and unleashes King on Latimer. An Aldis cheap shot gives Latimer an opening, but Scurll follows suit. The ref admonishes Villain Enterprises for some shortcuts and Latimer fakes a back injury to make it look like they cheated again. It backfires as Scurll hits a drop toe hold and sets Latimer up for King's splash. Scurll superkicks Latimer from the apron, but Aldis ambushes king. In the confusion, Latimer gains the upper hand and Strictly Business cuts off Scurll. King soon gets the hot tag and piles Aldis and Latimer for a corner splash. Scurll sunset flips King into a German suplex on Latimer. King puts Aldis down with a piledriver, but Latimer saves the match. Scurll superkicks Aldis' knee and signals the Chicken Wing, but Kamille hops onto the apron. Aldis misses an umbrella shot, but he has to knock down an interfering Royce Isaacs. Scurll dives onto Isaacs while King clotheslines Latimer, who turns around for a low blow! Aldis finishes King with a flying elbow at 9:45. Solid tag that really cements Strictly Business as a dastardly group, **¾.
Winners: Strictly Business

Corgan says they've worked too hard to bring the NWA back to let the pandemic shut them down, but they also cannot currently continue with Powerrr. Instead, they will debut a new show called Carnyland. I'll admit that I"m relieved that the announcement wasn't empty studio Powerrr tapings, because we've all had about as much of that as we can handle, but I do fear that the NWA is holding on by a thread.

Final Thoughts: The bulk of this episode was video recaps and replaying the Kamille content from a previous special edition of Powerrr. I think they would have been better suited to just air the first run material without all the replays and keep this to under and hour. Still, it felt good to get some fresh Powerrr matches and interviews with living, breathing fans in attendance.

Final Thoughts: Another breezy and enjoyable show that used a surprising title change and some stipulations to fill some time in between big shows. The main event left me in a good mood. Check this out.

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