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NWA Powerrr
March 3, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

NWA Powerrr

Episode 20 "Stand and Defend."

From GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Our hosts are Joe Galli and Stu Bennett.

Sean Mooney opens with all sorts of updates, giving me the impression that this episode is a little more pieced together than usual.

NWA Television Championship:
Ricky Starks © vs. Zicky Dice

Dice blows a kiss and stalls before gaining a waist lock takedown. They have a pushup contest and then Starks builds some momentum with rapid offense. Dice comes back and stretches the spine of Starks around the ring post before hitting a low dropkick. Dice methodically picks Starks apart, as if he's forgotten about the 6:05 time limit. Starks slips in a tornado DDT but settles for a Falcon Arrow for 2. Dice pelvic thrusts in between power moves and Starks needs a rope break to survive a neckbreaker. Dice uses the fanny pack as a distraction, but Starks manages an atomic drop. Dice blocks a sunset flip and lands on Starks' shoulder for the upset pinfall at 5:08! Good TV format match, and the outcome really raised my eyebrow, **½.
Winner and new NWA TV Champion: Zicky Dice

Dice is overcome with emotion, but Thom Latimer chases him away from the podium before he can properly celebrate. Latimer summons Joe Galli and calls him pathetic for wanting to hear Kamille speak. He announces that next week, we will hear her speak for the first time. Galli thanks him for the update but Latimer only menaces him.

Marty Scurll and Nick Aldis take turns at a podium in the Gateway Center to make their arguments for why you should buy the Crockett Cup PPV and why they will walk away with the 10 Pounds of Gold.

The Question Mark hangs out with his Ventriloquist mini-me. This is all very goofy, the bottom line is you need to buy the official Mongrovian flag, like, right now.

David Marquez hosts Aron Stevens and Question Mark at the podium, and Stevens is upset that they've been denied a shot at the Tag Team Championship despite being tenth and third degree Black Belts in Mongrovian karate. Stevens demands to know what someone needs to do to gain more championships around here, and he's sick of being a nice guy, but will kindly ask that someone wake up the Rock N Roll Express and get them out here. Gibson and Morton show up on demand. Stevens congratulates them for finally making it in the business by sharing a segment with him. He wants to make this quick because they don't have much time left (crowd groans, and Stevens calls them out for automatically thinking death and not the segment's time limit). Stevens offers to put them in his movies if they put him over. Gibson and Morton turn him down because they are Southern rock stars and want to fight... next week. This was cute.

Last Chance Match (Tornado Tag):
The Dawsons vs. Caleb Konley and CW Anderson

The losers will not have their contracts renewed. Konley goes on a hot streak with rapid running offense on Zane Dawson. Dave Dawson cuts him off, and overpowers the veteran, Anderson. Dave misses an elbow drop, and Anderson hits a low clothesline. Zane ambushes with a lariat from the apron, and the Dawsons hit a double slam on Anderson. The Dawsons hit a sidewalk slam/splash combo on Konley for only 2. The Dawsons have a miscue and collide into each other, allowing Konley to take them both down with a missile dropkick. The Dawsons' double powerbomb on Konley needs a save from Anderson. Zane's chokeslam gets a good 2 count. Dave gets dumped to ringside for Konley's dive. Anderson's spinebuster and Konley's moonsault finishes Zane at 4:37. All action that delivered lots of drama in a small package, **½.
Winners: Caleb Konley and CW Anderson

Fans chant "Goodbye, Dawsons" which is no way to treat these Powerrr-originals.

Joe Galli hosts May Valentine and the still injured Sal Rinauro at the podium. Galli loves Valentine's "Diary of May" Vlog. May is having fun with her web series, as well as her lingerie line, and Rinauro has lots of free time to help her. Sal says his broken arm was a bad break (pun intended?) but without it, he may have never become BFF's with May, so it's been more of a lucky break. May says the world isn't ready to hear Kamille speak, because when she does, she's all business. Galli suggests she tape an episode of her Vlog right now and she happily obliges with the fans. Royce Isaacs, seen sporting a stupid tropical shirt, pouts and breaks them up. He grabs Sal by the good wrist and threatens to smash it against the ring steps, but Valentine pleads with him for mercy but then changes her tune and orders him off. Sal slips away with his good arm intact while Isaacs doesn't seem to know what to do. This angle continues to grow on me.

David Marquez hosts The Pope and Bouncers at the podium. The Beer City Bruiser enjoys a cigar while Pope shows off his charismatic talking chops. Marquez questions the Bouncer's loyalty, and Bruiser says they are only loyal to money. With Pope's money, they are going to win the Tag Team Championship and drink all night long.

NWA Tag Team Championship:
James Storm and Eli Drake © (with Eddie Kingston) vs. The Bouncers (Brian Milonas and Beer City Bruiser, with The Pope)

Drake starts against Milonas and gets tossed into the buckles. Drake tries in vain to knock Milonas off his feet, despite hitting a flying shoulder tackle. Milonas kills him with a shoulder block, and tags in Bruiser. Drake punches Bruiser into a tag to Storm, who hits a quick leg drop. The Bouncers regain control with quick tags and falling back sentons. Milonas pounds Storm into the buckles with his significant rear end and Bruiser hits a running knee. Hot tag to Drake, who knocks Bruiser over with a missile dropkick. Drake back drops Storm over the ropes onto the Bouncers. Bruiser blocks a Flatliner, and the Bouncers sandwich Drake. Milonas' side slam gets a GREAT nearfall on Storm. Crowd chants "Let's go, Cowboy." Drake rescues Drake from a Blackout, and Milonas takes a hard bump off the top rope. Drake and Storm hoist Milonas into the air for a double body slam! Storms' Last Call and Drake's big elbow drop finishes Bruiser at 8:11. This was tons of fun, kept a great pace, and got over huge with the live crowd, ***½.
Winners and still NWA Tag Team Champions: James Storm and Eli Drake

Kingston wants to fight Pope, but he'll have to wait as the bad guys retreat.

Final Thoughts: Another breezy and enjoyable show that used a surprising title change and some stipulations to fill some time in between big shows. The main event left me in a good mood. Check this out.

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