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CHIKARA Action Arcade
Episode 5- April 25, 2020

by Samoa Rowe

Chikara Action Arcade

Three weeks ago Grand Champion Dasher Hatfield vowed to leave CHIKARA when he's beaten for the title. Sidney Bakabella reveals the Sword of Damocles amendment, which states that all challengers to the title must adhere to the same stipulation. It's only a matter of time before someone strings together 3 consecutive wins and steps up to Dasher.

From the Wrestle Factory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our hosts are Jason Worthington and Sidney Bakabella.

Red Queen and One Eyed Jack vs. Larry Sampson and Heidi Lee Morgan

This is the debut of Red Queen and Jack, who are living playing card characters. Jack's mask is really creepy and cool, with a sideways face. Jack easily kicks Sampson into the buckles and knees the face. He hoists Sampson up for Queen's flying neckbreaker, but Morgan saves the match. Jack lands a backbreaker on Morgan and curtsies. Sampson attacks form behind, which earns him a string of hard shots. Jack fireman carries Queen into a 450 splash for the win at 2:34! Great squash for the newcomers.
Winners: Red Queen and One Eyed Jack

Score Board - Tag Team Edition. Red Queen and Jack, Defarge and Spoiler, Dasher and Molly, and FIST are all on epic one match winning streaks.

Crucible Rules (No Ropes):
Matt Makowski (with The Crucible) vs. Some Poor Soul With a Man Bun

Makowski goes right for KO kicks but settles for a deadly armbar into a rear naked choke. Man Bun escapes, so Makowski knees the face and elbows the back of the head. Judo Throw by Makowski and a KO kick ends this at 1:38. These Fight Club brawls are getting a little more competitive each week.
Winner: Matt Makowski

CHIKARA Event Center with words from the Young Lions Cup field.

Tunku Amir vs. Lucas Calhoun

Amir turns his back on Calhoun to pray to Allah. Shotgun dropkick by Calhoun, but Amir fires back with stiff blows. Amir briefly applies a Boston Crab before a rope break. Crisp backbreaker by Amir gets 2. Amir continues to totally dominate but Calhoun gets a flukey Cobra Twist cover to win at 3:03. Calhoun wins, but Amir impressed, *.
Winner: Lucas Calhoun

Fake commercials for LIKABRO and CHIKARA's Arcade Hotline.

Young Lions Cup XVI Second Round Elimination Match:
Frey Nassar vs. Xavier Faraday vs. Molly McCoy vs. Ricky South

Nassar is a dorky wannabe cool guy, Faraday is a pure athlete representing Forged, McCoy is a hockey cosplayer, and South is Australian snob. Nassar hides amongst the fans and gets hauled to the ring by South. Despite his cowardice, Nassar catches Faraday with a spin kick, but Faraday returns the favor. McCoy shoulder tackles the back leg of Faraday and kicks the chest. Blockbuster by McCoy and an arrogant cover for 2. McCoy misses (or botches) an elbow drop, but saves face with a back senton for 2. Faraday clears the ring of McCoy and Nassar, but South ambushes with a neckbreaker for 2. Faraday takes a backbreaker and answers with a rana. McCoy clotheslines Faraday into South's sunset flip. Faraday seems to be everyone's punching bag. Nassar wrenches in a backbreaker and gets 2 on Faraday. McCoy hits a pendulum DDT on Faraday for 2. McCoy's Gory Bomb variation also gets 2. Faraday gets a flukey pin at 7:03 to eliminate McCoy. She tosses him to ringside for good measure. Meanwhile, Nassar dropkicks South but Faraday returns for a timely driveby dropkick to pin him at 8:15. South brutalizes Faraday with a Northern Lights suplex and sick piledriver for the win at 8:55. Good nonstop action and showings from the field, ***.
Winner: Ricky South

Cibernetico Special Report. Team Wrestle Factory Captain Mike Quackenbush selects guys who have previously beaten the Crucible, Xavier Faraday, Joshua Wells, and Josue Ibanez! What a tremendous opportunity for those three young guys! Ophidian laughs about Quackenbush choosing Forged members and announces Crucible underlings Matt Makowski, Tunku Amir, and E.M. DeMorest for the match to unleash violence.

Boomer Hatfield vs. Sonny Deforge is announced for the Cibernetico show. Legitimate businessman Sonny Deforge suggests that Boomer rebrand as Boomer Platfield.

FIST (Icarus and Travis Huckabee) vs. Boomer Hatfield and Zero

Icarus dramatically removes his jacket and uses it as a weapon in a headlock, but Zero escapes with a fallaway slam. Zero throws Icarus off the top rope and hits a Full Nelson slam. Scoop slam by Zero and he adjusts his tie as Boomer hits rapid elbow drops. Boomer and Huckabee make tags and put on a neat technical wrestling show. Boomer's belly to belly suplex gets 2. Icarus trips from ringside to allow Huckabee to take control of poor Boomer. After taking a beating, Boomer hits a monkey flip, but FIST prevent a tag through treachery. Zero gets the hot tag anyway, and plows through Huckabee. FIST trip up Zero and Icarus hits Sliced Bread #2 for 2. FIST plant Zero with a double DDT, but Boomer saves the match. Boomer's crucifix slam gets 2. Icarus looks for a Pedigree, but Boomer escapes to hit Huckabee with a dive.That leaves Zero to boot Icarus down, and the running boot to the face gets 2. Boomer saves Zero from a Pedigree and helps Zero hit a double back senton! Huckabee saves the match! Huckabee catches Zero in an electric chair slam for the win at 8:45! Tremendously fun nonstop action, ***.
Winners: FIST

Final Thoughts: This episode was so much fun. I smiled through most of it. Recommended.

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