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WCW Saturday Night- 2/10/96
by Timmy8271

2/10/96: The eve of SuperBrawl 96

Clips of Hulk Hogan and Liz in the ring and Ric Flair attacking Hogan.

Tony and Dusty intro the show. They are attempting to interview Hogan via Satalite. Dusty says Hogan will be at Superbrawl like we ever doubted that.

Clips of Sting and Luger vs the Road Warriors for the titles. Luger beats Animal with a weapon to the back.

Interview with Luger and Sting: Sting is not happy about what happened on Nitro. Luger says he has a short fuse and apologizes. Sting doesn't like Jimmy Hart being with Luger and wants Luger to make a decision. Sting will give Luger another chance.

1. Barrio Brothers vs Sting and Luger
- Rematch from a couple weeks ago. Barrio Brothers do some nice double team moves on Sting but Luger is too much for them and Sting gets the win with the scropion and Luger with the Torture Rack.
Winner: Sting and Luger

In this week's "lets bury WWF guys on WCW TV" video, Sting beats Sid Vicious.

Belfast Brusier interview: He's chased Regal all over the world and now is going to beat him in WCW.

2. Belfast Brusier vs Mike Marcello
- Finlay's debut in WCW. Total Stiff squash. Marcello dies for your sins with a powerbomb, stiff clotheslines and finally a tombstone piledriver. Dusty gets scared by the instant replay Claw.
Winner: Belfast Brusier

Superbrawl Control Center: Double Cage matches, Respect Match,(Mean Gene then does a Rodney Dangerfield impression) Sting/Luger vs Harlem Heat and the winners take on Road Warriors.

3. Giant vs Pepe Pardo and Larry Santo:
- Just throws and double chokeslams for the win.
Winner: Giant

Interview with Giant and Jimmy Hart: Giant smells the Golden one and will seal hogan's fate in a cage.

4. Johnny B Badd vs Bull Pain
- Good match with Badd hitting a tope con holio followed by a leg drop for the win. And yes it's the same Bull Pain from IWA MS fame.
Winner: Johnny B badd

Johnny B Badd interview: It's funny during half of these interviews Mean Gene is wearing a bowtie and the other half he's wearing a full tie. DDP lost 6 million of Kim's money and Johnny is looking for revenge. Kim is not too fond of this match and she doesn't want to leave Johnny.

WCW Hotline report: What WWF superstar is coming to wcw? What former WWF guy from Hawaii is going back to WWF and had a stop over in WCW?(Crush?)

5. VK Wallstreet vs Craig Pitman
- Good back and forth match with Pitman hitting a Belly to Bell suplex and a roll up for the win. Big Bubba comes in and attacks Pitman and Joey Maggs.
Winner: Craig Pitman

Interview with the Road Warriors: Hawk thinks Mean Gene's bowtie is cute. They want Sting/Luger at Superbrawl.

Clips of Woman turning on Savage during Savage/Benoit. and clips of Hogan getting beaten by Flair and getting a eye injury.

Interview with Flair and Woman: "Don't ever underestimate woman"

WCW MotorSports: Steve Grissom with Sting and the WCW Car.

6. Nasty Boys vs Red Tyler and Manny Fernandez
- Sadly it's not the real Raging Bull Manny Fernandez (Editor's Note: nor is it the defensive lineman from the 70's Miami Dolphins). Total squash: Nasties style. Pumphandle slam and Splash for the win.
Winner: Nasty Boys.

Interview with Macho and Liz: Mean gene of course asks about Hogan because WCW= All Hogan all the time.

Clips from Nitro of Pilman/Sullivan. Someone takes out Arn with a broom.

7. Joey Maggs and Cobra vs Arn Anderson and Brian Pillman
- Insert interview with Kevin Sullivan on Pillman. Good match but the Horseman are just too good as Pilman dropkicks Maggs and Arn hits the DDT for the win.
Winner: Horseman

Interview with the Horseman: It's all about Respect.

8. Macho Man Randy Savage vs Chris Benoit
- THIS IS WAR. Rematch from Nitro. Benoit goes after the back and hits the LIONTAMER. ODE TO JERICHO. Great match with Savage taking a beating but the Horsemen come out and attack Savage(without Pilman).

Hogan interview "from Venice Beach: Typical Hogan interview on Giant.

Final Thoughts: The main event was good but the rest of the matches were forgetable. This was all about Hogan/Giant and Savage/Flair.

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