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NWA World Championship Wrestling -04/27/85
by Mad Dog

So we're back after a fairly long haitus. What can I tell you? Work has been busy and stressful lately and that leaves little time for wrestling reviews. Anyways, I tried a different format last time and people didn't like it so I'm going back to the style I used for the first 2 reviews. Please note that this show did not appear on WWE 24-7. I have the episode on DVD so I'm just going to review it anyways. I won't be skipping episodes like they did. As usual here is your rundown of current NWA Champions for the airing of this episode:

NWA World Champion: Ric Flair
World Tag Team Champions: The Russians
United States Champion: Magnum TA
National Champion: Ronnie Garvin
National Tag Team Champions: Ole Anderson/ Thunderbolt Patterson
Mid-Atlantic Champion: Buzz Tyler
NWA TV Champion: Dusty Rhodes
Six-Man Champions: The Russians
World Jr. Heavyweight Champ: Denny Brown

Manny Fernandez hits the Flying Burrito for the opening this week.

Hosts are Tony Schiavone and David Crockett

Arn and Ole Anderson vs. Italian Stallion and Gerald Findlay
Arn and Stallion start us off. They exchange a few moves and then it's right to your Anderson arm working. They take turns working over the arm of the Stallion. Findlay comes in and gets a bodyslam from Arn and it's back to working over the arm. Ole chokes Findlay on the ropes and then goes back to the Anderson arm work. Findlay gets an Anderson slam from Ole and then gets stomped in the corner. They double team the arm in the corner and then Arn adds another Anderson slam. They're just brutalizing the arm of Findlay here. Ole kicks Findlay to the outside and Arn tosses him back in. Arn holds Findlay up and Ole comes off the top with a knee drop to the back. Arm breaker finishes it for the Andersons. *, that was a wonderful match as the Andersons just destroyed the arm of Findlay before just slapping on the finisher to get the submission they had been working the entire match for.

National Champion Ronnie Garvin is out for an interview. He calls out Tully Blanchard for a match in the future. He also says Bob Roop can have a shot at him.

NWA World Television Champion Dusty Rhodes is out for an interview. He has Betty Lou with him. That's a cage. He says he'll be bringing a real live gorilla with him next week. Yeah, not feeling this one. I see what he was going for but he got a little lost along the way. It was almost funny. Join us next week for a gorilla.

Manny Fernandez vs. Doug Vines
Back and forth to start until Fernandez hits an arm drag. Vines fights out of a headlock and Fernandez takes him down with a chop. Snap mare leads to Fernandez using a boot swash. Fernandez uses a headlock takedown and works it on the mat. Vines gets a couple of two counts but Fernandez keeps the hold locked in. Vines throws Fernandez into the ropes and drops to the mat. Fernandez stops and stomps him on the head. Double clap to the head leads to Fernandez applying a chinlock. Vines escapes with a face rake and then hits an elbow to the head. Fernandez works him over with a series of shots and then hits reverse chop after sending Vines into the ropes. Fernandez applies a head scissors and works the hold on the mat. Fernandez hits a chop and then a knee for a two count. Fernandez goes back to the chinlock and then turns it into a headlock. Vines gets Fernandez in the ropes and then pummels him. Fernandez giths back with a series of chops. Back and forth leads to a Flying Burrito ending the match. 1/2*, kind of long for what it was. Fernandez kept things slow which doesn't really work well for him. He needs to keep a quicker pace with some more brawling.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is out for an interview. He predicts that the Andersons will defeat Manny Fernandez and Thunderbolt Patterson for the National Tag Team Titles. He says he has an open contract and calls out a variety of wrestlers from around the country. He says that if they think they can beat him to sign their name on the dotted line.

Bob Roop vs. the Golden Terror
Roop gets a headlock takedown and then drops an elbow on the leg. Roop works a head scissors and then chokes Terror with a knee. Roop gets a front face lock and then rolls Terror over for a pin but Terror has a foot on the ropes. Roop works the arm over on the ropes. Roop works the arm over his shoulder in a pretty original move. He then rams the Terror into the turnbuckle while holding him in that move. That was actually really creative on his part. Roop works the arm over on the mat. He lets the Terror up to stomp him but the Terror fights back. Roop cuts him off and goes back to the arm and nails him with a series of knees. Roop takes him down and works the arm on the mat again. Roop lets him up and pummels him back to the mat. In case you aren't familiar with Roop, he uses the Shoulderbreaker as his finisher so he's spending the match building up to that. Roop pounds him in the corner. Terror reverses a whip and sends Roop into the corner. Terror goes for it again but Roop catches him with a knee. Roop uses a headlock takedown and then hits the Shoulderbreaker for the win. 3/4*. Again, this is why I love these old shows. The whole match was Roop building up to his finisher. I wish more matches today had this logic built into them.

NWA World Tag Team Champions Ivan and Nikita Koloff are out for an interview. He says Dusty Rhodes is like a lot of the other wrestlers in the area. All talk and no action. Ivan says Nikita would destroy a gorilla in a match. He also says Nikita is in secret training for a certain opponent that has yet to sign against him. Nikita talks but his character is still at the point of speaking only broken English. That's one of the great parts about Nikita Koloff's character that you have to see the shows to appreciate. As time goes by he slowly starts speaking better and better English. It's a nice subtile touch to his character.

Tully Blanchard w/ Baby Doll vs. Lee Ramsey
Tully starts with a waistlock takedown and they struggle to gain control on the mat. Tully gets an armdrag and then hits a drop toehold. Tully works the arm on the mat and lets Lee up so he can throw him to the mat using his hair. Tully reverses an arm wrench from Lee and uses a Russian legsweep to take him down. Tully uses a small package to get a two count. Lee tries to power out of a front face lock but Tully rolls him up for a two count again. Tully gets mad at the ref and nails Lee with a forearm. Lee looks mad now and pounds on Tully before hitting a dropkick. Tully backs off. Tully hits a knee and then hits a few forearms to the head. Tully hits a bodyslam and then drops a series of elbows. Tully covers for two and then argues with the ref. Tully hits a knee and then pummels Lee in the ropes. Tully sends him into the ropes and then hits a fist to the mid section. Tully slaps Lee around a bit and talks trash. Lee fights back and smashes Tully in the corner. Tully shakes it off and finishes things with the Slingshot Suplex. *, good match as usual from Tully Blanchard this week. He gives just enough to the jobbers to make things interesting in his matches. He's also not afraid to sell a little bit for them instead of just laughing off whatever they do like some of the other guys do.

Ronnie Garvin vs. George South
Garvin rolls him up for two. South gets a wristlock and uses a handful of hair to take down Garvin. South works the arm on the mat. Lock up and South hits a knee. Garvin takes him down with a big chop. Garvin hits a small package for two. Garvin applies a front face lock and then turns it into a sleeper hold. South gets a face rake and works Garvin over in the corner. South hits a hip toss but Garvin pops right back up and hits a shoulde tackle. Garvin hits him again and rolls him up for two. Garvin hits a knee and follows it up with a hip toss. Garvin applies a front face lock and then works over the arm. Garvin does the jumping sit down move like Earthquake does. Garvin hits a big chop but South gets the better of the exchange and hits a series of forearms and face rakes. South hits a knee in the corner. Garvin reverses an irish whip and hits a backbody drop on South. Garvin hits a boot to the face and then another big chop. Garvin applies an abdominal stretch but South gets in the ropes. Garvin hits a side salto and then hits a running splash for the win. 3/4*, nice little match there as South was allowed to fight back just enough to make it interesting. Garvin isn't over the hill yet and being able to move really improves his matches. Plus, he is absolutely brutal with how stiff some of his moves are.

Paul Jones' Army is out for an interview. He wants Jimmy Valiant to look at his army of men. Does he want to be destroyed by Abdullah the Butcher, Superstar Billy Graham or the Barbarian. He tells Valiant's friends to keep their nose out of this. He really hypes his team up as a group of sadistic killers.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is out for an interview. He's going to be joining the announce team to do some guest commentary for our next match.

NWA United States Title Match:
Magnum TA vs. Scott "Hog" Irwin

Scott Irwin is most famously known as the Super Destroyer. Irwin hits a running knee before the bell. He stomps TA and then hits a back elbow after sending TA into the ropes. Irwin throws TA into the ropes and hits a clothesline. Irwin hits a bodyslam and a big legdrop for a two count. Irwin uses a headbutt and then applies a headlock. TA powers out but gets nailed with a kick from Irwin. Irwin nails him with a fist to the face and then rams him into the corner. Irwin applies a headlock as it heads to commercials. We're back as Irwin hits a big backbody drop on TA. Irwin hits a few punches and then goes back to the headlock. Irwin pounds away and goes back to the headlock. Another fist to the face that he follows up with a dropkick. Irwin covers for two and then applies a chinlock. TA starts to fight back. He sends Irwin into the ropes and hits a dropkick. Irwin cuts him off with a shoulder to the mid section. Irwin pounds away on TA and chokes him against the ropes. Irwin goes back to the headlock but TA fights his way out. TA hits a series of rights and sends Irwin into the ropes. TA ducks down and gets a kick to the face. Irwin covers for two and then goes back to the chinlock. TA throws Irwin off with a hiptoss but Irwin is back on him quickly. Irwin hits a series of fists to the mid section and then hits a headbutt. Irwin chokes TA with his boot and then on the ropes. Irwin goes back to the headlock and then hits a forearm to the chest. Irwin sends TA into the ropes and hits a big boot. Irwin goes for the Superplex but throws the ref out of his way. TA comes off the middle rope with a kneelift and then hits the Belly to Belly Suplex and gets the win out of nowhere. **1/4. They worked a nice formula there. Irwin dominating and cutting off all of TA's offense only to get distracted for half a second and TA to capitalize and get the win out of nowhere. The execution was really good in this match and this is the way to debut a star and have him lose the match.

Tully Blanchard and Baby Doll are out for an interview. He says that Magnum TA and Ronnie Garvin are calling him out to protect Dusty Rhodes from him. He'll gladly take both of their titles and the day will come when he pins Rhodes and takes back the Television Title.

NWA World Television Champion Dusty Rhodes is out for an interview. He's out to watch the Russians in action. He also calls out Ric Flair and says that the only issue he has is Dusty Rhodes.

Ivan and Nikita Koloff vs. Mike Jackson and Paul Garner
Ivan and Jackson start us off. Ivan goes right to town and pounds away on Jackson. Ivan rams him into the corner and hits a series of shoulder thrusts. Jackson reverses an irish whip into the corner and hits a monkey flip on Ivan. Jackson misses an elbow drop and gets rammed into the corner by Ivan. Jackson struggles to get Ivan off his feet before hitting a hip toss. Ivan quickly kicks Jackson to the mat. Ivan easily wins a test of strength and kicks away at Jackson. Nikita tags in and they hit a double back elbow to Jackson. Nikita throws Jackson into the corner. Nikita does it again and then catches Jackson when he goes for a flying crossbody and tosses him to the mat. Nikita hits a series of backbreakers. Nikita hits a press slam and then Jackson crawls between hits legs to make the tag. Garner comes in and is greeted by a series of shoulder thrusts from Nikita. Nikita hits a hip toss and tags Ivan in. Ivan hits a double axe handle off the top rope. Ivan sends Garner into the corner and hits a knee. Ivan rams Garner into a boot from Nikita. Ivan sends Garner into the ropes and hits the Russian Hammer. Ivan covers for two. Ivan chokes Garner on the ropes and tags Nikita in. Nikita applies a headlock and uses a fist to the face. Snap mare into a chinlock from Nikita. Nikita hits a big forearm and chokes him with a knee. Nikita chokes him on the ropes. Nikita argues with the ref while Ivan continues the abuse on Garner. Ivan tags in and pummels Garner. Ivan sends Garner into the ropes and hits a big boot and follows it up with a knee drop. Ivan covers for two. Garner fights back and pummels Ivan in the corner. Garner sends him into the ropes but Ivan regains control. Ivan hits a snap mare and then puts the boots to Garner. Nikita tags in and pummels Garner a bit. Ivan tags in and just hits some forearms to the back. Garner fights back and gets a headlock. Ivan sends him into the ropes as Nikita tags in and Ivan ducks and Garner is greeted with the Russian Sickle to end the match. 1/2*. Typical match for the Russians as they just abuse their opponents as much as possible. The ending was pretty cool though.

Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff have some words after the match.

Thunderbolt Patterson vs. Randy Barber
Arn and Ole Anderson join the commentary table for the match. Patterson slips out of a headlock and Barber accuses him of being greased up. Patterson gets a fireman's carry and they fight on the mat until Barber gets into the ropes. Patterson gets an armdrag and then works the arm over on the mat. Patterson makes a clean break in the ropes. Barber gets a face rake but Patterson fights back with a series of rights. Patterson gets a snap mare and hits a series of punches to the face. Patterson sends Barber into the ropes and hits a twin thrust to get the win. The Andersons hit the ring and it's a 2 on 1 beatdown. Fernandez comes out and hits the Flying Burrito on Arn and Patterson gets the best of Ole in a brawl. It's a stand off until the Andersons decide to head to the back. DUD. Too short to be anything. Thunderbolt Patterson's offense is really out dated for the time period but you always deal with this in wrestling. The older guys are only going to update their offense so much. So it's a necessary evil. The short fight afterwards was good. I really dig this feud.

NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is out for an interview. He rips on Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA's clothing decisions. He says they would be able to afford a suit like his if they signed to face him for the World Heavyweight Title.

Pez Whatley vs. Vernon Deaton
Whatley gets a headlock and spins around to get a waistlock takedown. Whatley applies a front face lock but Deaton gets him in the ropes. Whatley gets an armdrag. Whatley gets a headlock but Deaton throws him off with the ropes. Whatley hits a shoulder tackle and then a dropkick. Whatley hits a hip toss and goes back to the front face lock. Deaton fights his way out and pummels Whatley in the corner. Whatley hits a headbutt. Whatley dances around and hits a few rights and covers for two. Whatley goes back to the chinlock. Whatley rolls him up with a small package for a one. Whatley hits a headlock takedown and works the hold on the mat. Deaton gets a face rake in the ropes as the jobbers seem to really like that move this week. Deaton rams Whatley into the corner which you never do to him. Whatley hits a few shots and then a bodyslam. Flying clothesline and running splash finish things for Whatley. 1/4*, typical squash to introudce Whatley to the new audience.

They show a recap of Mid-Atlantic Television as they try to interview Jimmy Valiant. He was injured at the hands of Paul Joness Army and can't speak currently. He has to write on a chalk board to communicate with people. He says no to having the members of Paul Jones Army suspended. They show a recap of the injury. Jimmy Valiant runs out on the Barbarian and Superstar Billy Graham. He loses the axe handle which leads to Graham and Jones clotheslining him in the throat with it. Dusty Rhodes talks for Valiant and says this is war with Paul Jones Army. Rhodes says he'll stand by Valiant anytime.

Ron Bass w/ JJ Dillon vs. Rocky King
They're hyping that Bass has just returned from a tour of the Orient. Bass pounds on King in the corner. He sends King into the ropes and hits a back elbow. Bass hits a knee and then a vertical suplex. Bass hits some stiff forearms and then an atomic drop. More forearms for King followed by an elbow drop. King tries to fight back but Bass cuts him off with a right. Bass sends King into the ropes and then just pounds away with knees. They cut away to Dillon and we miss a few moves. Back in the ring as Bass drops an elbow and then applies a chinlock. A few forearms and then back to the chinlock. Bass hits a backbreaker and then a boot as King comes off the ropes. King tries to fight back but Bass just hits a knee. Bass sends King into the ropes and hits a fist to the mid section. King fights back but Bass hits a big right. Bass rams King into the mat. He drops a knee and covers for one. Bass rams King into the corner and then uses an elbow to the back of the neck. Bass uses a powerslam and then applies the Claw to secure the pin. They were hyping that as his secret weapon the entire match. 1/4*. Kind of disappointing that the whole build up to that match was for the Claw Hold but what can you do. It did make Ron Bass look like a monster though.

NWA United States Champion Magnum TA is out for an interview. He hypes Scott Irwin up as his toughest title defense to date. He tells Flair that he'll be the first one to know when he decides he wants a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Title.

Superstar Billy Graham, the Barbarian and Abdullah the Butcher vs. Mike Simani, Gene Ligon and Ron Rossi
Rossi and Graham start us off for this match. Graham pounds away and rams Rossi into the corner. Abby and the Barbarian continue the punishment in the corner. Barbarian and Ligon come in. Barbarian mauls Ligon. Barbarian hits a headbutt and stomps on Ligon. Barbarian hits a big chop and Abby chokes him from the outside. Ligon tries to fight back but Barbarian hits a big forearm. Snap mare and a big legdrop from the Barbarian. Graham tags in and hits a karate chop. Graham tosses him into the corner and then distracts the ref while Ligon gets double teamed. Graham chokes him with his black belt in karate. Abby tags in and Graham tosses Ligon into the ropes so Abby can hit a shoulder tackle. Throat chop and then Abby tosses him to the outside. The Barbarian hits a headbutt to the side and then rams Ligon back first into the ringpost a few times. Back in as Abby hits a clothesline. Graham tags in and Ligon manages to tag Simani in. Simani pounds away on Graham but Graham takes control with a face rake. Graham sends him into the ropes and hits a karate chop. Graham hits another karate chop and tags Barbarian in. Barbarian hits a press slam and tags Abby in. Abby hits a running elbow drop to get the win. DUD. The usual mess from Paul Jones' Army when they get into the ring.

Overall Thoughts:
A solid show this week. The main event was decent as Magnum TA pulled out a close one against Scott Irwin. It's also nice to see the roster expand out a little bit. The additions of Ron Bass, Pez Whatley, Ronnie Garvin and Bob Roop are very welcomed. Now it won't feel like the same 5 guys are wrestling every week. Some of the angles will be blown off by next week though. The Andersons will face Thunderbolt Patterson and Manny Fernandez for the National Tag Team Titles the night after this show aired. Tully Blanchard and Dusty Rhodes will also battle the night after this show. So we'll see who comes out on top next week.

Join me next week as NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair will be in action against Rocky King in a non-title bout. Also in action will be Ron Bass, Jimmy Valiant, Tully Blanchard, Black Bart, Magnum TA, the Andersons, Pez Whatley and Nikita Koloff.

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