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WCW Monday Nitro - March 15, 1999

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Cincinnati, OH

Nitro opens up with the announcers talking about what happened last night at Uncensored.

After a few ads of WCW related items, a press conference with Ernest Miller is aired. Miller gloats about being “undefeated” and proceeds to display his dancing “skills.” Miller makes sure to note that he doesn’t respect any of the wrestlers in WCW. Miller believes that WCW continues to try and keep him down by throwing wrestlers at him. Eventually, Miller leaves the podium with a few lady friends.

Opening Contest: Meng defeated Jerry Flynn:

After about four minutes of action, Meng is able to defeat Flynn with the Tongan Death Grip. So much for that Jerry Flynn push…

I should note that throughout the night David Flair is at a hotel with Denise Robinson. I don’t see the point in covering all of these videos since they are just ridiculous.

Second Contest: Rick Steiner defeated Chris Adams:

Steiner wins after about three minutes with a top rope bulldog.

Disco Inferno makes his way over to the announcers table. Inferno complains about his music being cut off. Inferno is upset about not having his own music video. This is in reference to Konnan having a rap music video. Inferno notes that the video is overplayed on WCW television. We end up seeing the video again, but this time Inferno has put himself in the video! Genius!

We see some more footage of David Flair being seduced by Denise Robinson. David makes it clear that he loves Torrie Wilson. Kevin Nash and Torrie just happen to be spying on David. This news seems to win over Torrie. Nash proceeds to ask her several questions regarding David.

Mean Gene introduces the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair for a interview. It shouldn’t be surprising that Flair has a large bandage on his forehead due to bleeding quite a bit last night. Gene discusses the controversy centered on the match and Charles Robinson’s officiating. After Arn suggests that Gene congratulate Flair, Gene does. Arn puts over Robinson’s officiating as truly professional. Gene believes that the three count was fast (it was). Robinson dismisses that claim by praising Flair. Robinson says that Hogan’s wounds are detrimental while Flair’s is only superficial. Flair wants to believe that the wrestling world business is starting all over from the beginning. Flair tells everyone that they have to like the fact that he is now a fourteen time WCW World Heavyweight Champion and the President of WCW! Oh no, here comes Goldberg! Goldberg makes it clear that he wants a title shot… tonight! Kevin Nash decides to come down to the ring and sarcastically apologizes for ruining Flair’s celebration. Nash believes that he is the number one contender. Nash tells Flair that Hogan was robbed last night. Nash reminds Goldberg that he lost to him. Goldberg prevents Anderson from chiming in by calling him old. The fun never ends because now Hulk Hogan is coming down to the ring. Hogan is convinced that he should still be the WCW World Heavyweight Champion. Hogan suggests that Flair had to use a credit card to get his women. Flair tries to leave but before he can Hogan challenges Flair to a tag match. Hogan teaming with Nash against Flair and Goldberg! Flair tries to talk to Goldberg, but is shoved away. Goldberg accepts the match if it helps him get closer to getting the WCW World Heavyweight Championship! It’s on folks!

Backstage, Vincent and Horace talk about what happened last night at Uncensored. They are convinced that they are both leaders of the New World Order Black and White.

Third Contest: Rey Mysterio Jr. defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman to win the title:

Mysterio snap mares Kidman to kick off the match followed by a quick head scissors. Kidman avoids a splash in the corner and clotheslines Rey. Kidman catapults Rey as he comes off the ropes but misses a charging attack and hits the floor as a result. Rey runs off the apron to connect with a hurricanrana on the floor! Rey attempts a springboard attack back into the ring but is met with a dropkick from Kidman in midair! Kidman dropkicks Rey off the apron to the floor. Kidman hits Rey with a slingshot cross body on the floor. Kidman sends Rey into the guard railing back first as Nitro goes to commercial. Rey head scissors Kidman out of the corner to the floor. Rey with a nice springboard somersault dive onto Kidman who was standing on the aisle way! Rey hits Kidman with a springboard top rope leg drop for a two count. Kidman catches Rey in the corner with a slam. Kidman looks to go to the top rope but is stopped by Rey. Rey takes Kidman over with a very nice top rope hurricanrana for a near fall! Kidman plants Rey with a modified pedigree for a two count. Rey rolls through a power slam with a roll up for a two count. Kidman plants Rey with a sit out spine buster for a two count! Rey is lifted into the air but drives Kidman faced first into the mat for a two count! Kidman counters a power bomb with a face buster! Kidman goes to the top rope but misses the Shooting Star Press! Rey springboards off the top to connect with a head scissors! Rey covers but Kidman kicks out! Kidman connects with a bulldog out of the corner. Rey is able to crotch Kidman on the top rope, again. Rey leaps off the top rope with a wheelbarrow bulldog! Rey covers Kidman and wins the championship! ***1/2

After the match, Kidman embraces Rey showing that they are still good friends.

Backstage, more conflict with the Black and White. This time it is with Stevie Ray and Horace. Stevie ends up punching Horace and they agree to have a match later on. Oh joy…

Mean Gene interviews the new WCW World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. They basically say that there is no better feeling than being number one. Benoit wouldn’t want any other man to be his partner. Malenko is ready to defend the titles and they are going to be doing so right now!

Fourth Contest: WCW World Tag Team Champions Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko defeated Hugh Morrus/the Barbarian to retain the titles:

After close to ten minutes of action, Barbarian accidentally hits Morrus with a big boot. As a result, Benoit is able to go to the top rope and leap off connecting with a diving head butt to retain the titles in their first title defense. I would’ve recapped this completely but the outcome was rather obvious and I’m not interested in the match so there you go.

After the match, Benoit hints at possibly feuding with the Outsiders.

Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell make their way down to the ring for a interview. Steiner must not be happy about losing last night to Booker T. Steiner puts everyone over in the Black and Red as being the greatest athletes going today. However, one of them fumbled last night. Steiner turns to Bagwell and suggests that Bagwell’s brain was trained since his injury. Steiner believes that Bagwell isn’t the same since he injured his neck. Steiner tells Bagwell that he doesn’t belong anymore with them. Bagwell chimes in by telling Steiner to look into the crowd and see all the signs for him. Steiner simply doesn’t give a crap about that. Bagwell thinks that Steiner has become jealous of him since he got back in shape after being injured. Steiner kind of gives Bagwell credit by saying Bagwell is second best behind him. Bagwell insults Steiner by saying that he isn’t Buff and isn’t the Stuff. Steiner makes a good point by telling Bagwell he was nothing before he joined the New World Order and he will be nothing when he gets kicked out. Bagwell wants to end this situation and wants to shake hands with Steiner. Steiner shakes hands but ends up connecting with a side bell to belly suplex. Steiner whacks Bagwell over the back with a steel chair several times. Steiner proceeds to lock in the Steiner Recliner. Steiner lets go and tells Bagwell that he and the fans suck.

Fifth Contest: Stevie Ray defeated Horace Hogan:

I’ll save myself the pain and suffering and just say that Ray wins the bout with a roll up after Horace collides with Vincent on the apron.

Sixth Contest: Disco Inferno defeated Konnan:

Konnan arm drags Inferno to open the match. Konnan decides to run up to the middle rope to do another simple arm drag. Inferno shoulder blocks Konnan but is met with a arm drag and a dropkick while in a seated position. Inferno elbow smashes Konnan on a attempted backdrop. Inferno connects with a swinging neck breaker but doesn’t go for the cover. Inferno leaps off the middle rope to hit Konnan with a forearm drop for a two count. Inferno blocks a hip toss by clotheslining Konnan and gets a near fall. Konnan plants Inferno with the 187 but only gets a two count. Konnan tries for the Tequila Sunrise but Inferno is able to wiggle away and bails to the floor. Konnan clubs away on Inferno to prevent him from leaving. Konnan sends Inferno face first into the guard railing as Nitro goes to commercial. Inferno clotheslines the back of Konnan’s head as Nitro returns. Inferno works on Konnan in the corner with several stomps as Lex Luger and Miss Elizabeth make their way down to ringside. Inferno scoop slams Konnan but misses a forearm drop off the middle rope. Konnan nails Inferno with a rolling thunder lariat. Konnan plants Inferno with a bulldog for a two count. Konnan back kicks Inferno and drives Inferno face first into the mat. Konnan punches Inferno several times as Elizabeth gets on the apron. Konnan is sent back first into a corner where Luger hits Konnan with his cast. Inferno hits Konnan with the Chart Buster to win the bout. *1/4

After the match, Inferno celebrates his win with Luger and Elizabeth.

Seventh Contest: WCW Television Champion Booker Tdefeated Chris Jericho by disqualification to retain the title:

Jericho is shoulder blocked by Booker to open the match after getting a chop in. Booker controls Jericho briefly on the mat until Jericho gets a hammerlock on the champ. Booker gets to his feet only to be met with a back elbow. Jericho comes off the ropes but runs into a forearm smash from Booker for a near fall. Jericho knee lifts Booker in the corner to get out of a arm bar. Booker runs into a big boot in the corner. Booker gets out of a suplex and sidekicks Jericho. Booker continues with a big side slam for a two count. Booker backdrops a charging Jericho over the top rope to the floor. On the floor, Jericho sends Booker side first into the guard railing. Jericho rams Booker face first into the ring steps. Jericho scoop slams Booker on the floor before going back into the ring to taunt the fans. Jericho springboards off the middle rope to dropkick Booker off the apron back to the floor. Back from a commercial, Booker avoids a dropkick and catapults Jericho face first into the corner! Booker drives Jericho down with a back suplex. Jericho drops Booker throat first across the top rope to regain the advantage. Jericho chops Booker in the corner before choking the champ briefly. Booker rolls Jericho up out of the corner but Jericho kicks out before the three. Booker misses a dropkick, which allows Jericho to springboard off the middle rope to connect with a moonsault for a two count. Booker ducks under a clothesline to nail Jericho with a spin kick. Booker catches Jericho on a leap frog attempt and hits Jericho with a spine buster for a two count. Booker flapjacks Jericho and connects with a scissors kick. Booker heads to the top rope looking for a missile dropkick but Jericho puts the referee in the way causing Booker to hit him instead of Jericho. Booker ends up clotheslining Jericho over the top to the floor as the referee calls for the bell signaling a DQ for what Jericho did. **1/2

Main Event: Hollywood Hogan/Kevin Nash fought WCW World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair/Goldberg to a no contest:

Flair wants Goldberg to start the match. Goldberg decides to gorilla press slam Flair instead. Nash drives Flair down with a side slam before tagging in Hogan. Hogan works on Flair with right hands before sending Flair flipping into the corner. Flair lands on the apron but runs into a big boot from Nash. Hogan continues to work on Flair on the floor with right hands for a short time. Flair pokes Hogan in the eyes back in the ring. Flair heads to the top rope but is slammed off by Hogan. Hogan knocks Flair off his feet several times with clotheslines until he tags in Goldberg. Hogan knee lifts Goldberg followed by a few clubbing blows. Goldberg blocks a vertical suplex attempt with one of his own. However, Hogan no sells it and clotheslines Goldberg. Goldberg no sells and super kicks Hogan! Hogan casually gets up, completely no selling that move as well. Hogan works on Goldberg with several knee lifts and right hands in the corner. Goldberg rams Hogan head first into the top turnbuckle followed by right hands and a kick to the gut. Hogan fights back with a few punches of his own. Nash clotheslines Goldberg from behind on the apron and Hogan delivers another clothesline. Nash tags into the contest to hammer away on Goldberg in the corner. Nash tags out to Hogan who delivers another clothesline and several elbow drops for a two count. Nash returns to the ring and along with Hogan hit Goldberg with a double big boot. Goldberg powers Nash down with a big power slam and super kicks Nash for a two count. Hogan returns to the contest by clubbing away on Goldberg followed by a back suplex for a near fall. Nash runs into a big boot after tagging back in. Goldberg clotheslines Nash yet again but Nash stops the momentum with a low blow. Hogan enters again clotheslining Goldberg in the corner. Goldberg charges out of the corner with a leaping shoulder block. Flair makes the tag noise and enters the match although Goldberg didn’t tag out. Flair begins to chop Hogan several times but Hogan isn’t affected by them. Hogan punches Flair several times and does the same to Goldberg. Nash enters to big boot Goldberg while Hogan big boots Flair! Goldberg and Nash head to the floor while Hogan delivers the leg drop on Flair! Hogan covers but the referee, Charles Robinson, refuses to make the count. Hogan ends up punching Robinson. Hogan runs around only to be speared by Goldberg! Goldberg stands tall to close out the show. *1/2

End of show

My Take: Aside from the Disco Inferno music video segment, the first hour was really uneventful.

The first main interview segment with Flair/Goldberg/Hogan/Nash did a fine job of hyping up the big main event later on. While listening to the promo, I was thinking if a Flair/Goldberg pay per view match would be happening. Flair is the number one heel now since Hogan was turned face. There is no doubt that Goldberg is the number one face now. It could be a highly rated pay per view bout but just like their bout last week on Nitro, I wouldn’t think it would be a good contest. It should still happen, though. Goldberg needs to win the belt again.

Rey/Kidman was a fantastic bout. Rey doesn’t need the belt and should be pushed up the card as the giant killer that fans were starting to get behind. Now that he is back to the Cruiserweight division I can see fans losing interest in him again. The match was really fast paced and really got the crowd into the show. One of the better Cruiserweight matches I have watched on Nitro.

I think turning Bagwell face is the best option to go with. Nobody wants to cheer for Steiner because it is too easy to boo him. Their segment was effective and entertaining.

Disco/Konnan was a bad match. I don’t understand why Luger continues to be given air time considering his injury. Why have him advance any kind of feud with Konnan if he is out for like six months?

Jericho/Booker was a good contest with a lame finish. I think Booker should have gone over clean here. I mean, it is no secret that Jericho is leaving WCW anyway. Why not just have Booker begin his title reign on a good note with a good clean finish after a good match? There really is no reason to protect Jericho. By the way, how does Jericho get a title shot since he lost last night to Saturn? Where the hell was Saturn on this show? I get confused by WCW booking…

The main event would have been much better if they actually sold the moves performed. That is directed towards Goldberg and Hogan. Having Hogan just no sell some of Goldberg’s offense is just dumb. Goldberg is supposed to be a unbeatable but when he is unable to keep Hogan down, it makes him look foolish, at least in my eyes. I wasn’t surprised that there wasn’t a finish considering the egos involved. Who would really take the pin fall other than Flair? This was a match that really needed a clear cut winner. Oh well…

Overall, this week’s Nitro had a lot going on. Several feuds were developed to go along with some good overall in-ring action. Thus, I would consider this show to be a very good show.

Thanks for reading.

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