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WCW Monday Nitro - January 11, 1999

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Knoxville, Tennessee

A brief video of WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan talking on Thunder saying that there would be backup for the New World Order on Nitro.

Mean Gene is standing in the ring to kick off the show and he gets a cheap pop by putting over Tennessee. Gene introduces the President of WCW, Ric Flair! Gene hypes up Flairís tag match with his son David Flair against Curt Hennig and Barry Windham at Souled Out in six days. Flair has a few surprises for tonight. Flair mentions Hulk Hogan and says that Hulk Hogan is signed with WCW until 2001 and that is bad news for Hogan. Flair announces that he has reinstated JJ Dillon. Dillon comes down to the ring and embraces Ric Flair. Dillon announces that Hulk Hoganís first title defense will be at WCW Superbrawl. Dillon doesnít announce the opponent and says the committee will come to a agreement on that matter. Dillon has a main event to announce for Souled Out. Dillon announces that at Souled Out Scott Hall will face Goldberg in a ladder match with the object to grab being a stun gun. For the record, Gene revealed the opponent for Hall on accident before Dillon. Ric Flair calls out the Latino World Order. Eddie Guerrero is not with them because he recently got in a car accident. Flair puts over the LWO as the most talented group in wrestling today. Flair believes that the New World Order had something to do with the injury to Eddie Guerrero. Flair wants the LWO to jump over onto WCWís side. Flair promises them money and women. The LWO members take off their shirts, though Rey Mysterio Jr. stands in the corner shaking his head with his LWO shirt still on. Flair lastly books himself in a match where he will wrestle Curt Hennig!

A video putting over Ric Flair and tradition of wrestling.

Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Larry Zbyszko hype up the show. The Giant squares off against Kevin Nash in the main event. Schiavone says that Eric Bischoff will no longer be on the announce team and will be doing several other jobs for Ric Flair, which we will see during the show.

Mean Gene is back in the ring and introduces Perry Saturn. Saturn says its impossible for him to follow Ric Flair. Saturn knows that Chris Jericho screwed him over. Saturn wants a rematch, but Gene doesnít think Saturn will get one. Saturn calls out Jericho. Jericho makes his way out to the top of the aisle way with Ralphus. Jericho says he is interested to hearing what Saturn has to say. Jericho says he has beaten Saturn twice and did so fairly. Jericho calls Saturn a girl and that he should be wearing a dress. Jericho likes that idea and says that Saturn must agree to wear a dress for the rest of his career. Saturn refuses to do wear a dress as he doesnít do drag. Jericho presses the issue and Saturn gives in. Saturn agrees to wear the dress though he says he isnít going to lose. Jericho puts Saturn done as a guy who canít even wear a dress! Saturn now has a match with Ernest Miller. Scott Dickinson sends Randy Anderson to the backstage area so he can referee Saturnís match.

Opening Contest: Ernest Miller defeated Perry Saturn

Saturn with an exploder suplex after a few right hands to open the match. Saturn stomps away on Miller in the corner and nails Miller with a clothesline. Saturn mounts Miller with a series of right hands and turns around only to be met with a low blow. Miller clubs Saturn across the back a few times. Miller stomps on Saturnís knee and tosses Saturn to the floor where Sonny Ono attacks Saturnís knee briefly. Miller goes to the floor and kicks the knee a few times as well. Saturn comes back with a right hand in the corner but Miller drops Saturn with a super kick. Miller taunts the fans and then goes for the cover but Saturn kicks out at two. Miller drop toe holds Saturn and continues to work on the knee of Saturn. Miller with a dropkick to Saturnís midsection. Miller runs into a big boot in the corner and Saturn connects with a belly to belly suplex. Saturn scoop slams Miller and heads to the top rope. Saturn with a top rope frog splash but Ono is distracting the referee. Chris Jericho runs down with a shovel and attacks Saturn. Dickinson calls for the bell and rewards the match to Miller. *ľ After the match, Jericho tries to put a dress on Saturn. Jericho fails at being able to do so and just leaves the ring.

WCW Monday Nitro opening video

Nitro Girls dance for a few moments to get the crowd into the show.

The announcers talk about the Ric Flair/Eric Bischoff situation.

A video airs of Eric Bischoffís meeting with Ric Flair over the weekend. Bischoff tries to get into the building but the card reader doesnít read Bischoffís card. Bischoff gets into the building and is cut off by security. Bischoff tries to get through security but isnít able to. Bischoff waits on a couch in the waiting room. Flair apparently makes Bischoff wait the whole day before actually meeting with him. Flair kicks Bischoffís feet off his desk and asks if Bischoff enjoyed the show last week. Bischoff enjoyed the ending of the show. Bischoff denies having anything to do with what happened on Nitro. Flair has some plans for Hogan and Nash but isnít going to tell Bischoff. Flair only has power for 90 days, at least that is what they keep on saying. Flair gives Bischoff a box filled with his stuff and walks Bischoff to his new job. Flair tells Bischoff that he is having Bischoff working for the ring crew! Bischoff is disgusted with that decision but gets into the truck.

Mean Gene introduces Chavo Guerrero Jr. for a interview on the aisle way. Gene says that Chavo will be having a birthday party for Pepe. Chavo wants the fans to sing Happy Birthday to Pepe. Norman Smiley comes out, to a good reception, and cuts off Guerrero. Smiley is upset that he wasnít invited to the party. Smiley claims to be a good guy and wants to put everything aside with Guerrero. Smiley wants to shake hands with Guerrero but Guerrero refuses. Guerrero asks Pepe if he wants to shake Smiley hand, and apparently Pepe says sure. However, Smiley clotheslines Guerrero and scoop slams Guerrero on the floor! Smiley smashes Guerrero face first into the cake and scoop slams Guerrero onto the table which doesnít break! Smiley dumps the table onto Guerrero and has kidnapped Pepe! The camera follows Smiley as Smiley brings Pepe outside to a wood shredder! Smiley slides Pepe into the shredder and Guerrero cries over the death of Pepe. Rest in Peace Pepe, you will be missed.

A video of Raven playing a board game with Jim. Raven asks his mom where his high school year book is. Raven isnít happy that his stuff is in the garage because his grandma has moved in. Raven looks in a closet and pulls out a few pictures of Roddy Piper. Jim asks if Raven has found anything but Raven says he didnít.

Backstage, the Wolfpac have arrived to the building and the Black and White New World Order come over and talk to them. They are surrounded by motorcycles as Hogan walks towards the ring. Apparently, Hogan has brought his backups being Hells Angels. The motorcycles leave the arena as the Wolfpac remain in the ring.

In the ring, WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan says that they do have backup despite WCW saying they didnít. Hogan tells Ric Flair that he will wrestle anyone in WCW because he can beat anyone in WCW. Hogan is going to the White House and proclaims he will be President and WCW World Heavyweight Champion! Kevin Nash grabs the microphone and asks why is everyone wearing Black and Red tonight if Tennessee is ďOrange CountryĒ. Nash says he is going to show why he is the one and only giant. WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner chimes in and hypes up his match with Diamond Dallas Page. Steiner says he is going to puke if DDP is called the Peopleís Champion again. Steiner calls the fans white trash. Steiner says that Kimberly wants to be with Scott Steiner and says he will get DDPís wife tonight! Hogan believes that no one will mess with them now that they have Hells Angels by their side. They finish off by saying that when you are New World Order, you are New World Order 4 Life!

A video going over what happened after Nitro went off the air last week. Goldberg had the Atlanta Falcons by his side.

Second Contest: Rey Mysterio Jr. fought Kaz Hayashi to a No Contest

Hayashi with a side headlock to open the match and shoulder blocks Mysterio. Mysterio comes off the ropes with a head scissors and backdrops Hayashi to the apron. Hayashi with a boot to Mysterioís head and connects with a missile dropkick off the top rope. Hayashi chops Mysterio but Mysterio kicks a charging Hayashi to the floor. Mysterio flips over the top rope and takes Hayashi out with a dive! Slingshot head scissors takeover back in the ring by Mysterio. Lex Luger comes down and attacks Hayashi on the floor. Luger sends Hayashi into the railing and enters the ring. NR

After the match, Luger wants Mysterio to take off his LWO shirt. Mysterio refuses to take off the shirt. Luger attacks Mysterio as a result. Luger rips off the LWO shirt and dumps Mysterio to the apron. Mysterio with a springboard dropkick and hammers away on Luger. Mysterio with a top rope cross body. Luger blocks a hurricanrana with a backbreaker and continues to beat down Mysterio. Luger signals for the Torture Rack and locks it in. Konnan comes down to the ring and tells Luger to put Mysterio down. Konnan grabs a microphone and asks Luger what he is doing. Konnan says that Mysterio isnít a threat to them. Kevin Nash and the rest of the Wolfpac come down to the ring. Luger explains himself saying that Mysterio needed to take the shirt off. Nash enters and leads the beat down of Konnan. Everyone in the Wolfpac gets a shot in and Scott Hall uses his stun gun a few times. Konnan is hoping for Nash to help him but that isnít happening. Nash spray paints Konnanís back. The fans are chanting for Sting just like it is 1997. Konnan has been kicked out of the New World Order, obviously.

Mean Gene is back in the ring and calls out the Giant for a interview. Giant says this whole thing started because Giant dropped the ball and fell for Randy Savageís plan. Giant tells Hogan that he isnít fighting a spot in the New World Order. Giant is coming after everyone in the New World Order. Giant says he is going to choke slam Kevin Nash later tonight and be named the one true giant.

Third Contest: Booker T defeated Lenny Lane

Booker wins the squash match following a leaping sidekick. NR

A video of Kevin Nash and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan praising each other over the ruse they pulled last week on Nitro.

Fourth Contest: WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner defeated Diamond Dallas Page to retain the title

Steiner shoves DDP into a corner a few times but DDP comes back with a arm drag. Steiner yells at the referee about a hair pull. Steiner with a side headlock but is sent into the ropes and shoulder blocks DDP. DDP with a wrist lock and delivers a few short arm shoulder block to Steinerís shoulder. DDP with a few slaps and right hands followed by a shoulder block. DDP connects with a swinging neck breaker and Steiner bails to the floor where Buff Bagwell checks on the champ. Bagwell gets on the apron and tries to corner DDP but DDP atomic drops both men and drops them with a clothesline. DDP crotches Steiner on the top rope but Bagwell holds Steiner and DDP falls to the mat. Steiner with a clothesline off the middle rope to gain control of the contest. Steiner with a punt to DDPís ribs and tosses DDP to the floor where Bagwell chokes DDP for a few moments. Steiner tosses Page back first into the guard railing and stomps away on DDP. Steiner clotheslines DDP as he comes off the ropes and drops a elbow for a near fall. Steiner chokes DDP on the middle rope briefly. Belly to belly suplex by Steiner but DDP kicks out at two. Steiner slows down the match with a chin lock but goes back to clubbing DDP across the back. Bagwell holds DDPís foot from the floor and allows Steiner to hammer away on DDP in the corner. DDP comes out of the corner and jabs Steiner several times. DDP runs into a big boot in the corner and Steiner clotheslines DDP. Steiner follows up by doing some pushups. Steiner with a eye poke and tosses DDP to the floor again. Steiner rams DDP head first into the ring steps and rolls DDP into the ring. DDP with a discus clothesline and almost wins the match! Steiner stops DDP with a jawbreaker but DDP kicks out at two on the cover. Steiner sets DDP up for a double under hook power bomb and connects with it for a near fall. DDP with more right hands and left jabs. DDP with a double boot in the corner and drops Steiner with a right hand. Atomic drop and clothesline by DDP who follows up with a pancake. DDP goes for the Diamond Cutter but Steiner sends DDP into the referee as Vincent enters the ring. Powder is thrown into DDPís eyes but DDP manages to Diamond Cut Vincent which doesnít matter. Steiner uses a chair to whack DDP a few times and locks in the Steiner Recliner. The referee recovers and checks DDPís arm three times. DDP doesnít respond and Steiner retains the title. **Ĺ

A video of Goldberg being interviewed by Mike Tenay is shown. Goldberg talks about making mistakes and how people can correct mistakes. Goldberg made a mistake thinking his match with Kevin Nash at Starrcade was going to be a fair match but he made the biggest mistake of his life. Goldberg says that mistake will never happen again.

A video of Eric Bischoff helping the ring crew put the ring together is shown. Bischoff is yelled at by the ring crew manager several times.

Before the next match, Scott Hall comes out and cuts a promo about Goldberg. Hall asks the fans who want to see Goldberg get shocked one more time, which gets a mixed reaction.

Fifth Contest: Scott Hall defeated Bam-Bam Bigelow

Hall throws his toothpick at Bigelow and is met with a right hand from Bigelow. Hall with a side headlock but Bigelow knocks Hall down with a shoulder block. Hall with a wristlock and shoulder blocks on Bigelow but Bigelow clotheslines Hall to break the hold. Hall pokes Bigelow in the eyes and delivers right hands and stomps in the corner. Hall clotheslines Bigelow in the corner and continues to beat down Bigelow. Bigelow splashes Hall in the corner but misses a falling head butt coming off the ropes. Bigelow nails Hall with a big boot in the corner and clotheslines Hall. Bigelow sets Hall up for a vertical suplex and connects for a near fall. Disco Inferno comes down and has a stun gun with him. Bigelow drops Hall with a Samoan Drop and heads to the top rope. Bigelow goes up top but is shoved off by Wrath. Bigelow knocks Wrath to the floor and goes for his finisher on Hall but Hall stuns Bigelow with the stun gun and pins Bigelow. Ĺ*

Another clip of the Goldberg interview is shown. Goldberg talks about knowing that Kevin Nash knew he was a defeated man. Goldberg calls Scott Hall a loser. Goldberg was surprised by what Luger did to him on Nitro. Goldberg says that class begins on Sunday and tells Hall to not be late.

Tony Schiavone announces that Bam-Bam Bigelow will wrestle Wrath on Souled Out in six days.

Sixth Contest: Ric Flair defeated Curt Hennig via disqualification

Hennig shoulder blocks Flair to open the match and taunts Flair while avoiding slaps. Flair slaps Hennig up against the ropes and Hennig goes to the floor complaining to the referee. Hennig chops Flair in the corner but Flair turns the tables and chops Hennig several times. Hennig backdrops Flair coming out of the corner. Barry Windham has came down to the ring but so has David Flair. Back from a commercial, Flair is hammering away on Henning with several right hands. Hennig runs into a back elbow in the corner. Hennig cuts Flair of on the top rope and power slams Flair to the mat. Hennig locks in the figure four but Flair refuses to give up. Flair pokes Hennig in the eyes and low blows Hennig. They trade several chops in the corner until Flair is sent into the corner and flips over to the floor. Hennig sends Flair into the railing and trades right hands with Flair until Flair low blows Hennig again. Flair chops Hennig and drops Hennig throat first across the top rope. Flair brings Hennig back into the ring with a vertical suplex. Flair covers Hennig but only gets a two count. They collide in the middle of the ring and both men are knocked down. Flair with ten punches in the corner and goes back to chopping Hennig before sending Hennig to the floor. David flair is attacked by Barry Windham and Ric Flair comes out chopping Windham. Flair chop blocks Hennigís knee and locks in the figure four. Windham comes into the ring and attacks Flair leading to the DQ. *ľ
After the match, David Flair trips Hennig and Windham. David gets his father a chair and the heels bail.

Goldberg interview finishes off with Goldberg saying ďwhoís leftĒ instead of ďwhoís nextĒ. Goldberg also tells Hall to once again not be late for Souled Out in six days.

Main Event: Kevin Nash defeated the Giant

Nash has Scott Hall by his side for the main event. Nash backs Giant into a corner but is met with a head butt. Giant delivers a few boots in the corner and clotheslines Nash in the opposite corner. Overhand chop by Giant but Nash clotheslines Giant in the corner and drops Giant with a big boot for a near fall. Nash with a elbow drop but Giant kicks out at two on another cover attempt. Hall chokes Giant on the middle rope and Nash jumps onto Giantís back a few times. Nash works on Giant with right hands and knee lifts in the corner. Nash connects with a back elbow and Giant is hardly standing on his feet. Hall drops Giant with a right hand from the apron. Nash scoop slams Giant but holds his back in pain so he isnít able to follow up. Nash drops Giant with a big boot and signals for the end. Giant avoids the power bomb by ramming Nash into the corner. Giant with a clothesline and big boot. Hall is dropped with a clothesline. Giant sends Hall into Nash in a corner and splashes both men. Giant uses his backside to splash both men. Double head butt knocks the Outsiders down. Nash bails to the floor while Giant choke slams Hall in the ring. Nash has a wrench that Bischoff was using to put the ring together earlier. Nash nails Giant with the wrench and pins Giant in the middle of the ring. Ĺ*
After the match, Eric Bischoff is with the announcers and is happy about the outcome. The Wolfpac comes down to the ring to celebrate the victory. Giant is spray painted by the New World Order to close out the show.

End of show

My Take: The opening segment really fell flat in my opinion. Nothing about the segment was really worth kicking off the show. I find it sad that WCW didnít announce a main event to their pay per view event until six days to the actual event. That isnít good promoting. Having the LWO coming out and having a segment with Ric Flair made them look more important than they really are. They are talented guys, there is no doubt about that, but they canít be considered huge assets to the WCW team in their new war against the New World Order.

Perry Saturn apparently can not cut a promo and he sure knows it. Saturn/Miller wasnít anything good as Miller controlled most of the match and he doesnít have much of a move set at this point so the match was fairly boring.

I actually enjoy Ric Flair embarrassing Eric Bischoff. That is one of the few things I find myself enjoying so far in 1999 for WCW.

The Smiley/Chavo interview portion of their segment just seemed really awkward. I am still surprised that Smiley is really over with the crowd. It has to do with the Big Wiggle and WCW needs to capitalize on that. This is a find mid-card feud, but the segment just didnít flow well.

A Raven/Piper feud would be cool only if it elevates Raven up the card.

I donít mind seeing Konnan and Rey Mysterio Jr. feuding with the New World Order. I truly doubt they will get much of the upper hand throughout the feud, however long it lasts but at least Mysterio is doing something other than beating Psychosis or Juventud Guerrera every week.

Steiner/DDP was a decent back and forth television match. Not a fan of the screw job finish. That could have been saved for after the match and just have given Steiner a clean win. Steiner, in my opinion, is a heel who has the look of someone who doesnít need to cheat to knock someone out cold. Judging by the beat down DDP might be off television for awhile. Though, I thought the same thing with Konnan and he was back cured and siding with Scott Steiner the guy who kicked his ass last week!

Bigelow/Hall and Hennig/Flair would have been good matches six years ago. In fact, they were good matches six years ago. However, six years later and in WCW they were boring repetitive matches. What a bummer.

For most of the main event Giant was made out to look like a complete and utter fool. Why you may ask? That was done because he was leaving to go to WWF and this was his way of jobbing out. They did a good job of making giant look horrible that is for sure.

Why wasnít Goldberg on this show to get some of his heat back? Not smart booking.

Overall, this week on Nitro we only had one clean finish and that was a squash match. The best match was between the WCW Television Championship match between Steiner and Page. The crowd was rather dead as WCW didnít offer anything for them to get excited about. An overall boring show.

Thanks for reading.

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