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WCW Monday Nitro - January 4, 1999

by Wrestling Recap's Bob Colling

From: Atlanta, GA

A video package promoting the Kevin Nash vs. Goldberg match scheduled for later on is shown. Clips from their Starrcade match are shown.

Nitro opens up with the Nitro Girls dancing in the ring. Tony Schiavone welcomes everyone to the show and quickly hypes up the Kevin Nash/Goldberg rematch as the main event. Larry Zbyszko and Mike Tenay are also on commentary with Schiavone. Balloons fall from the ceiling to celebrate the biggest Nitro in WCW history.

Jimmy Baron is with a group of fans celebrating a Nitro Party.

Opening Contest: Hugh Morrus defeated Glacier:

Morrus with a quick arm drag to open the match. Morrus with another arm drag and taunts Glacier. Glacier with a few boots to control Morrus and backs Morrus against the ropes. Glacier with a wrist lock and knocks Morrus down with a right hand followed by a few kicks. Glacier with a few kicks in the corner and taunts the fans while Morrus recovers. Morrus drops Glacier with a scoop power slam but doesnít quickly follow up. Glacier with a eye poke and right hand. Glacier trips Morrus with a leg sweep and grabs Jimmy Hart on the apron. Glacier moves and Morrus hits Hart! Morrus nails Glacier with a big clothesline and connects with the No Laughing Matter! Morrus covers and pins Glacier. *

The announcers talk about the show and what is in store for WCW in 1999. Of course, they make sure to talk about the returning Hulk Hogan and how tonight is the first night of control for new WCW president Ric Flair.

A video highlighting the recent happenings where Ric Flair stripped down to his underwear and proclaimed he would leave the wrestling world if he lost to Bischoff on the last Nitro. Flair would defeat Bischoff and has now been named the President of WCW.

WCW Nitro opening video package

Outside the building, WCW President Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Flairís family are walking into the Georgia Dome.

Mean Gene is standing in the ring and introduces Ric Flair. Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit are also by Ric Flairís side for the segment. Flair says this is a proud moment for him. Flair thanks everyone who stood by him throughout the years. Flair says that Eric Bischoff has ran over a lot of people in WCW. Flair calls out Eric Bischoff to the ring to talk to the new President of WCW! Bischoff slowly walks down to the ring and is greeted with a course of boos. Bischoff enters the ring and appears to be worried about what is going to happen to him. Flair talks about Bischoff making him feel small on a number of occasions throughout his career. Flair isnít going to fire Bischoff but instead Flair tells Bischoff that Bischoff will be working for Tony Schiavone. Bischoff leaves the ring disgusted as Schiavone and the announcers are happy about this announcement. Flair talks about referee Randy Anderson who has cancer and was fired by Bischoff a couple of years ago. We see a video of Bischoff firing Anderson. Flair calls out Randy Anderson gives Anderson his job back at double the salary. Flair thanks Diamond Dallas Page, Booker T, Tony Schiavone and Randy Savage. Flair welcomes Savage back to WCW. Flair announces that he is booking himself in a handicap match for WCW Souled Out against Curt Hennig and Barry Windham! David Flair cuts in and tells Ric that he wants to be his fathers partner at the pay per view! Ric says that David isnít ready for wrestling but Arn Anderson says David knows what he is doing. As a result, Ric accepts David as being his partner for Souled Out 1999.

Second Contest: Booker T defeated Emory Hale:

Hale attacks Booker before the bell and drops Booker with a shoulder block. Booker with a back elbow and hammers away on Hale in the corner. Booker with a spine buster but misses a elbow drop. Leaping sidekick by Booker and Booker heads to the top rope where he connects with a missile dropkick to win the match. DUD After the match, Booker says he isnít going to stop until he is the number one contender ďin this suckaĒ.

Nitro Girls dance at the top of the entrance way.

Tony Schiavone and Larry Zbyszko pick on Eric Bischoff for not offering anything to the broadcast. Schiavone threatens to report Bischoff to Ric Flair. Bischoff doesnít say a word to Schiavone.

Third Contest: Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Norman Smiley:

Guerrero chops Smiley a few times and is able to clothesline Smiley. Guerrero dropkicks Smiley to the floor and plays to the crowd using his mop. Guerrero rams Smiley head first into the top turnbuckle from the apron. Smiley drops Guerrero throat first across the top rope and chops Guerrero a few times. Smiley does a mini wiggle and gets a pretty good pop. Smiley uppercuts Guerrero and scoop slams Guerrero to keep control. Smiley stomps away on Guerrero and slams Guerrero for a near fall. Smiley works on Guerreroís foot with a foot lock but lets go and goes back to work with a few uppercuts. Guerrero with a quick rollup coming off the ropes but only gets a two count. Smiley goes for a German suplex but Guerrero rolls up Smiley for a near fall. Smiley stops Guerrero with a clothesline and dropkicks Guerrero to the apron. Guerrero heads to the top rope while Smiley wiggles for the fans. Guerrero connects with a missile dropkick and covers Smiley for a two count. Guerrero botches a springboard but still rolls Smiley up for a near fall. Smiley goes for a chicken wing submission but Guerrero gets out of it and rolls Smiley up for the win. * After the match, Smiley attacks Guerrero and drives Guerrero down with a vertical suplex. Smiley scoop slams Guerrero hits Guerrero with his horse mop.

Fourth Contest: Chris Benoit defeated Horace Hogan:

Hogan with a few right hands but misses a splash in the corner. Benoit with a few chops and stomps away on Hogan for a few moments. Hogan clotheslines Benoit in the corner to regain control and tosses Benoit to the middle of the ring. Benoit ducks a clothesline and takes Hogan over with a few German suplex. Benoit drops Hogan gut first across the top rope. Hogan manages to suplex Benoit to the floor from the apron. Hogan comes off the ropes and takes Benoit out with a suicide dive! Hogan stomps away on Benoit on the floor before sending Benoit back into the ring. Hogan with a short arm clothesline and a elbow drop for a near fall. Hogan continues his offense with a backbreaker and heads to the top rope. Benoit gets up and cuts Hogan off at the top rope. Benoit goes to the top as well and connects with a superplex. Benoit goes up top and hits Hogan with a flying head butt! Hogan is able to send Benoit chest first into the corner and drops Benoit with a shoulder breaker for a two count. Benoit blocks a vertical suplex attempt and locks in the Crippler Crossface! Hogan is forced to tap out. **

Backstage, Bill Goldberg enters the building and is told by police he has a warrant for Goldbergís arrest. Goldberg is shocked and begins to tell the police all the right things he has done. According to Goldbergís logic he doesnít have to go downtown because he is innocent. Goldberg again tells the police that he didnít do whatever he is accused of. Goldberg threatens the police, which is not a good thing, and refuses to go to the station downtown. A officer named Jack calms Goldberg down and convinces Goldberg to put his hands behind his back and go to the station. Goldberg proclaims he will be revealed to be innocent.

After a commercial, Goldberg is being lead to a police car by about six officers. Kevin Nash comes out and says that this is bogus and says he has a match with Goldberg tonight. Nash sees Hulk Hogan entering the building and Hogan is laughing about Goldberg being sent away because as a politician he wants people who are guilty to serve time. We also see Elizabeth talking to investigators.

Fifth Contest: Chris Jericho defeated Perry Saturn:

Saturn slaps Jericho after blocking a right hand and Jericho complains to the referee. Jericho with a wristlock but Saturn counters with one of his own. Jericho kips up but is clotheslined back down by Saturn. Jericho with a boot to Saturnís midsection and has a side headlock on Saturn. Jericho with a shoulder block but Saturn comes back with a over head belly to belly suplex. Saturn works on Jericho in the corner with a series of high kicks. Backdrop by Saturn but Jericho drops Saturn throat first across the top rope. Jericho follows up with a springboard dropkick and knocks Saturn off the apron to the floor. Jericho leaps off the apron and drives a knee across the back of Saturn. Jericho with a snap suplex on the floor as the show goes to commercial. Saturn has a sleeper hold on Jericho until Jericho back suplex Saturn. Delayed vertical suplex by Jericho and gets a near fall after a cocky pin attempt. Jericho slaps Saturn a few times and kicks Saturn in the face but Saturn connects with a overhead suplex. Jericho misses a spinning heel kick but gets out of the DVD. Saturn connects with a exploder suplex but isnít able to put Jericho away. Atomic drop by Saturn and goes for a springboard cross body but hits the referee as Jericho pulls the referee in the way. Jericho low blows Saturn and connects with the Lionsault. Jericho goes for the Lion Tamer and the referee calls for the bell before the hold is even on. **ľ
After the match, Saturn says he didnít give up. The decision isnít said to be a disqualification.

At the police station, Goldberg is being booked by police. The station is apparently right across the street from the Georgia Dome. Goldberg is told he is arrested for aggravated stalking. They tell Goldberg that Miss Elizabeth is the one who pressed charges. Goldberg is surprised to hear that and says he isnít capable of something like aggravated stalking.

Back to the Nitro Party, two fans are thumb wrestling. Just a bunch of fans being loud and clearly being well over the legal limit of alcohol intake.

Backstage, Elizabeth is being talked to by police. Elizabeth says that she was accosted in the hallway by Goldberg by the water cooler. Elizabeth says literally everywhere she goes Goldberg is always around her.

Outside, the LWO lead by Eddie Guerrero are partying with several women. They go inside a building and continue to have a party. Guerrero is talking to pretty much all the girls and it is apparent that the other LWO members are not happy. Rey Mysterio Jr. covers up his face when the camera turns to him. Guerrero is really treating his fellow LWO member terribly.

Sixth Contest: Psychosis/Juventud Guerrera defeated WCW Cruiserweight Champion Billy Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.:

Kidman and Psychosis start the match with Psychosis knocking Kidman down with a shoulder block. Psychosis with a sit out face buster out of a vertical suplex set up on Kidman and tags out to Guerrera. Kidman dropkicks Guerrera several times but Guerrera side steps a dropkick. Kidman blocks a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt from Guerrera with a atomic drop. Mysterio tags in and connects with a top rope hurricanrana on Guerrera! Mysterio lifts Guerrera into air and Kidman drives Guerrera down with a sit out spine buster which gets Rey a near fall. Mysterio is able to hurricanrana Guerrera to the floor from the apron. Psychosis cheap shots Mysterio and Guerrera nails Mysterio with a springboard dropkick and Mysterio goes for the floor. Psychosis with a slingshot leg drop to the floor on Mysterio. Psychosis goes up top and nails Mysterio with a double axe handle. Mysterio is doubled teamed but Mysterio avoids a splash and drops Guerrera with a tilt a whirl backbreaker. Mysterio isnít able to make the tag as Psychosis prevents that from happening. Guerrera with a backbreaker on Mysterio but only gets a two count on the pin attempt. Psychosis tags in and leaps off the top but is dropkicked in midair by Mysterio. Mysterio tags in Kidman as Guerrera also tags in. Kidman with a slingshot head scissors. Guerrera nails Psychosis on accident and Kidman takes both opponents over with a head scissors. Guerrera and Psychosis are clotheslined to the floor and are taken out by two top rope dives by Mysterio and Kidman. Mysterio tags in and connects with a Doomsday Device on Psychosis for a near fall. Guerrera tags in and chops Mysterio a few times. Guerrera catches Mysterio on a moonsault attempt and hitís the Juvi Driver but only gets a two count! Mysterio crotches Psychosis on the top rope. Kidman accidentally dropkicks Mysterio from the top rope. Guerrera dumps Kidman to the floor and Psychosis hitís a top rope leg drop on Mysterio to win the match. ***

Back to the police station, Goldberg defends himself that they are work at the same buildings and he owns the gym that Elizabeth goes to all the time. Goldberg is getting fed up with this!

Mean Gene introduces the WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash who gets a mixed reaction. Nash admits that at Starrcade Goldberg got screwed. Nash talks about seeing what happened to Goldberg tonight. Nash believes that Hulk Hogan is behind what happened to Goldberg tonight. Nash wants Ric Flair to book Nash in a match against Hulk Hogan! Ric Flair comes down to the entrance way and puts Hogan in a match with Kevin Nash if Goldberg isnít able to make the match. Nash is happy with that decision.

The same video that was aired at the very opening of the show is aired again to promote the main event between Goldberg and Kevin Nash which seems to be in question now.

Backstage, Elizabeth is being interviewed again by the police. Elizabeth isnít able to get her story right from what she said previously. Elizabeth is starting to get really defensive.

Mean Gene is standing in the ring and introduces Hulk Hogan who is greeted with plenty of boos. Hogan says that the world of pro wrestling is still centered around Hulk Hogan. Hogan talks about saying he was going to say goodbye to his fans in Georgia as he is running for the President of the United States. Hogan talks about Bill Goldberg being a sexual deviant. Hogan also notes that he got sick to his stomach that Kevin Nash thought Hogan retired out of fear of Kevin Nash. Hogan proclaims that he owes his fans one last retirement match! Hogan is going to retire as the WCW World Heavyweight Champion!

At this point in time, Tony Schiavone announces that Mick Foley will be winning the WWF World Championship and says ďthat will put butts in the seatsĒ. Schiavone did this as a attempt to keep the fans from tuning into RAW which was taped.

A video of Chris Jericho talking to Scott Dickinson. Dickinson is the same referee that screwed Saturn earlier in the show. Jericho was telling Dickinson that he needs to standup for himself and DQ Saturn the next time Saturn puts his hands on Dickinson. Dickinson was buying into what Jericho was saying.

Before the next match, WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner wants to know if the ladies want to be with a real man and not their redneck boyfriends. Steiner talks about being censored by WCW. Steiner believes that since he was the TV Title he can not be censored. Bagwell shows Steiner some dance moves, the Dirty Bird, and pretends to have a heart attack.

Seventh Contest: Konnan defeated WCW Television Champion Scott Steiner via disqualification:

Konnan with a flurry of right hands but Steiner stops Konnan with a right hand across the back. Konnan with a few back elbows and punches Steiner in the corner a few times. Konnan clotheslines Steiner and the champ bails to the floor. Konnan is grabbed by Bagwell on the floor and Bagwell sends Konnan into the ring post. Schiavone again mentions that Mick Foley will win the World Championship and really insults that fact. Steiner sends Konnan back first into the guard railing and rams Konnan face first into the ring steps. Steiner with a clothesline back in the ring and drops a elbow across Konnanís chest and taunts the fans. Steiner chokes Konnan for a few moments and allows Bagwell to choke Konnan as well. Side belly to belly suplex by Steiner but he doesnít follow up quickly. Steiner goes for a middle rope over head suplex but Konnan fights Steiner off and plants Steiner with a tornado DDT! Konnan big boots Steiner in the corner and hammers away on the champ. Konnan misses a rolling thunder lariat but drops Steiner with a botched face buster. Konnan goes for the Tequila Sunrise but Bagwell enters the ring and the bell sounds. *Ĺ After the match, Bagwell hits Konnan with the TV Title a few times. Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner as the New World Order referee runs around with the belt. Steiner grabs a chair and beats Konnan across the back and shoulder with the chair.

Before the next match, Wrath says that over the past six months he has been going through the WCW roster. Wrath knows the fans came to see him deliver the Meltdown. Wrath as a problem with no competition. Wrath issues a open challenge to anyone in the back. Bam-Bam Bigelow accepts the challenge.

Eighth Contest: Wrath fought Bam-Bam Bigelow to a double count-out:

Wrath blocks a few right hands and controls Bigelow with right hands and a boot. Shoulder block by Wrath but Bigelow doesnít budge. Bigelow with a few right hands but is clotheslined by Wrath a couple of times. Bigelow is able to send Wrath to the floor and slams Wrath head first into the apron. Wrath comes back with a few chops but is poked in the eyes by Bigelow. Bigelow rams Wrath head first into the ring post and sends Wrath back into the ring. Wrath works on Bigelow in the corner with a few knee lifts and stomps. Bigelow trips Wrath and delivers a head butt to Wrathís lower midsection. They go back to the floor where Bigelow sends Wrath into the railing and apron a few times. Wrath comes back with a series of chops and knee lifts. Back in the ring, Bigelow tries to power bomb Wrath onto a chair but Wrath backdrops Bigelow after the referee kicks the chair out of the ring. Wrath clotheslines Bigelow and himself to the floor where they brawl until they are counted out and brawl the backstage area. DUD

Backstage, Elizabeth is being interviewed again by the police. Elizabeth is getting frustrated that the police keep on asking her the same questions. The police catch on to what Elizabeth is saying. Elizabeth has been checking her watch a lot and the police notice that. They tell Elizabeth that they are going to charge her for perjury and that it is a felony. Elizabeth laughs and says she was mistaken. Elizabeth appears to be happy because she ďcost Goldberg his World Championship shot, againĒ.

The announcers talk about Goldberg surely getting released soon now that Elizabeth has admitted to being wrong.

Ninth Contest: Diamond Dallas Page defeated Brian Adams:

Adams with a wristlock to open the match but DDP comes back with a few shoulder blocks. Adams yanks DDP down by the hair but DDP drop toe holds Adams. Adams wants to shake hands but slaps DDP instead. Adams with a few shots but DDP slaps Adams and drops Adams with a few jabs. Adams bails to the floor where Vincent is talking to Adams. DDP takes both men out with a slingshot cross body. Vincent holds DDP on the floor and allows Adams to stomp away on DDP for a few moments. Adams knocks DDP to the floor with a right hand and Vincent gets a few shots in. Back from commercial, DDP clotheslines Adams and shoulder blocks Adams. Swinging neck breaker by DDP and goes for the Diamond Cutter but Adams shoves DDP away. Adams low blows DDP in the corner as the referee was distracted by Vincent. Adams spikes DDP with a pile driver but only gets a near fall. Adams has a bear hug on DDP but DDP gets out of it. Adams stops DDPís momentum with a tilt a whirl backbreaker for a two count! DDP plants Adams with a float over DDT! DDP with a few right hands and nails Adams with a discus clothesline. Adams atomic drops DDP and chops DDP in the corner. Vincent tries to grab DDP on the middle rope but DDP shoves Vincent to the floor and connects with a middle rope Diamond Cutter on Adams to win the bout. *

Back at the police station, Goldberg is told that Elizabeth admitted to lying and dropped the charges. Goldberg demands to be taken to the Dome. Considering it is right across the street, he will make it in time, right?

Hulk Hogan has Scott Steiner by his side for the match while Kevin Nash has his friend Scott Hall at his side for the main event.

Main Event: Hollywood Hulk Hogan defeated WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash to win the title:

Nash taunts Hogan to start the match by ripping off his t-shirt like Hogan does. Nash shoves Hogan into a corner and plays to the crowd. Hogan acts like he is going to punch Nash but instead simply pokes Nash and Hogan pins Nash. NR After the match, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Scott Hall celebrate the swerve. Goldberg has shown up to the building and runs down to the ring. Goldberg spin kicks Steiner, takes Hall over with a overhead suplex and sup kicks Nash. Hogan nails Goldberg with a few weak looking title shots to the back. Goldberg recovers and spears Hogan! Lex Luger has entered the ring and is rooting on Goldberg. Luger ends up attacking Goldberg! Nash, Hogan, Steiner, Hall and Luger attack Goldberg. Luger places Goldberg in the Torture Rack! Goldberg is handcuffed to the bottom rope and is beaten down. Hall has his tazer gun and shocks Goldberg a few times. Eric Bischoff has started to talk at this point and is loving this. Goldberg is spray painted by Hogan. Hogan spray paints the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The New World Order is back. The New World Order is celebrating to close out the show.

End of show.

My Take: This is the biggest Nitro in WCW history. So, it is fitting to start off with perhaps one of the worst characters in WCW history, Glacier. At least they kept the match short and it wasnít horrible or anything. Iíve always enjoyed Morrus as a worker so having him get the opening win on the biggest Nitro is fine by me. I just think their were many better options to open the show.

The interview segment with Ric Flair and his family was fine. I donít believe having David Flair wrestle is the best choice, though. Why not just have a guy like Chris Benoit tag up with Ric Flair and get that rub of working with Flair? I just donít understand why David Flair is being put into a tag match when there is far better choices out there.

Booker/Hale was simply a squash match. Chavo/Smiley wasnít good because of the botches by Guerrero. The fans really do like Norman Smiley, who is a entertaining performer.

I thought Benoit/Horace was a decent match. I canít recall ever being entertained by Horace but I was here. He displayed some good moves that I frankly didnít think he would ever be able to pull off.

Jericho/Saturn was the first match that had any real crowd heat from beginning to end. It was okay for what it was and it appears these two will be having a crooked referee angle.

I also enjoyed the Cruiserweight tag team match as they put on a fast pace, high flying contest as usual. I did not expect Psychosis to get the win but it is fine by me. Perhaps Psychosis can be pushed as a credible threat to the WCW Cruiserweight championship now? Seems like the only guys who are considered threats are Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterio Jr. and Juventud Guerrera.

I know Tony Schiavone was told to rip on Mick Foley, but I think Schiavone put some of his own thoughts in their as well. I canít believe that Bischoff would feed Schiavone every word to say in that situation.

I have to assume that the beat down following Steiner/Konnan was a way to effectively kill any heat Konnan had with the crowd. Personally, I donít know why Scott Steiner is the Television Champion. He really shouldnít be holding or going after for that matter lower mid-card championships.

Poor booking with Wrath on this show. He acts tough and calls out an opponent and proceeds to get fairly dominated and isnít able to win the match. I realize Bigelow was in line for a push here, but you could have simply picked someone else here. Wrathís creditability was hurt a big deal here, in my opinion.

DDP/Adams was just filler. I didnít care for the match, really.

The whole angle with Goldberg and Elizabeth took up pretty much the whole show. So, they screw over Goldberg. I get it, that is fine. But the planning on this is just horrible. The police station is literally right across the street. The announcers even say it is. We are suppose to believe that Goldberg canít cross the street for an hour? Are you kidding me? For the biggest Nitro ever, the main event was just horrid. You promote a big main event, change it to another big main event, and then crap on the fans by simply reforming the New World Order. Itís truly disgusting that Bischoff couldnít think of something new. At least Goldberg has about ten guys he can feud with, right? The whole point of this was to get Goldberg a title match at Starrcade after going through the New World Order. We will see how long that angle lasts. The beginning of the end starts here with the Finger Poke of Doom.

Overall, from a wrestling stand point it isnít a horrible show. A fun Cruiserweight tag match , a surprisingly decent Benoit/Horace match and Jericho/Saturn were all okay contests. However, the booking of the main event kills the whole show. People will forever remember how horrible of a outcome that was. They could have put on the greatest wrestling show ever, but the angle at the end would have erased that from everyoneís memory. Terrible booking decisions kill this show.

Thanks for reading.

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