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AEW Collision - July 6, 2024

by Doc Allen

Hangman Adam Page

Live from the Landers Center in Southaven, Mississippi. WrestleTix estimates attendance at 2,497. Tony Shiavone and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary.

Video recap of MJF turning on Daniel Garcia and giving him a stretcher-job.

Freshly re-turned heel MJF comes out for some words. He calls the fans inbred and insinuates that their mothers are prostitutes. His plan was always to stab Daniel Garcia in the back, because he's like a Make-A-Wish kid. MJF replays a promo from last summer, when he opened up about being anti-Semitic attacks he suffered as a kid and how it taught him to always stab others. Back to the present, MJF lashes out at the fans for chanting "Thank you, Joe" while he was gone. Basically, his grievance is that he reluctantly turned babyface and made friends, but the fans forgot about him while he was injured and became fans of people like Will Ospreay. MJF goes all meta by claiming Will only cares about people named Meltzer, while he cares about people named Nielson. Ospreay's music hits, but MJF smirks because he knows Will isn't in the building. That's a wrap. Satisfying promo to explain MJF's newest character direction.

Lexi Nair chats with ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe, Orange Cassidy, and Kyle O'Reilly backstage. Kyle feels bummed out about losing. Mark goes on a wild pep talk (and Kyle does all he can not to crack up) and leads the charge to the ring. Orange "doesn't care" but I think he secretly does.

The Conglomeration (ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe, Orange Cassidy, and Kyle O'Reilly) vs. The Iron Savages (Bronson and Boulder) and Jacked Jameson

Roderick Strong joins commentary before the bell, I guess he's a big fan of Kyle O'Reilly matches. Jameson knocks Kyle down, Mark steals his Savage Sauce beverage and goes wild like Popeye. Kyle takes some too and also loses his mind. I guess it's lucky for them that AEW doesn't have a Wellness Policy. The mystery drink isn't strong enough to keep Kyle from getting triple teamed and cut off from tags. Back from commercials, Mark gets the hot tag right on cue. The fans pop for his redneck kung fu moveset. Mark clears the ring and forces a tag to the disinterested Cassidy. OC wakes up from his coma and runs wild with a tope and high crossbody. Tornado DDT by Cassidy, but Bronson counters the Orange Punch with a Bear Hug. Cassidy counters into a Stundog Millionaire, and Mark leaps off his back to cannonball onto Jameson. Kyle and Mark hit flying attacks from the apron, leaving Cassidy free to finish Bronson with the Orange Punch at 7:56. Crowd pleasing house show match that got eaten up by commercials, **.
Winners: The Conglomeration

The Conglomeration invite the Undisputed Kingdom to a fight, but not tonight.

Jack Perry cuts a promo, we only see his reflection in the TNT title. That is hella cool. He just says some platitudes about sacrificing his opponents, but I'm going to remember this anyway.

Video recap of Swerve Strickland defeating Will Ospreay at Forbidden Door, and remaining AEW World Champion.

Backstage interview with Hangman Adam Page, who looks extra grumpy tonight. He's mad that The Young Bucks brought him back from suspension the moment they thought they could use him. Page is hellbent on winning the tournament, going to Wembley Stadium, and burning everything to the ground. Lexi mentions that Hangman has never defeated Jay White before, and he storms off in a huff.

AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm (with Luther and Mariah May) vs.Trish Adora (with The Infantry)

They exchange holds until trading shoulder blocks. Adora scores a takedown, they exchange quick pinfall attempts. Adora twists Toni around her body for a submission in which it looks like Toni should be the one applying the hold. Adora fires back with a shotgun dropkick and Hip Attack. Toni asks for a standing ovation and gets one. Back from commercials, Trish had gained control, but now it's time for Toni's comeback. Adora cuts it off with a spinning backbreaker. They trade blows, Adora delivers a German suplex ON HER KNEES! Toni recovers with a mean Hip Attack and DDT for 2. They bonk foreheads, Toni hits a surprising Storm Zero to win out of nowhere at 8:19. Good action, there was enough back and forth stuff to keep this from being a glorified squash. Commercials ate it up again, **¼.
Winner: Toni Storm

Video package hyping up Willow Nightingale vs. Mariah May on Dynamite.

The Patriarchy talk to the camera about Jay White's disrespect. Christian Cage didn't even know Jay was part of the Trios Champions, he had to Google it. They are going to take away the Trios belts from White and Billy Gunn's genetic waste (although Christian thinks Colten Gunn has something, foreshadowing something for later). Kip Sabian interrupts because he's looking for a new father figure, but Christian isn't interested because he's such a loser. Killswitch beats Sabian up off camera while The Patriarchy smirk.

TNT Championship:
Jack Perry © vs. Marko Stunt

Hey, look, it's AEW original Marko Stunt! He's got a TNT title shot and he didn't have to win a multiman ladder match. Okay, I'm done, let's get to it. Stunt gets the hometown ovation and Perry is none too pleased to see his old sidekick. Stunt blindsides Perry with a headbutt, but Perry answers with a decapitation lariat. Stunt tries to come back, but Perry lawn darts him into the buckles! Fan's chant "Let's go, Marko!" Stunt reverses a powerbomb into a roll up and delivers a Codebreaker! Perry reverses a 450 senton into a buckle bomb! Running knee by Perry finishes it at 3:22. Talk about a heartbreaker. Lively short match, Stunt couldn't exactly play 1-2-3 Kid tonight, **.
Winner and still TNT Champion: Jack Perry

The House of Black talk to the camera in a dark, spooky, lense-flaring room. Malakai Black has revenge on his mind.

Video package highlighting Bryan Danielson vs. Pac on Dynamite.

Claudio Castagnoli vs. The Beast Mortos

Mortos was formerly known as Black Taurus, but don't worry, he's still a minotaur. Given time, this match up could rule. They battle for wrist control, Mortos hits a headbutt and gains control. Claudio answers with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then a big stomp to the chest. Power slam by Mortos gets 1. He exposes his knee but runs into the buckles and falls onto a cameraman! Claudio misses a baseball slide, Mortos hits a corkscrew press but aggravates his newly injured knee. Rana by Mortos, but Claudio throws him into the buckles. Back suplex by Claudio! Back from commercials, they're stiffing one another in a slugfest. Sling Blade by Mortos, then a Samoan Drop for 2. Mortos follows with a springboard crossbody but then runs into Claudio's uppercut. The Neutralizer is blocked, Mortos hits a spear but is too hurt for a quick cover. Claudio hits a backdrop and uppercuts Mortos against the guard rail! Mortos blocks the Giant Swing and nails a headbutt for 2. Torture rack backbreaker by Mortos only gets 2! Claudio counters with another uppercut and manages to deliver the Giant Swing! Claudio hits a routine lariat and wins at 11:34. These guys have awesome chemistry, as expected, and I'd love to see this again later with higher stakes, ***.
Winner: Claudio Castagnoli

Lexi Nair asks Daddy Magic about Daniel Garcia's condition. He explains that Daniel is expected to make a full recovery. He'll be coming after MJF sooner or later, and it won't be d!ck dancing Danny, it'll be something far more deadly.

Serena Deeb talks to the camera. She was surprised to see Riho return and is ready for her.

Riho vs. Lady Frost

I'm always happy to see Riho. They lock up, Frost gets a clean break. Shoulder block by Frost, Riho kips up. Frost swats away a dropkick and cartwheels into place for a thrust kick and neckbreaker. Drop toe hold by Riho, then a Tiger Fade Kick! High crossbody by Riho gets 2. Back from commercials, Riho escapes a rest hold and makes a comeback with a spinning arm scissors takedown. Frost flees to ringside and Riho almost misses a high crossbody and lands on her knees. Riho seems to have injured her wrist. Frost recovers with a spinning driver for only 2. Overhead belly to belly by Frost, then a moonsault for a good nearfall. Riho scores a patented STO to win at 8:47. Decent TV match hampered by Riho's legitimate injury, **.
Winner: Riho

Backstage interview with Shane Taylor Promotions and Top Flight and Action Andretti, setting up a match for Rampage.

Samoa Joe video promo. He has big problems with Chris Jericho, just like the rest of the fanbase. Joe promises to massacre Jericho in their upcoming match.

Owen Hart Foundation Tournament:
Hangman Adam Page vs. Jay White (with The Bang Bang Gang)

The Bang Bang Gang are ejected before the bell, per orders from the EVP Young Bucks. Hangman is irate that the Bucks are messing with his business again and takes it out on White. White answers with knife edge chops. Big boot by Hangman, but White snaps his neck on the ropes. Springboard clothesline by Hangman, who then smashes White against the barricade. Page hits a spinning sleeper and loses his temper again. Back from commercials, Hangman is busted open, but still in the driver's seat. White hits a dragon screw and makes a comeback. Page pokes the eyes, but White answers with his own eye rake. DDT by White gets 2. They trade stiff blows, Jay hits a DDT and deadlift German suplex! Hangman kicks out, White hits a DDT on the ring frame. Page blocks another German and nails a powerbomb to the apron! He pauses to flip the fans off, but White collapses to prevent a Buckshot lariat. White manages a dragon screw through the ropes, but Hangman delivers a big time powerbomb for only 2. White reverses the Buckshot into a Uranage for a nice nearfall! Half Nelson suplex by White, Hangman blocks Blade Runner and throws him into the referee. Hangman hits Deadeye but there's no ref. Hangman takes his belt to White, Jeff Jarrett marches in to disarm him. White hits a suplex, the ref wakes up to eject Jarrett. Christian Cage runs in and spears White! The Buckshot ends White at 15:51! These guys had a good match, the run-ins didn't really hurt it. ***½.
Winner: Hangman Adam Page

Final Thoughts: Nothing must-see, but there were enough storyline advancements to make this worth checking out if you care about such things. This Collision felt more connected to Dynamite happenings than the last time I watched, there does seem to be some subtle but deliberate creative changes happening in AEW. Mild recommendation.

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