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AEW Dynamite: March 9, 2022

by Doc Allen

Eddie Kingston

Live from Estero, Florida. Our hosts are Jim Ross, Tony Shiavone, and Excalibur.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring to talk, coming off a loss to Eddie Kingston at Revolution. Jericho is proud of his match with Eddie despite having tapped out. He acknowledges that he went back on his word and didn't shake Eddie's hand afterwards. He invites Kingston to the ring to make things right, but Kingston has something to say first. Eddie admits that he was afraid to face Jericho after losing so many other big matches. But, he had so many people tell him that his Players Tribune article saved their lives that he couldn't miss it. Eddie beat Jericho and then cried in his hotel room afterwards, and he doesn't care if you make fun of him, because he'll just beat you up. Eddie looks up to Jericho for what he did in the 90's, but questions the man Jericho is now. Jericho seems genuinely affected by Eddie's words and graciously shakes his hand. They're joined by 2point0 and Daniel Garcia, who put the boots to them. Santana and Ortiz run in for the save, but Jericho fakes them out and attacks with Floyd! Turns out Jericho has aligned with 2point0 and Garcia! Jake Hager comes out and pretends to be outraged for a few moments before joining in on the assault. Jericho blasts Eddie with the bat handle, then Hager powerbombs Eddie off the apron and through a table! Jericho christens the group "The Jericho Appreciation Society" and they stand tall with middle finger salutes.

Video highlights of CM Punk going to a dark place and defeating MJF in their dog collar match at Revolution.

AEW World Championship: Hangman Adam Page © vs. Dante Martin

Well, this certainly feels like a random matchup, but Martin is the #2 ranked singles wrestler, and this could be good. Hangman is days removed from defending against Adam Cole at Revolution. They shake hands and feel each other out. Martin nearly botches a springboard crossbody, Hangman holds on for a fallaway slam. Back from commercials, Hangman is in the driver's seat. Martin uses his speed to hit an enziguri and missile dropkick for 2. Martin follows with a moonsault to outside. Back to the ring, Martin flies into Page's sitout powerbomb. Page looks for a Buckshot, but Martin pops up for a series of elaborate counters, before Page hits the Buckshot anyway to win at 7:34. Good win for the champion, Martin showed just enough crafty survival skills late to get over despite losing, **¾.
Winner and still AEW World Champion: Hangman Adam Page

Tony Shiavone talks to Hangman in the ring afterwards. Page takes a moment to put over Martin's effort. He marvels that Dante was thrust into a singles role after his brother got hurt, and he worked his way all the way to a World title shot. Page hopes to see Martin here again and shakes his hand. Adam Cole is disgusted by this scene and comes out to complain that his loss at Revolution was a fluke. Cole challenges Hangman to a six man tag next week, and vows to make Hangman's life a living hell until he becomes champion.

The Workhorsemen (Anthony Henry and JD Drake) vs. Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley (with William Regal)

Moxley looks to make a statement and aggressively tears into Drake. Bryan tags in to light up Drake with YES kicks. Henry tags in and manages to connect some kicks to Bryan's chest, but Bryan answers with a knee lift to the gut. Bryan shows off with the Romero Special, Moxley tags himself in to bite Henry's forehead. Inside out powerbomb by Moxley gets 1. Henry hits a missile dropkick. Drake tags in and loses a striking contest with Moxley. Sadly, Moxley botches a dive onto Henry, but recovers with a Paradigm Shift. Meanwhile, Bryan hits the running knee, stomps the face, and forces Drake to submit to the Lebell Lock at 4:04. Take away Moxley whiffing on a dive, this was exactly what it needed to be.
Winners: Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley

Tony Shiavone interviews Danielson, Moxley, and Regal in the ring. The crowd chants for Regal, who is properly pleased to be standing next to Shiavone on TBS for the first time in 29 years. Regal has lived a hard life and knows that his remaining time is short, it won't be long before his wife wheels him to a home. Regal tears up thanking Tony for helping him years ago. Not long ago, Regal had checked out on wrestling, but is back because he caught wind that Danielson was going to wrestle Moxley. He credits Danielson for keeping his name alive and being the wrestler that he should have been. He credits Moxley for being the kind of rogue that Regal wanted to be. Regal puts over Danielson and Moxley as the perfect combination and puts the tag team division on notice. If you missed this promo, go find it, Regal relished the chance to talk and really put his soul into this.

The Dark Order are standing by backstage. Hangman stops by to apologize for losing his temper with them. John Silver wants to know who Hangman's partners will be against Cole, and Hangman sheepishly admits that he asked Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. The Dark Order are good sports about this, at least for now.

Wheeler Yuta (with Best Friends and Danhausen) vs. Pac (with Death Triangle)

This is a special stand-by match since Hangman vs. Martin didn't go the distance. I love little details like this. Pac is bothered after losing to the House of Black on Sunday, but Yuta manages to hang with him early. Back from commercials, Yuta avoids getting tossed out and hits a release German suplex. High crossbody by Yuta gets 2. Pac answers with a deadlift German suplex for 2. Avalanche brainbuster by Pac, and the Brutalizer ends it at 5:45. Pretty straightforward extended squash.
Winner: Pac

Adam Cole, The Young Bucks, and reDRagon lick their wounds after collectively failing to win any gold at Revolution. Cole is tired of the arguing. The Young Bucks don't want to be his partner because they're done with Hangman, but Cole claims he was picking reDRagon all along, "dummy."

Alex Marvez talks to FTR and Tully Blanchard. Pro Wrestling is Dax Harwood's first love, at least until getting married and having a child. He is having trouble going home and explaining his shortcomings to his family. Tully demands the group refocus on winning championships. Cash Wheeler says this is supposed to be about family and fires Tully!

Andrade El Idolo, Matt Hardy, and the AHFO are in the ring, and hopefully it's time to put this tired angle to rest. Hardy admits that everytime he puts on a suit, he transforms into an @sshole, and Andrade would know a thing or two about that. Hardy still doesn't want to be fired from the group that he founded, and wants the AHFO members to vote thumbs up or down for his staying. Andrade, Jose the Assistant, Butcher and Blade vote no, Private Party pretend to vote yes before switching once Matt's back is turned. The group descends on Matt like a pack of wolves. Darby Allin and Sting come out for the rescue but also fall to the greater numbers. The building then explodes when the classic Hardy Boyz music hits and Jeff Hardy parties his way in to help clear out the AHFO. The Hardy brothers reunite to a big pop, but Darby stares down Jeff as if he'd eventually like a piece of him.

Tony Shiavone interviews Shane Strickland, who will make his in-ring debut on Rampage. Tony Nese interrupts, apparently jealous of Shane's debut having more fanfare than his own. Shane was wondering who would interrupt him first, so he's happy to beat Tony's @ss again like he used to.

Wardlow comes to the ring to talk, fresh from betraying MJF AND winning the Face of the Revolution Ladder match. Wardlow logically explains that he had enough of working to fulfil someone else's dreams at the expense of his own. Wardlow knew that MJF was a bad person when he signed up for him, and hopes the fans can forgive him for putting up with such trash. Wardlow explains that he grew up poor and had to watch his mother struggle to support his family, and MJF was his way of getting his foot into the door. Wardlow is still under contract to Max, but he no longer gives a damn. Wardlow dares MJF to do the smart thing and release him from his contract. From now on, AEW is Wardlow's world.

Backstage, QT Marshall welcomes Keith Lee to AEW and suggests they have a common enemy in Team Taz, and The Factory has his back. Keith rejects the offer, because he has a very large back, and leaves QT to pout.

AEW Tag Team Championship:
Jurassic Express © (Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, with Christian Cage) vs. The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens)

Caster's rap smartly references high gas prices and picks on JB for not yet hitting puberty. The Acclaimed are the #1 ranked team, and I love this sudden refocus on using the rankings to set up TV matches. JB manages to outmaneuver the Acclaimed in a 2 on 1 situation, and feeds Bowens to a Luchasaurus clothesline. Luchasaurus slams Bowens in place for JB's crossbody off his shoulders. Bowens recovers with a spinning forearm. Back from commercials, Jungle Boy fights out of The Acclaimed's corner. The crowd appreciates Luchasaurus as he runs wild like a proper dinosaur should. Luchasaurus ducks a boom box shot and sets up The Acclaimed for JB's dive. Chokeslam on Caster, and then a moonsault by Luchasaurus, but Bowens breaks the pin. The Acclaimed break up a super rana attempt, and hit JB with the Mic Drop, but Luchasaurus saves the match. Caster dropkicks the boom box into Luchasaurus' face, and Jungle Boy takes a combination powerbomb for a fantastic nearfall. Christian stops Caster from using a chain, and JB rolls up Bowens for 2. Jurassic Express hit Bowens with a springboard doomsday clothesline for the win at 9:30. Good match and a resume-building win for Jurassic Express, ***.
Winner and still AEW Tag Team Champions: Jurassic Express

TBS Champion Jade Cargill and Smart Mark Sterling talk to the camera about Jade's resume. She's beaten so many women, they're left wondering who's left?

AEW Women's Championship Eliminator Match:
Leyla Hirsch vs. Thunder Rosa

The winner gets a shot at Britt Baker and her title. There's a strong argument to be made that Rosa should have become champion at Revolution, but it looks like they wanted to hold off her victory for a brighter spotlight. Leyla upset Kris Statlander on the Buy-in, and has an extra bounce in her step locking up with Rosa. Rosa builds some steam with quick attacks, but Leyla counters with a headlock takedown to stomp the arm. Back from commercials, Rosa makes her comeback right on cue. I love AEW, but this formula is so transparently boring, I feel like I don't even have to watch these matches to know what's going to happen. Leyla tries to cut Rosa off with a sloppy suplex. Rosa counters with a superplex into a fireman's carry neckbreaker. Low clothesline by Rosa gets 2. Leyla snaps the arm against the ropes and fetches the extra turnbuckle, but Red Velvet arrives to disarm her. Leyla still manages to counter Rosa into an armbreaker. Rosa comes back with the Thunder Driver to win at 8:55. This was heatless, clunky, and lacked any imagination, *½.
Winner: Thunder Rosa

Tony Shiavone reveals that Thunder Rosa will get her shot at Dr. Britt Baker in her hometown of San Antonio, and it will be in a steel cage.

AEW Women's Champion Dr. Britt Baker (with Jamie Hayter and Rebel) talks to the camera about the news. Britt thinks there's a conspiracy against her, but she's not afraid. Britt is only afraid of what would happen to AEW if carnie riff-raff like Rosa becomes champion.

TNT Championship:
Sammy Guevara © vs. Scorpio Sky (with Ethan Page and Dan Lambert)

I'm equally happy and relieved that Sky's long running storyline about getting denied opportunities is actually paying off. I was worried it was the type of background angle that would just run on eternally. Bell rings, they start with a quick pace, and Sammy clears the ring. Sammy sets up a table, but Sky blasts a superkick. Sammy drapes Sky on the table anyway and misses a 630 splash to put himself through the table! Tay Conti arrives to check on her boyfriend, who looks hurt. Back from commercials, an injured Sammy resorts to spitting in Sky's face. Sky rightfully throws Sammy through the ropes, back to the arms of Conti. Paige VanZant is in the front row and talks some trash at Conti. Meanwhile, Sky hits a slick backbreaker. There's a dueling chant from the fans as Sky hits another pair of backbreakers. Guevara fights out of a chinlock and mounts a desperate comeback. Double springboard cutter by Sammy, but his late cover only gets 2. Sammy uses all his might to hit the GTH, but Sky blocks the SSP with his knees! Lambert distracts the ref, Conti pulls Ethan from the apron, only to get jumped by VanZant. Sky hits Sammy with the TKO and wins the title at 11:34! The fans are a bit dumbfounded by this outcome, and you know, I'm not sure that Sky has won a match on Dynamite in like a year, so you can't blame them. The match was well performed, but kind of oddly booked to make Sammy look like a doofus, **¾.
Winner and new TNT Champion: Scorpio Sky

VanZant dumps Conti onto Guevara and signs her AEW contract on top of them.

Final Thoughts: The first hour was fun with Jericho starting a new faction, William Regal's passionate promo, and Jeff Hardy making his long-awaited debut, but the second hour kind of fell into the trap of feeling like a formulaic episode of Dynamite. There are things about this show that have begun to feel a bit too routine for my liking, especially the way matches are structured around commercial breaks. This is a good Dynamite to watch Youtube highlights.

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